Saudi fund eyes Užice Airport


An investment fund from Saudi Arabia has submitted an offer to purchase Užice’s Ponikve Airport in western Serbia, which has been under redevelopment. The Saudis have proposed to complete work on the runway and build a cargo centre and hotel within the next five to ten years. “It is an interesting offer but we are unable to assess its seriousness so we have referred the matter to the Prime Minister and we are expecting a response”, the Mayor of Užice, Tihomir Petković, says. The opening of Užice Airport, initially scheduled for late August, has been delayed after little work was done on erecting a perimeter fence and installing a new lighting system over the summer. In April, the airport opened a new passenger terminal and overhauled its apron. According to local authorities, the opening has been delayed as the finances required to complete the work were miscalculated and additional funding will be needed. Work is now expected to be completed in 2017. Užice Airport was destroyed during the 1999 NATO bombing. However, the Serbian government and the European Union have jointly invested several million euros into the airport. The region is home to some of Serbia's most exported goods. The airport currently handles private and recreational flights.


  1. Anonymous13:26

    So if they ever open UZC and it gets connected to BEG then the flight time will be approximately 30min. An ATR can easily do 3 times daily flight.
    Maybe FR will then launch flights to Germany and/or change from INI.

  2. Anonymous13:28

    spin doctors

  3. Anonymous20:22

    If this deal is for real, I say go for like flies to shit.


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