Turkish Airlines Cargo starts Niš operations


Turkish Airlines Cargo has commenced a scheduled one weekly service between Istanbul and Niš with its Airbus A330-200F aircraft. The carrier says it intends on transforming Niš Constantine the Great Airport into its regional freight centre. "Niš is the second airport we operate to in Serbia after Belgrade. We plan for Niš to become our regional centre, especially for Bulgaria. We also hope that Serbian exporters will use this service to export their goods to the East", Mustafa Yaz, Turkish Airlines Cargo Regional Director for East Europe and Russia, said yesterday. "This development is not only important for Serbia but also for Macedonia and Bulgaria, as there are no scheduled cargo flights to these countries. This service will have a snowball effect, which will result in more flights and exports across Europe", the Turkish Ambassador to Serbia, Mehmet Bozay, said. The Istanbul - Niš - Istanbul cargo service will operate each Monday.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    So not only is INI stealing passengers from SKP but they are also taking away some cargo.

    1. Anonymous11:48

      They are not stealing. They take them openly :)

    2. Anonymous13:24

      Me thinks that vast majority of INI pax are from Niš and immediate region. Very little pax from BG & MK.

    3. Anonymous13:37

      Yes but these passengers used MK and BG before INI got flights.

  2. Anonymous13:56

    Bravo... pre godinu i po dana sablasni aerodrom... neverovatno, Wizz, Ryan a sad Turkish hub... ko god da je sve ovo planirao i uradio, svaka mu cast.

  3. Anonymous17:16

    Is Serbia the only country in ex-YU to have two of its airports have scheduled cargo flights?

    Also, I can see INI become number two in ex-YU in terms of cargo handled.

    1. Anonymous17:22

      Yep, only ex-YU country with two cities having scheduled flights and only country with TK Cargo serving two cities.


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