Adria discontinues Lodz - Paris service


Adria Airways will terminate operations between the Polish city of Lodz and Paris from February 1. The cancellation was tipped late last year due to poor loads on the service, which was launched last summer. The route is currently maintained three times per week, each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Slovenian carrier, which has a Bombardier CRJ700 based in the Polish city, will continue to operate flights from Lodz to Amsterdam and Munich. Last October, Adria suspended operations from Rzeszow and Olsztyn in Poland.


  1. Anonymous14:16

    Nice to see JP growing.

  2. Anonymous15:25

    JP is comming back home��

  3. JU520 BEGLAX16:54

    Subsidies finished, JP stops flying
    JP should focus on its own region
    Albania,ex YU and come back to its name, to the Jadran
    SPU flights could work if scheduled like the other ex YU departures
    Even DBV in high season could work at least days 1,5,7

    1. Anonymous11:38

      SPU would be an interesting choice
      and FCO

  4. They won't find money in Poland. Niš is where they should have based one CR7.

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Yes, CRJ700 is a very competitive aircraft compared to A320/B738 from FR/W6. Good plan.

    2. Yes. My exact plan was to go head to head against Ryanair on the same routes.

      MUC 3 p/w (codeshare with LH)
      FRA 3 p/w (codeshare with LH)
      VIE 3 p/w (codeshare with OS)
      CDG 2 p/w (codeshare with AF)
      LJU 5 p/w (transfer onto the 7:00-13:00 morning wave such as AMS, VIE, ZRH, CDG, FRA, MUC, BRU, TXL, MAN, CPH, WAW, PRG)*

      *source: Purger


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