Ryanair to launch new Zadar route


Europe's largest low cost airline, Ryanair, will expand operations from its seasonal summer base in Zadar by introducing flights to Glasgow next year. Services will commence on March 30, 2017 and run twice per week. Glasgow becomes Ryanair's fourteenth destination out of Zadar. Tickets for the route are yet to be put up for sale on the airline's website. The new service marks the second consecutive year of growth for the low cost carrier from its Croatian base following two years of downsizing. Ryanair is expected to handle some 315.000 passengers on its flights to and from Zadar this year.


  1. Anonymous15:35

    The country's flag carrier struggles financially and cities pay millions of Euros every year to foreign carriers. So wise and well coordinated!

    1. Well, Croatia Airlines wants 250€ from Munich to Zadar.
      Meanwhile: Croatia is more expensive then Lufthansa!
      No subsidiaries would help!

  2. Anonymous18:15

    The country's flag carrier is struggling because of their own stupidity. No money of the world can help that.

  3. Anonymous19:52

    Who cares about flag carriers? Good old days are now over. Now it's all about free Wi-fi, no frills, leg room and punctuality.

  4. Dude the traditional balkan flag carriers are a bunch of idiots, you have to be an douchebag if you like the protectionism.

    Good news for Zadar! Hope they will expend more and more.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Like for instance the American governament? The biggest protectionists.


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