Air Serbia opens lounge to foreign airlines


Air Serbia has changed its policy and will allow both its economy class passengers, as well as those travelling with other carriers, access to its Belgrade Airport Premium Lounge at a price. A lounge pass for passengers flying in economy class with Air Serbia will cost 45 euros, while those flying with another airline will be charged 55 euros. It will give travellers a maximum three hour stay in the facility. Opened in September 2015, the lounge has the capacity to handle eighty guests and features dining options, wireless Internet, shower facilities, as well as business amenities. Business class passengers travelling with foreign carriers from Belgrade will continue to have the option to stay at the airport's Business Club lounge free of charge.


  1. Anonymous14:08

    55 euros is way too much when comparing with plenty of lounges across the world. 40 euros is the standard price for mega airports like istanbul, Paris,etc.

    1. Anonymous17:58

      They offer an la carte meal service, which is high end restaurant quality ... very few lounges offer this, incl IST lounge.

      Etihad charge USD75 at JFK for lounge access, just to put this in perspective.

      And, at the end of the day, if you think it's too much, then no one is forcing you to use it - simple

    2. Anonymous09:04

      JFK is probably the world's number one airport in terms of premium demand which is why the lease for the lounge is much higher than it is at BEG. In a way the costs are higher.

      Air Serbia offers a la carte dining because it's less costly than to have a fresh buffet (as in there aren't enough people passing through it to consume all that food).

      In the end, no one is forcing me but use it but it's my basic human right to express my opinion on a certain topic.

    3. Anonymous10:23

      its definitely too expensive. the Price of a Lounge access in VIE is 25 Euros (and these are Airports BEG should be compared to, not JFK)

    4. Anonymous07:48

      The 25€ VIE lounge doesn't hold a candle to the JU lounge at BEG.

  2. Anonymous14:19

    I guess if I had a 6-7 (economy class) layover at BEG and didn't want to go into the city I would consider paying the €45. Because I can relax, even sleep, eat all I want, use internet, and just take it easy amigo.

    1. Anonymous14:43

      And take a shower. Read free newspapers and magazines.
      You can also drink as much as you want :)

    2. Anonymous16:06

      True dat.

  3. Anonymous14:39

    My conclusion from this: very few business class passenger, and maybe even fewer using the lounge. It was just sitting there empty. And they seem to be needing to make/save money any way they can.

    1. Anonymous14:44

      I find it really strange that a company tries to make money, don't you?

    2. Anonymous15:37

      i see this only as extra more passengers in their lounge means more money spent on maintenance of lounge

    3. Anonymous16:23

      What this goes to show is that this lounge was a useless and miscalculated business move. If they had enough premium passengers then they wouldn't feel the need to open it to other people.

    4. Anonymous16:40

      Its part of brending, as they offer free accomondation if you have long layover before departing to JFK.

      When i remember the hospitality and service at Belgrade Lounge...

    5. Anonymous19:46

      What this goes to show is that this lounge was a useless and miscalculated business move. If they had enough premium passengers then they wouldn't feel the need to open it to other people.

      Many lounges around the world are open for a fee. What a dumb comment.

    6. Anonymous22:35

      Actually, very few airline lounges are open to general public. Usually, airline lounges are only open to flyers of that particular airline and their alliance partners. I think that AF offers the lounge to their non-status pax for a fee. LH doesn't.

      Airport lounges (not operated by an airline), are open for a fee.

    7. Anonymous06:53

      I comfortably earned my Etihad elite status a long time ago but their incompetent customer service (you can only send an email to Abu Dhabi and it's sometimes/often just like a black hole... often nothing comes back, and when it does it is clueless beyond description) has not been able to figure out miles earned with their partner airline for almost a year now. Many emails exchanged and even in cases where the boarding pass clearly states the EY number -- nothing happens. You can never talk to a real person to get your Etihad Guest stuff fixed. Just saying - maybe they would have more elites using the lounge if they actually reasonably addressed frequent fliers' needs. As it is now - travelers who fly very frequently and at some point try to establish loyalty eventually give up. Not a good way to drive up premium traffic, and, ergo, an empty lounge.

    8. Anonymous07:50

      Anon 6:53 I am a loyalty member and i never had a single problem. In regards to questions i might have had, air serbia staff was able to reply.

      In regards to the lounge itself. I use it at least twice a month and there are around 25-35 people per wave.

    9. Anonymous09:06

      There can't be 25-35 passengers per wave simply because there aren't that many premium passengers flying on JU. The best perfoming route was CDG with a yearly average of 30%.


    10. Milivoje Rodic09:08

      i am also frequent traveller and regarding claiming miles on EY partners i never had problem. I get response between 1-2 weeks. Btw, if you are ASL etihad guest owner few months ago they have their own email
      They answer in 36h!

      Only thing i dislike is earing etihad miles with Alitalia flights. Its almost imposible! Booking classes not eligible for mileage accrual are: O, L, G, R, U, Z, W.

    11. Milivoje Rodic09:10

      to Anon 9:06 AM
      on some morning waves (5-8am) there are even 50/60 passengers

      Smallest number are after 8am until 11am and after midnight when there are 2-5 passengers.

    12. Anonymous09:48

      Anon 9:06

      I am telling you what i see, also take into account business class passengers and members of the etihad guest programs as well.

      On 01.11.2016 There were around 5 Americans using the lounge in the morning wave, i presume traveling to JFK

    13. Anonymous21:41

      In summer it's better but not that much, only flights to SVO, CDG, ZRH and LHR see more than 4 passengers per flight in business.

      JFK is abysmal up front.

      Like I said, in summer it's better but the yearly average brings it down. Prices are too expensive.

  4. Anonymous14:40

    This 3 hours limit is strange. In Star Alliance lounges I can stay as long as I am waiting for my flight. If the transfer time is 8 hours, for example, I can spend it in a lounge.
    Does this 3 hours rule apply only if you are beginning your trip from Belgrade or also to transfer passengers?
    Ex-yu, please clarify this 3 hours limit.

    1. Anonymous15:38

      if you are eligible to enter free you can stay as many you want

    2. Anonymous15:42

      That is not really smart.
      Also "dress code" - it makes sense in the Middle East, it sounds awkward and super conservative in Europe.
      Plus "multi-confessional praying space" in a lounge? What is that? Also awkward.

    3. Anonymous15:45

      But how they will measure the length of the stay of each individual guest? They can either not allow you enter more than 3 hours before your flight or nothing.

    4. Anonymous16:42

      I guess when you pay entrance you will get sort of ticket with time of issue..

    5. Anonymous18:49

      But than when you exit, if you overstayed, they won't let you board your flight or what?
      Seems not enforceable.

    6. Anonymous18:53

      Yes, strange. In Star Alliance lounges nobody checks you when you exit, because it would be rude and intrusive.
      Hope that it does not wake a police mentality at lounge staff. That would be really unfortunate.

    7. Anonymous22:37

      Actually, not completely true. If you are a guest of a status pax, you are expected to leave at the time the status pax leaves the lounge. This applies especially in non-high traffic lounges, such as the First class lounges, where they know each pax by name.

  5. Anonymous19:39

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