Zagreb Airport to hike fees


Zagreb Airport will increase its fees from March 2017 following the opening of its new passenger terminal. The French-led consortium running Zagreb Airport will hike its fees by two euros per each international passenger to seventeen euros. Furthermore, it will boost fees by half a euro per passenger travelling on domestic flights to seven and a half euros. The Croatian Civil Aviation Agency has approved the planned increase. It marks the second time the airport's fees have risen since is takeover by the French in 2013. Zagreb Airport will open it multi million euro passenger terminal in less than three months.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    What about other fees that airlines pay to use the facilities?

  2. Anonymous10:50

    ZAG also increase its fees last month!

  3. Anonymous11:05

    So extra costspecial for Croatia
    Airlines. Pushing it further into financial problems.
    When will they replace the current Ceo Mr. Kucko.I heard end of February is this true.

    1. I think Purger mentioned he's contract expires in February so either new CEO or kucko for another 3 years.

  4. Anonymous11:05

    Hahaha, now let's just wait untill FR starts marketing Cerklje ob Krki as Zagreb West :D

    1. Anonymous11:30

      is Cerklje opened for commercial traffic?

    2. Anonymous11:44

      To je blize Zagrebu od vecine tako imenovanih aerodroma na koje lete.

    3. Anonymous12:17

      I don't know if it's open at the moment but they had major plans for cargo, general aviation and regular passenger traffic.
      An airport in every village!

  5. Anonymous12:59

    I can see the irony in this, but I can also see it happening. On that note, ZAG has already got a steady and diverse service, which could only be expanded with more legacy and hybrid offers such as Norwegian etc.

    Eg. At the moment, Brussels Airlines is doing super on the ZAG- BRU route, considering the hybrid model and low prices. OU had to respond with significant price reduction which I guess they can afford because of the Q400 operational efficiency - it breaks even with half cabin I think. OU's pricing categories have not been reformed accordingly so you can still take 23kg luggage and use full offer of snack and drinks onboard for approx same price as flying the low-cost fare of Brussels airlines, with only hand luggage and paid services on board.

    So in this respect, there is plenty of opportunity for ZAG once Croatia Airlines manages to restructure both its offer and the fares, and hopefully new routes.

  6. Povećanje cjena usluga znači manji broj kompanija a to se već pokazalo u ZAG. Već nekoliko kompanija je pred kraj godine prestalo da leti.Neko bi da se silni krediti za novi terminal otplate na brzinu ali to je loš potez.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX13:53

    No problem. For this nice new Terminal i m paying 2 EUR extra with pleasure

  8. Anonymous14:25

    What are the fees at other airports in the region?

  9. Anonymous17:29

    Sadly, the Government should have never given the airport in to concession, EU funds + Croatian State + Zagreb Airport, could have financed the new terminal easily.

    EU funds would have taken 6 months longer to secure, but we'd have clean slate, Airport would have enough financial maneuvering to afford originally designed new terminal and loads more without increasing prices for carriers. Increasing prices as they do, current management is in danger of losing concession.

    Just to remind you ll, before concession was even given away Zagreb airport had 250 million kuna in reserve saved for new terminal, with Airport easily being able to raise another 400 million kuna tin-finance the new terminal. Airport as is was making 350 million kuna in revenue and 50 million kuna in profits each year.

    Initial plan to was expand old terminal by 5700sqm, to improve the flow, and start work on the new terminal in mid 2014, with completion date about the same time in mid 2017.

    The new terminal would have been built with original plans in mind, 75000sqm, 670m long piers, 155x175 main terminal building, solar cells covering entire roof, or integrated solar roof, and underground railway/metro/tram station.

    All could have been done for $500 million with Zagreb airport rising $100 million easily as it already had half of that in reserve, Croatian state giving $100 million loan and EU funds would cover the rest.

    As is, greedy corporation will try to squeeze every penny out of airlines and passengers.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX19:33

      I prefer the airport in concession, well managed and facilities up to the date. No problem to pay for good service.. sorry but i hve little economical confidence in regional governments. I think the airport is now in better hands than before. First result of this concession is the terminal which is being dlvrd as promised

    2. Anonymous19:46

      DBV and SPU are well managed without a concession.

  10. JU520 BEGLAX20:07

    Yes and No. SPU and its terminal situation is not ideal. They had check in queues in August up to the airport road. I can judge on what we see and hve and in ZAG we have the best regional terminalby far. Also range of airlines in ZAG is fine, could always be better but the largest europp legacy carriers are there. LH group, AF KL and IAG group are present

  11. I dont see the problem, the new terminal is great and you will have to pay a very little for it


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