Podgorica overtakes Sarajevo as EX-YU airports soar

Airports across the former Yugoslavia handled over 13.5 million passengers during the first eight months of 2016, with Podgorica overtaking its counterpart in Sarajevo as the ninth busiest after three years. Podgorica Airport welcomed 127.027 passengers through its doors this August (some 9.000 more than Sarajevo), representing an increase of 12.5% on the same month last year. The numbers were aided by Wizz Air, which launched two new routes to the Montenegrin capital during the month. It will receive a further boost in September with Ryanair introducing its third route to the city. During the January – August period, Podgorica was almost 4.000 travellers ahead of Sarajevo Airport. The last time it was busier than its Bosnian counterpart was in 2013.

Elsewhere, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport saw its slowest monthly growth rate since June last year by handling 175.027 travellers, an increase of 0.7%. During the month, the airport surpassed the one million passenger mark for the year. However, numbers are expected to pick up in the coming period with Wizz Air to introduce new flights from Hannover in late October. So far in 2016, Skopje Airport has welcomed 1.106.590 passengers, a notable increase of 17%, thus maintaining its position as the fastest growing capital city airport in the former Yugoslavia.

EX-YU airport results, JAN - AUG 2016

AirportPAXChange (%)
Belgrade3.291.141 0.4
Zagreb1.839.994 6.6
Split1.717.428 18.2
Dubrovnik1.438.077 14.9
Pristina1.228.298 11.6
Skopje1.106.590 17.0
Ljubljana926.675 5.3
Tivat734.791 6.9
Podgorica588.862 14.2
Sarajevo584.956 7.8

The majority of Croatia’s airports have seen strong growth and record figures this year. The President of the Air Transport Association at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Tonči Peović, who also manages Brač Airport, explains, “The major factor for the increase in demand for air transport is GDP growth across Europe. Apart from the fact that GDP, and therefore purchasing power, grew in most EU states from where we see the majority of passengers, there have also been some other factors that have resulted in an increase in traffic in Croatia’s skies. One of them is the increased tourist demand for Croatian resorts, as a result of reduced visits to some traditional European and North African destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and Greece”. Mr Peović notes that airlines have also reduced their average fares. “These factors, in addition to low cost carriers which operate to Croatia’s busiest airports in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka and Osijek, have enabled more tourist arrivals, which has, in turn, led to an increase in passenger numbers”.

AirportPAXChange (%)
Zadar378.318 6.1
Pula349.663 25.0
Tuzla204.178 25.2
Rijeka106.912 3.3
Ohrid104.998 44.4
Niš50.555 298.1
Mostar37.685 31.0
Osijek21.096 0.2
Banja Luka15.342 4.0
Brač9.483 48.3
Mali Lošinj5.376 45.9


  1. Anonymous09:02

    There is little chance of Sarajevo overtaking Podgorica this year since Turkish will cut flights to SJJ this winter, Air Arabia will suspend flights, Swiss will end flights and Qatar has moved its flight till next year. Meanwhile, Podgorica gets 2 Wizz routes, another Ryan route and Montenegro Airlines will probably see passenger boost after the Air Serbia codeshare deal. Also, TK is not cutting its flights to Podgorica.

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Doesn't matter. They rejected Wizz, they rejected CSA this year. The management seems happy.

    2. Anonymous11:42

      You are forgetting that Croatia Airlines will base a plane in Sarajevo next year and that will significantly increase numbers.

      Also, unlike Podgorica, Sarajevo does not have its own home carrier so its a shock that Podgorica has not managed to overtake Sarajevo earlier.

    3. Anonymous11:52

      I would not put all my eggs in the Croatia Airlines basket as they have provided no real details on their base opening and they plan to open several bases in the region over a protracted period of time so who knows when Sarajevo's time will come.

    4. Anonymous12:01

      You can bet that SJJ is the highest priority for OU when it comes to their future bases.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Podgorica is the quiet achiever this year. Not a lot of fuss but really good growth. Pula and Tuzla also doing well.

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Ljubljana is the loser of the year, Maribor is the loser of the decade.

    2. Anonymous09:50

      Ljubljana could easy take both spots, loser od 2016. and loser overall

    3. Anonymous10:22

      Don't forget Belgrade airport , a major european capital, it's a disgrace only 0,4% increase.

    4. Anonymous10:24

      That "disgrace" has this year recorded its busiest year in history, secured scheduled year-round TATL flights and an expansion by its low cost based airline for 2017.

    5. Anonymous10:38

      Busiest year for you is a 0,4% increase? Is that successful for you? Ok I give up.

    6. Anonymous10:39

      Yes it is their busiest year. Don't give up. Look through their data and you will find your answer.

    7. Anonymous10:52

      Once again my friend is that successful for you , with ohrid , Hamburg, saint petersburg, kiev, New york just 0,4% increase? That's why I give up.

    8. Anonymous11:03

      BEG should see improved growth between September and December. They could do much more but it is an OK result after Air Serbia's canibalization of its network last winter and a drop in charter traffic which provides significant share of passengers during the summer.

    9. Anonymous11:06

      Was actually expecting a larger increase in proportion to the increase in capacity and number of increased flights

    10. Anonymous11:21

      This summer there was significantly less charter flights to Turkey, Tunisia & Egypt. That is the reason why new routes (JFK, HAM, LED & OHD) couldn't be seen in the pax numbers.
      After October (end of traditional charter flight period) growth will will be seen again!

    11. Anonymous11:54

      ANONYMOUS 11:21 am don't be so sure it's winter time!

    12. Anonymous12:22

      The winter is coming.
      From November 2016 to April 2017, with charters and 2015/16 ASL winter cuts, the numbers will show real impact of new destinations. Let's wait and see how BEG and other EX-YU airports develop in the next nine months.

    13. Anonymous13:05

      @anon 9:43....LJU is a looser by PAX decline..but stil it means nothing. In capitalism the profit is the most important. Would be nice to see at the end of the year

      who is the profit per pax the winner

    14. Anonymous13:07

      Indeed...somw here are emotional but some rational as well

    15. Nemjee14:12

      I think BEG numbers will grow next year, especially since Wizz will be expanding at BEG. If they handle around 400.000 passengers now then it's realistic to expect 600.000 to 700.000 next year.

      Don't forget that many, many passengers from TSR use BEG as their airport, not to mention eastern Croatia.

    16. Anonymous18:28

      From March till August there was 215 new Air Serbia flights and in same time 53 less charters to Turky, but in same time 22 more charthers to other destinations instead. So, Turky charters does not have huge influance in BEG number.

    17. Anonymous18:30

      There were fewer charters to Egypt and Tunisia.

    18. Anonymous20:35

      here are the numbers


      So from 34000 to 5000 in Antalya and no flights at all to Boudrum Izmir and Dalaman so I really don't understand how can all those people fit in 53 flights...

    19. Anonymous01:43

      So, by this article BEG did not lost nothing, just Turkish tourist went to Greece and Spain instead. So, problem is not in tourist but somewhere else.

    20. Anonymous04:40

      A lot of tourists do not fly to Greece.

    21. Anonymous09:29

      There is no point repeating the same arguments all over again. People believe in something and there is no argument that can change it. Let's wait and see instead. The winter will show who is right (with charters and winter cuts behind us). That is the best way to end this futile discussion. Reminds me on the last year and all the arguments that JFK flights would never materialize.

  3. Anonymous09:08

    Skopje's August numbers are telling. Without capacity increase real growth was less than 1% which is very low in my opinion. It means people are only traveling marginally more than last year. Growth will increase in next few months when capacity is again added with new routes by Wizz Air but it confirms what some people have been saying about Skopje's growth model.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      Don't forget that all of southern Serbia no longer has to travel to SKP to fly, that is for routes offered out of INI. We are talking about a few million people here. With more flights added to INI it will become an even more attractive airport for people to fly out of. Especially since it's much cheaper than SKP.

    2. Anonymous09:18

      It is completely normal. +20% growth could not go on forever. The market was underserved and lots of seats were added. Now it is settling in and the growth is still good.

    3. Anonymous09:19

      The major threat to SKP is not INI but PRN. If an LCC bases a plane there it will take away a lot of traffic.

    4. Anonymous10:05

      PRN is a hypothetical threat, INI is real. Since you want to speak of possible scenarios, if people from teh region of Kosovo are allowed to use INI then it will also impact the numbers of SKP.

    5. Anonymous10:08

      True I don't deny that there will be some impact, I just think it is still a bit early. Goes to show how dynamic the industry is seeing as INI was dead a year and a half ago.

    6. Anonymous10:47

      Exactly which is why if I was SKP I would have started a promotional campaign in Pristina to promote the airport even more. Especially since I doubt PRN will be lowering their fares any time soon.

      So if people from the province are allowed to use INI then it will have a major impact on the numbers at SKP. Very interesting times ahead, that's for sure.

    7. Anonymous13:35

      Anon @9:18 l like the way you say "We are talking about a few million people have." so how many pax does that translate into? And I don't think that all of Southern Serbia traveled via SKP.

    8. Anonymous15:00

      I am from Skopje and I plan to use Kosov-Pristina and Nis to fly out in the future. Also Sofia better flights.

    9. Anonymous16:35

      What about the added expense and time to get to all these nearby cities?

    10. Anonymous17:35

      dont listen to him. its a troll

  4. Anonymous09:11

    I enjoy these articles where we can compare the numbers for all airports. Split stands out for me and more capacity is definitely needed. Good job.

  5. Anonymous09:16

    Will be very interesting how Zagreb performs this winter with several cuts announced.

    1. Anonymous12:25

      Yes indeed. I hope the opening of the new terminal stop the negative trend from March 2017 and provide even stronger growth.

    2. Anonymous12:30

      Will Wizz and Ryan be coming to ZAG? Will Easy return? I would expect at least a couple of LCC aircrafts based in ZAG. I cannot imagine LCCs are not interested. What is the problem then?

    3. Anonymous12:33

      The problem is that the airport management expect LCCs to pay a premium at ZAG while charging LCC fares. In other words, they want the airline to trash their yields while the airport remains unaffected.

    4. Anonymous13:14

      But isn't it better for ZAG to have some (actually substantial) incomes from LCCs, than no incomes? Market is there, it is a shame not to use it.

    5. Anonymous15:04

      Ask the management, they seem to have a different opinion.

    6. Anonymous15:27

      The management is probably aware of it. LCC and legacy markets do overlap, but they also complement each other. With few LCCs, ZAG could easily have a half a million extra passengers, maybe even more.

  6. Anonymous09:22

    "the increased tourist demand for Croatian resorts, as a result of reduced visits to... Greece”

    Greece actually expects an increase by six percent in arrivals compared to 2015. Several Greek islands near Turkey saw their numbers decrease, but overall Greek tourism is in expansion this summer.
    Croatia profits from crises in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Yeah that kind of caught my eye too. Someone should inform Peovic that Greek tourism is doing well this year and also profiting from the same factors Croatia is.

    2. Anonymous11:10

      Mr Peovic has to be informed well from his advisors before he speaks,unless they are ignorant too.

  7. Anonymous09:27

    Congrats TGD.

  8. Anonymous09:28

    What the hell is going on with Mostar? Italians no longer coming to Medjugorje?

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Don't know what's the reason but apparently the management is in talks with Wizz and Ryanair.

    2. Anonymous09:53

      haha they have been in talks with Ryan for 5 years now. While it would be fantastic I doubt it will happen any time soon.

    3. Anonymous18:55

      Air Serbia wanted to offer more flights in the region.
      So Mostar should be one of their next destinations with Atr.
      Same frequency as Ohrid would be perfect.

    4. Anonymous19:34

      Is there demand for OMO from BEG?

    5. Nemjee23:12

      Not so much from BEG as there are from other places in Europe. Religious groups are mostly flown into DBV.

    6. Anonymous23:38

      Of course there would be demand.
      Try to get there from Belgrade and vice versa - it takes like 15 hours to get there !
      Nobody wants to drive so long.

    7. Anonymous23:43

      They drive is more like 7-8 hours. Still quite long. But would 2-3 weekly flights work?

    8. Anonymous06:15

      ^I think 3 times in summer would be a good start.
      Also Mostar has that special appeal for people in Serbia.
      Everybody in the former Yugoslavia knows about Mostars charms even if he has never been there in lifetime.
      Its the perfect weekend destination.
      Biggest problem is that it is so far away by road.

  9. Anonymous09:37

    Difference between PRN and SKP becoming wider now. Doubt SKP will overtake them this year.

  10. Anonymous09:37

    So around 2 million passengers were handled by ex-yu airports only during August.
    Not bad.

    1. Anonymous09:41

      It is quite a bit more than that. Airports in Croatia did 1.43 mil in August and about 1.49 mil in July, so I would guess closer to 3 mil

  11. Anonymous10:01

    Good results overall. Nice work from Tuzla and Nis.

  12. Anonymous10:45

    INI 298.1% WOW!

    1. Anonymous12:37

      well when you start from (close to) zero...

  13. Anonymous10:46

    Speaking of Sarajevo and Podgorica it would be great if there were actual flights between these two. There must be some demand.

    1. Anonymous14:54

      Agreed, I am sure there is demand and potential for:
      - TGDSJJ 7pw
      - TGDZAG 7pw
      - SJJINI 7pw
      - PRNSJJ 7pw
      - LJUINI 7pw
      plus for the following route which is just not served yet for political reasons:
      - PRNBEG 14pw

      Imagine there would be a start up with 2x A319s in a high density all-Eco 160 seat config with absolute minimum of service bringing costs per available seat mile very low.

      Roster suggestion (max. flight duration 70mins):

      1st A319 could be based in SJJ and fly daily:
      morning crew: SJJINI 6.30-7.20 ; INILJU 7.55-9.10 ; LJUINI 9.45-10.55 ; INISJJ 11.30-12.20
      afternoon crew: SJJTGD 14.20-15.05 ; TGDZAG 15.40-16.50 ; ZAGTGD 17.25-18.35 ; TGDSJJ 19.10-19.55

      2nd A319 could be based in PRN and fly daily:
      morning crew: PRNBEG 6.30-7.20 ; BEGPRN 7.55-8.45 ; poss. time for an intl. route
      afternoon crew: PRNSJJ 16.00-16.50 ; SJJPRN 17.35-18.25; PRNBEG 19.00-19.50 BEGPRN 20.25-21:15

      And those routes concern only unserved intra ex-yu routes!

    2. Anonymous16:33

      Well thought out plan. But realistically will never happen. Closest possibility would be if ex-yu airlines flew these routes I individually.

    3. Anonymous17:48

      Maybe OU with their foreign hub ambitions could aim at doing something similar? Would they need to found a sister company in another non EU exyu country for the traffic rights?

  14. Anonymous11:02

    So I suppose that Ex Yu has 22 airports with commercial traffic? MBX and POZ are missing in Top20 - any other?

    1. Anonymous11:21

      No, think that's it.

    2. Anonymous12:38

      One could add the ECA sea ports (theoretically).

      What are the numbers of Maribor and Portoroz?

    3. Anonymous01:47

      Negligible, only occasional charters and I guess some sports and utility aircraft
      Ljubljana handles 99,8% of all pax in Slovenia

  15. Anonymous11:41

    I think Sarajevo has much more potential because it is heavily underserved. If Croatia Airlines bases a plane there next year it will overtake Podgorica without a problem.

  16. Anonymous12:02

    Seems like Turkish deverted its Sarajevo flight this morning to Belgrade because of fog. This might be an issue for SJJ during the winter, as it has been in the past.

    Can't a CATIIIb system fix this or is their no solution to this problem at SJJ?

    1. Anonymous17:08

      Nope, can't get the certification because of the mountains around the airport

  17. Just today Split had its 2 millionth passenger! Congratulations! Especially seeing how they operate at way above the max capacity. According to the data above, the Split airport has been growing even faster than Skopje with respect to pax numbers...at 18,2%.
    It's safe to assume that they will end this year with approx 2,3 million pax. Basically the Split airport upgrade is urgent at this point.

    1. Nemjee12:34

      So we will have SPU at 2.3 million and ZAG at 2.5? 2.6?

    2. Anonymous14:03

      @NemjeeSeptember 26, 2016 at 12:34 PM

      No Nemmanje, Zagreb 2.2 million, Belgrade 6.6 million. happy ???

      Zagreb will handle 2.75 million this year ;)

    3. Nemjee14:10

      What is the point of that tone? I was genuinely asking because I don't know the numbers of all HR airports by heart.

      As for BEG, give us a few more years and we'll get to 6.6 million. :)

    4. Anonymous14:38

      Some people forget to take there morning pills, and then they are borderline insane all day.

    5. Nemjee14:45

      Yes, I am still trying to figure out how he got to Nemmanje... I guess he tried to combine Nemanja with Nemjee. lol

    6. Anonymous20:09

      Direktor ZL Split je veceras izjavio da će do kraja godine imati 2250000 putnika. To su realna ocekivanja.

    7. @Nemjee Split around 2,25-2,3 mill. And Zagreb ended last year with 2,58 mill. so around 2,7 mill this year is a safe assumption.

    8. Nemjee22:24

      Thank you Michael. SPU seems to doing really well. Such a shame that they are crippled by the lack of space.

  18. Anonymous12:52

    Looks like we will have 8 airports over 1 million passengers by the end of the year which is a first I think.

  19. Anonymous13:22

    FZ plans to organise a one off charter flight to TIV. Onboard will be a lot of UAE officials from both the airline and the tourism industry. If they launch TIV flights in summer then it will be really bad news for DBV.

    That said, MNE aviation is on fire!

    1. Anonymous15:31

      Since enormous majority of DBV tourism comes from non FZ markets (I dont think DBV even has a link to that part of the world), I fail to see why would that be very bad. It may take some (note - some) TK pax, but even that is questionable. Overall I dont think that DBV airport sees many guests from that pet of the world, additionally those who would DBV iso TVT or vv (also note some possible visa restrictions since HR is in EU) and FZ wont really offer thousands of seats a week. A bit of an exaggeration in my opinion.

    2. Anonymous15:32

      Sorry, TIV, not TVT.

    3. Khaleeji19:17

      FZ wants to fly everywhere and it ends up in lousy frequencies like those to Belgrade.
      They remind me about Air Arabia and their miserable performance on the ex yu market.

    4. Anonymous23:51

      Daily flights to Dubai would be nice. Hoped that Air Arabia would fill the gap.
      Ialso have the impression that both airlines lost heir direction.

  20. Anonymous13:43

    When is Podgorica airport going to change it's airport code?

    1. Anonymous14:34

      There are a lot of airports around the world that could/should change their codes. Don't know what the system is? For example, Toronto code is YYZ, go figure.

    2. Anonymous14:44

      I don't know what potential available codes Podgorica could use.

    3. Anonymous15:39

      I think the TGD code is quite nice. It has a real story behind it. It is one of the best times in Montenegrin history ever, when most advances were made in economical and social development, and when serious air business in Podgorica started. Montenegro should be proud of its past. And even if that had not been so, past is past. It cannot be really rewritten or re-invented. We would be only fooling ourselves. And that would be a real problem.

    4. Anonymous16:28

      So you are in favour of calling the city Titograd? As you said that was the best times in history of Montenegro.
      I don't see how changing the airport code changes the past. The past should remain the past.

    5. Anonymous16:55

      I see no problem in TGD remaining code for Podgorica airport. As already said, an airport code can be very arbitrary. This one is not and it has a story behind it. The real question is why do you find the code TGD irritating.

    6. Purger18:51

      LED = St.Petersburg (Leningrad)
      PUY = PUla, Yugoslavia
      SGN = Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
      PEG = Bejing (Peking)
      BOM = Mumbai (Bombay)

    7. Anonymous19:25

      I didn't say I found it irritating, it is just out of date. That was then, this is now.

      Purger, I agree there are many other 'out dated' airport codes. But PUY is OK.

      I think every airport code should reflect the city name as much as possible.

    8. Anonymous20:26

      Purger, don't forget one of my personal favorites: SDA for Baghdad Int'l.

    9. Purger01:51

      Da, da...

      Pula Yugoslavia is OK?????

    10. Anonymous02:01

      What else do you expect? At least the first two letters are the same as the city name.

    11. Purger09:32

      I did not say they should change it. Of course it should stay.

      I just give examples of LED, SGN, PER, BOM, anonymous 8:26 of SDA. PUY is in same category because of that Y. Intention of my comment is that it is just a code, not a big deal and there are much worst examples than TGD.

  21. Anonymous14:20

    Split danas prvi put dočekao 2miliuntog putnika. Sretnica je doletjela iz Munchena

    1. Anonymous14:23

      Yeee bravo Splite! I sretno. Ovo je prvi put da je Split dočekao ovu brojku otkad je aerodrom otvoren

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Prekjucer je prvi put sletio A321 Neo na trenažnom letu u Split a doletio iz Tolousea. Na ovom portalu nije to nigdje objavljeno. Bah...

    3. Nemjee14:44

      Mislim da je posle Splita odleteo za Heraklion ako se ne varam.

      Sve cestitke za SPU, sledeca godina ce biti jos bolja. Posebno ako privuku neke kompanije da lete zimi.

    4. Anonymous15:18

      Da bio je to A321 NEO sa potpuno novim Leap-1A motorima koji imaju 20db manje buke. Napravio je 6 trenaznih slijetanja u Splitu i noćenje je isto tako bilo tu

    5. Anonymous15:23

      Jeli Airbus odabrao SPU zbog komplikovanog vizualnog prilaza rwy23?

    6. Nemjee15:23

      Izgleda da je u SPU doleteo iz HER-a posto je tamo vezbao 23.09

      Evo slike:


      A321 je jedan od najlepsih aviona.

    7. Anonymous15:33

      Nije u Split je došao iz Perugie (Italija). Evo video kako je to izgledalo u Splitu: https://youtu.be/72cBwVkjlvo

    8. Nemjee15:45


  22. Anonymous15:51

    A nakon Splita u Podgoricu: https://scontent.fzag1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/fr/cp0/e15/q65/14425517_10154569113707679_8192133705113379856_o.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9

  23. Anonymous16:05

    Already 2mil? Congratualations to Split

  24. Anonymous18:46

    Nis is slaying :D

  25. Anonymous19:11

    PRN will lose TXL but will gain very important airport: CDG!
    SKP will lose GVA but will gain HAJ and ZAG. It will be very interesting which airport will come on 6th position...even on 5th! DBV usually will receive very few flights from OCT-DEC.
    Lets see how the race will end by the end of the year.
    On the other hand, BEG is most likely to maintain the same figures vs 2015 and not reach 5 million simply because it will need 450k pax per month until year end. This may be achieved only in December but definitely not in November for example. Outside ex YU it will be competing directly with SOF which will most likely benefit a lot this month from FR and not to mention Q1 2017.
    Interesting times ahead!

    1. Anonymous19:30

      Who will have more pax, SOF or BEG?

    2. Anonymous19:43

      Currently, the difference between both airports is only 200k. BEG is currently on the lead.
      FR opened their base this month and W6 launched KUT. They will have 6 new destinations by the end of 2016 + very busy period around New Year's. Possibly there will be a tie. They need just 200-250k per month to reach BEG which is quite achievable.
      I think BEG needs not 1 but 2 more W6 a/c next year to secure 5 million.
      Lets hope JU launch BJS, MUC and IKA next year and increase JFK.

    3. Anonymous20:44

      By the end of the year I think that SOF will overtake BEG. It's not only that SOF will have another 4 a/c based by the end of the year, but also you have to take in consideration that SOF is busier than BEG during the winter schedule.

    4. Anonymous20:53

      Yes, ski season especially February. So many flights from UK. Saturdays are crazy.

    5. Anonymous21:24

      Not only because the skiing. BEG is depending more on transfer pax, while SOF is depending completely on O&D pax. In the winter there aren't much of transit pax from the Balkans.

    6. Anonymous21:34

      Well, BEG will have LCA this winter, a few more frequencies to some other destinations and two weekly charter flighs from TLV.

    7. Anonymous21:54

      I don't think that few more weekly frequencies compete with 4 new a/c that are based @ SOF. Even without the newly based a/c they used to overcome BEG during the winter.

    8. Anonymous22:22

      Well, BEG will have an additional A330 flying out of the airport so that gotta count for something. :/

    9. Anonymous22:26

      Who cares which airport has more pax? As long as they have sustainable growth prospects, and are profitable...

    10. Anonymous23:31

      We're enthusiasts, having some fun, give us a break man.

    11. Anonymous01:10

      Yes, it's like comparing dick sizes. Who cares if the other wins? Long live JU, BEG, SOF and positive figures so all those 8,5+ million passengers fly safely.

    12. Anonymous01:56

      Dick sizes, yeah that's it.
      Just chill it, cuz yous a dawg.

    13. Anonymous07:43

      @Anonymous September 26, 2016 at 10:22 PM
      There is no official info about JU getting a second A330. Even if so W6 are basing 4 A321 which have pretty much the same capacity as A330.
      So, JU's A322 have 356 seats and W6's A321 have 330 seats. The A321s will be making 3 rotations a day while's JU's A322 will be making only 1 rotation. So, you can count...

    14. Anonymous08:29

      JU's A330 has 256 seats if I'm not mistaken. W6 has 215-220. But yeah, even if JU gets a second A330 it will still not be enough.
      The ideal will be 2nd JU A330 and 2 A321's in BEG!

    15. Anonymous08:57

      No one is speaking of a second A332. There was no widebody in the fleet last winter, so this year it represents an increase. ;)

      also, just because W6 is basing all those A321s there doesn't mean they are going to be full

    16. Anonymous10:55

      W6's A321 have 230 seats configuration. It can be easily checked ;)

    17. Anonymous16:46

      Well, placing A321 is just a way to "attack" FR on the competitive routes such as BGY, BHX, etc.

  26. Anonymous21:15

    Ovo su dobre vesti za LYBE jos ce se poraviti bolje kad se uvedu nove linije iz BEG.

    1. Anonymous21:28

      Izvini ali kakve veze ima ovo sa BEG?

    2. Zaboga, zvuči kao neki partijski dužnosnik koji daje izjavu medijima.

  27. OT:
    Transavia to announce new destinations for S17 tomorrow. Highly likely that we will see at least one Ex-Yu connection by them from AMS.

    Speculation is on LJU and/or BEG.


    1. Nemjee23:11

      Maybe BEG from their new base in MUC. Highly doubt we will see them fly to BEG from either Paris or Amsterdam.

    2. Anonymous23:30

      They would give Luftika some completion on the route. Bad potential bad news for AS, as speculation was that they were planning that route.

    3. Anonymous23:32

      * competition .... grrrhh spell check.

    4. Nemjee23:38

      Given how high the fares are, Lufty could use some competition. Would be fun to see Transavia compete with both LH and W6.

      That said, I don't see them coming.

    5. BEG 3 weekly
      LJU 3 weekly
      TIA 3 weekly

      There you go

    6. Anonymous11:27

      Bo, where did you get this infos before it was publicly known?


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