Air Serbia plans operational changes

Air Serbia will be making a series of changes to its operations during 2017, which will include one of the airline's "biggest technology upgrades", which will "revolutionise" its services, as well as adjustments to its flagship New York service. Furthermore, Banja Luka Airport has suggested modifications to the carrier's flights from Belgrade.

This April, Air Serbia will be migrating to the high-tech IT Sabre system, which the airline has said will provide a "step change" in its business. "The project is one of our biggest technology upgrades in years and will revolutionise the services we offer, at every touch point in your journey", Air Serbia's CEO, Dane Kondić, told the "Elevate" magazine publication. He added, "For example, if you are connecting to one of our codeshare flights at Nikola Tesla Airport, our switch to Sabre will allow us to more efficiently manage your transit, ensuring the experience is seamless. Many of the Etihad Airways Partner airlines also use Sabre and our systems will now better communicate and share messages about your journey". The airline has previously said that it is looking to become more "customer centric" in order to better engage and communicate with passengers throughout the whole journey.

On the other hand, Air Serbia will make modifications to its Belgrade - New York service next summer season. According to a preliminary schedule, the Serbian carrier will maintain five weekly flights on the route only during the peak summer months, from June 15 until October 2. Between May 27 and June 12, as well as between October 5 and October 28 (end of the summer season), the airline will operate four weekly flights. Three weekly operations will be run between March 27 (start of the summer season) and May 20, as was the case during most of the 2016/17 winter season. Initially, Air Serbia planned to serve the route five times per week. Last month, Mr Kondić noted that the airline will be "smarter" in planning its flights to New York after having one summer and one winter season of operations behind them. During the first six months, Air Serbia carried over 40.000 passengers between Belgrade and New York, which the carrier says has exceeded its initial expectations. However, the adjustments to the schedule indicate that the route continues to be highly seasonal. At this point it is unclear whether the airline's Airbus A330-200 aircraft will be deployed onto other services during the days it is not operated to and from New York.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Transport in the government of the entity of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nedjo Trninić, has said that changes need to be made to Air Serbia's operations between Belgrade and Banja Luka. The Serbian airline is the only scheduled carrier flying into Bosnia and Herzegovina's second largest city. "We had some informal discussions with Air Serbia's CEO concerning the Banja Luka - Belgrade service and clearly stated that the current situation is unsustainable and that something needs to change. He took note of this and made some suggestions but it is too early to go out in public with these plans", Mr Trninić said. Air Serbia initially launched daily flights to Banja Luka in December 2013. They have since been reduced to three times per week during the winter. In November 2016, the Republika Srpska government ordered the public operator of Banja Luka Airport, Aerodromi Republike Srpske, to extend a ground handling agreement with the Serbian national carrier. As a result, the operator covers Air Serbia's airport costs and fees from December 1, 2016 until November 30, 2017, the government said in a statement. The same terms and conditions have been applied as in previous years. The subsidies are being provided from the entity budget, although the exact figure has not been made public.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I'm quite interested to see what the proposals for the Banja Luka flights are. Maybe direct flights from Banja Luka to other European cities?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Is this possible as AS is not even registered in BiH? For me personally this would be like a dream... ZRH-BNX-BEG

    2. Anonymous09:19

      They can't do that because they barely have any Atrs for their BEG operations.

    3. Anonymous09:26

      Ok, one point is the fleet. They could use Aviolet's B737 (theoretically). My question was do they need any special permission (from BiH) to start flight like for example ZRH-BNX-BEG?

    4. Nemjee09:31

      I am sure they could secure all the necessary permits if they were really interested in launching these flights. The application would have been handled by high ranking officials within the Srpska government.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Think the shift to Sabre will introduce a more hybrid travel experience and will probably allow you to choose whather you want food, baggage etc.

  3. Anonymous09:08

    this will be a long years ahead. lets see what will happen, and if JU'll survive it in this form

  4. Anonymous09:08

    Good rationalization of US flights. But with so much free time in BEG, the A330 could be deployed somewhere to the East.

    1. Anonymous01:10

      As in to China for example :)

  5. Anonymous09:09

    'after having one summer and one winter season of operations behind them.'

    He really needs to stop saying this. It only proves that he is no professional and that they didn't do all the analysis and preparations before launching these flights. Lets not forget that JFK was reduced only two three days before the winter timetable started.
    He is not professional at all and he needs to stop pretending as if the only hurdle is not switching to Sabre.

    1. Jesus dude, relax. he's not that bad AT ALL nor is ASL...

    2. Anonymous09:11

      I guess you are either a bot or have no connection with AS. If he made such a statement in a serious airline, he would face consequences. The biggest consequence would be him getting fired for failing to stabilize the airline.

      He is a disaster for the airline. Atrs have not been modernized, B733s have not been retired. They have suspended several destinations and they have butchered hundreds of frequencies during this winter. The man refuses to invest in marketing and these are the results.

      You are right, I need to relax and he is not that bad.

    3. Anonymous11:36

      You are unfair and your claims are completely unsubstantiated.
      He doubled the size of ASL, made it into respectable regional player.
      I get it that you don't like him and you probably have some personal issues with him too, but please stop what you are doing. That is trolling, not discussion.
      Speaking about bots!

    4. Anonymous11:47

      @9:11 zasto bi pobogu zurili sa izbacivanjem preostala 2 x B733 i 2 x Atr72?! Avioni su jos uvek u dobroj formi, ne koštaju ništa a odradjuju fantastičan posao. Izguraće sigurno jos sezonu, dve.
      Ako ne razumes zasto je napravljena seča u zimskom redu letenja, kada avioni lete polu prazni onda stvarno ne vredi diskutovati sa tobom na ovu temu.

    5. Anonymous11:53

      Za godinu-dve JU ce poceti da obnavlja pola flote, da bi imao pola potpuno novih aviona do 2020. Ali uzalud, ima kome i to nije dovoljno. JU bi navodno trebalo da promeni citavu flotu ili nista. Dzaba sto su, koliko se secam, dva ATR mlada.
      Pa majstore, pokazi mi kada je to LH promenila u cugu citavu flotu, ili AF, ili KL, ili TK!
      I onda naziva druge botovima! Zemljo otvori se!

    6. Anonymous13:03

      ATR-ovi imaju 27 godina (3, a ne 2 komada), 737 preko 30 (njih 4). Mladi? U dobrom stanju? Nazdravlje.

      ATR-ovi 200 su nepouzdani, stvaraju probleme u operacijama, skupi u održavanju i eksploataciji.

      737 još i može proči za charter, ali problem je što se oni koriste (često i po dva od četiri, a redovno jedan), za redovne letove. Skupi za održavanje, žedni tj. skupi za eksploataciju, nedostatak business kabine, u lošem stanju.

    7. Aэrologic13:29

      This is indeed a disaster. Three years after its launch, the airline has failed to position itself in key markets and open enough feeding routes to enable decent frequencies to the West and North America. It took one day for QR to correct their prices to ZAG and upgrade BEG to daily-premium, yet there is not a single reaction on behalf of Air Serbia to any development in the region. Actually, everything follows the same pattern:

      1 - Pompous announcements, big promises and new routes, not followed by corresponding investment in marketing, competitive pricing and structural changes in the network
      2 - Result is: one season or two after their launch, almost all non O&D-heavy lines get severely butchered, limiting connectivity and transfer potential
      3 - The answer to that, instead of higher frequencies, new lines that'll connect on the other end and increase connectivity (such as Spain in the case of Romanian and Bulgarian markets), is either further downsizing the route or a total suspension.

      That way, in a few years, JU may remain without almost any non O&D route in the network, illustration of that is the current New York schedule. The only exception, BEY, is there because of strong marketing brand-awareness inherited from Jat.

      On top of that, Bucharest aside, JU doesn't cover any regional destination in the 45 degrees radius North-North East from Belgrade (Venice being a notable destination missing from the Western regional network).

      Budapest suspended, Bratislava not even considered (I mentioned that one 4 years ago), Lvov, Odessa, larger Romanian cities and Chisinau seem to be on a map from another world, while LO and OS reap all the benefits and steadily increase frequencies as mentioned earlier this week. Croatia is in that respect way over-served while even Sarajevo didn't increase from daily in years.

      All in all a pretty grim picture that can rightfully be labeled as a disaster for a transfer airline.

    8. Anonymous13:33

      Jeste Dane je top... zato zimi evropski saobracaj jedva da ima vise od 4 nedeljna leta. Bas mi je to neki kao uspeh. Covek mora da leti kako bi izbedili opstanak kompanije.

      Ok, uduplao je flotu u poredjenju sa jatom ali sta se desilo od tada? Poslednji avion koji je dosao (Erbas) je YU-APD u septembru 2014. godine. Proslo je vise od dve godine... ne mozemo vise sve gledati kroz prizmu jata.

    9. Anonymous13:35

      B733 su po strukturi mnogo mladji zbog jako malog broja sati leta tokom 90tih. LH ih je do pre neki mesec koristila. Ti avioni su u vlasništvu i pored veće potrošnje goriva se isplate za uletanje kao i za charter. Isto vazi i za Atr72-200. Za vas će čaša uvek biti polu prazna. Šta za vas znači da je ASL za nešto više od godinu dana uveo u saobraćaj 10 Airbusova + 3 Atr-a a kasnije i A330. 10 potpuno novih A320neo!!! Ma sve je to bez veze..

    10. Anonymous13:42

      Ti sati su vise nego nadoknadjeni pred kraj samog jata kada su intenzivno leteli zbog nedostatka vazduhoplova. Samo YU-ANJ ima manje sati jer je bio kod Turaka parkiran.

      Svi ostali su vec na kraju karijere, ove godine prva dva bi trebala da napuste flotu... ne zato sto tako zeli JU vec zato sto tako mora.

    11. Anonymous14:24

      I šta je onda problem?!

    12. Anonymous14:33

      Problem je u tome sto se problemi ne resavaju vec se nagomilavaju.

    13. Дечко Тзар16:17

      Unfortunately that seems to be a pattern.

      For those who remember original plans from 2013, 10 Airbus planes (CEO, not NEO) were planned to be delivered to Air Serbia by 2015. When CEO was switched to NEO, delivery obviously had to postponed to 2018 as NEO was not yet available, but there was never any backfill during 2015-2018 gap. Adria’s CRJ gift last summer was a glimpse of hope Air Serbia found a way to try expansion, but that summer fling is gone without a hint of fleet expansion for 2017.

    14. Anonymous16:40

      Unfortunately I have to agree with you on this one. However, I think they could have added one or two A319. It wouldn't have created too many problems when the NEOs would start arriving.

    15. Anonymous17:17

      Aэrologic +1000!

  6. Anonymous09:26

    So no new routes and no new aircraft planned by JU in 2017?

    1. Don't thinks so or at lease i hope it.
      Smt will materialize, like Tehran :)

    2. Anonymous09:12

      IKA won't happen, they don't have the money or aircraft for it. They are not even bringing back night flights to SOF.

    3. Anonymous09:41

      Don't be so sure.

    4. Anonymous11:57

      Yes, anon. 9.12, you are right. You told us already a year ago that JFK won't happen. You told us so!

    5. Anonymous13:36

      Ok, let's see if IKA happens by June then. ;)

  7. Was this news not already published recently at exyuaviation?

    1. Anonymous09:13

      Yes but it was then removed and replaced by the EK ZAG announcement.

  8. Anonymous09:29

    Business as usual basically, with the exception of Sabre...
    On another note: Qatar daily flights to BEG after the summer, will be operated by a A320P
    Also, their ZAG service is very likely to be run with a 787

    1. Anonymous10:17

      This was already mentioned yesterday. A320P will be sent during the summer, daily in winter.

    2. Anonymous12:47

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2017 at 9:29 AM

      B787 is a possibility, but not on a daily basis. perhaps once per week, A321 will be daily as it is now, but 2nd flight will be A320, on some days B787s will be used.

      Hope that clears things.

      Emirates is comming with B777 300, so they'll take some of the traffic from Qatar. but not much as Demand for Zagreb in Asia is very high, with 1.5 million travelers using various airlines for Zagreb. BA, AF, Lufthansa and OU have about 85% of the market, Turkish and Qatar around 15%.

    3. Anonymous13:37

      '1.5 million travelers using various airlines for Zagreb.'

      Are you implying that 1.5/2.7 million that use ZAG are originating in Asia? lol

    4. Anonymous21:25

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2017 at 1:37 PM

      No, that 1.5 million visors to Croatia are Asian or non-Europeans visiting Croatia. Emirates opens gate for more visitors to Croatia via Dubai. and Qatar is just servicing one small portion, plenty of room for growth for all airlines.

      Data for visitors to Croatia can be found on Croatian tourism website....

    5. Anonymous21:39

      That's not what he said. He said that these 1.5 million passengers fly into ZAG on different airlines. You can see it two post above.

  9. Anonymous10:21

    Last year they didn't announce new routes until mid-April and then they launched 5 so anything is possible. Although I don't see the need for new destinations every year. Will be interesting to see what they do with Banja Luka.

  10. Anonymous10:44

    Happy New Year to everyone! Health, love and no financial burdens :)

  11. Anonymous10:45

    If talking about operations a good start would be to put order to the early morning departure wave and have those important flights leave on time rather than 30-60 min behind schedule, a great number of tranzit passengers depend on timely arrival to Cdg, Ams, Lhr, Zrh, Fco etc. Boarding needs to start 30 min prior to departure and gate need to close 10 min without exception.

    1. Anonymous11:04

      They can' t leave on time until they change the attitude from checkin to boarding, they have 2 employees handling check in at BEG in early morning less than two hours before the first departures.

    2. Anonymous11:05

      How come 2? Whenever I travel in the early morning 10 check in desks are open.

    3. Anonymous11:42

      This is my experience as well. Compared to other airports, BEG works very smoothly.
      I guess some people do not understand that snow storms and bad weather stop even the biggest airports. Just take a look at LHR, or ZRH.
      I guess it is some kind of inferiority complex. Really sad

    4. Anonymous11:45

      I really never had a major problem with JU check in. The good thing is that they dedicate check in desks for certain destinations so they break people and the lines up. If the check in for a certain flight is closing they call it out and if there is anyone that has not checked in yet they give you priority. And I have never seen only two people working at check in especially in the morning when all check in desks are open.

    5. Anonymous16:57

      Go at 4am for a 6am flight and check it out how many people are handling economy passengers.

    6. Anonymous17:13

      To je zato što je otpuštena jedna noćna smena tako da sada se radi sa smanjenim kapacitetima. Sve u sklopu mera štednje.

    7. Anonymous17:53

      4 AM is at least 2.5 hrs before JU's first bank of departures, a bit too early, isn't it? I never get there before 5:30-5:45 for 6:50 departure, and the check in hall is always packed - with pax and staff. Never takes more than a couple of minutes.

    8. Anonymous21:06

      I was there on 8 jan, packed lines with passengers, full flights and 2 attendants doing actually a decent job but every time there were skis one woul leave to go to the bulk luggage drp off leaving one attendant to care about passengers. First flight was ARN at 6AM, SVO at 6:15, LED at 6:20. Additional staff showed up at 4:40 but only two ladies.

  12. Anonymous10:46

    It will be interesting what will be available for selection after the new Sabre system is introduced. My guess is luggage, meals, seat (maybe they will introduce extra charge for exit row seating), lounge access at BEG airport...

  13. Anonymous11:27

    In other words they are moving closer to a hybrid model.

    1. Anonymous11:27

      Well if they focused more on being hybrid and less on being boutique, they will attract more passengers.

  14. Anonymous11:32

    Wow, we had to wait 14 days for an article about JU!
    What an eventful start of 2017 in ex-yu aviation!

  15. Danijel11:42

    I dont understand, they planned 5 flights to New York, they carried more passengers that it was planned, but they reduce numbers of flights. They sure must deploy a330 somewhere. If he just sitting in Belgrade, its making losses. So it will be interesting to see what will happend.

    1. Anonymous11:48

      Passanger numbers don't always translate into profit. My friend bought a return ticket in April from Podgorica to New York with Air Serbia for 290 euros. I know it's the low season then but that's really cheap.

      They wanted to deploy A330 on long haul charters this winter but tour operators had already sold all packages by the time Air Serbia made this proposal.

    2. Anonymous11:59

      monthly leasing cost of 500K Euros is huge with 3 weekly flights (more than half of the year)

    3. Danijel12:03

      Yes, you are 100% right, but if you have passengers you will not cut numbers of flights. So, they planned 5 flights, get more pasdengers, but cutting flights. Its not logical to me.

    4. Anonymous12:07

      I am actually quite surprised how often they adjust frequencies. They are very flexible, unlike most traditional legacies.

    5. Anonymous12:12

      I think this is a misunderstanding. When they said that they have more passengers than expected, that might refer to total number, including a much better than expected summer. As I remember, they did not say that they have so many passengers during winter that they don't know what to do with them.
      JFK appears to be somewhat seasonal.

    6. Danijel12:17

      Its possible. But then they willl have big problems if they dont find the way to deply a330 because they pay for him the same money if he fly or not. And he bring money only when its in the air.

    7. Aэrologic14:47

      What goes without excuse is not the downsizing of the JFK operation but the fact that the aircraft isn't and wasn't deployed somewhere else on-time.

    8. Danijel15:22

      Agree with you. If ypu reduce number of flight, you should deply aircraft, becsuse of big monthly payments.

    9. Anonymous16:02

      Carrying more passengers than planned means nothing because we dont know how modest their plans were :)

    10. Samo da odgovorim ovome ovome ko je platio povratnu kartu iz Podgorice do Njujorka 290 eura. Mi u AS nismo prodali ni jednu kartu za te pare u Crnoj Gori tako da je to velika ne istina.JFK je iznenadio mnoge ljude u kompaniji pošto je popunjenos kabine celo leto prevazilazila 90% a to skoro niko nije očekivao.Normalno je da se modifikuje red letenja na novoj liniji pošto se u prvoj godini rade analize potražnje i popunjenosti kabine.A330 neće sedeti u BEG preko zime i već su u toku pregovori za par zanimljivih destinacija. Ima još lepih vesti za ovo leto ali da pričekamo zvanične vesti iz AS za 6-8 nedelja.

    11. Samo da odgovorim ovome ovome ko je platio povratnu kartu iz Podgorice do Njujorka 290 eura. Mi u AS nismo prodali ni jednu kartu za te pare u Crnoj Gori tako da je to velika ne istina.JFK je iznenadio mnoge ljude u kompaniji pošto je popunjenos kabine celo leto prevazilazila 90% a to skoro niko nije očekivao.Normalno je da se modifikuje red letenja na novoj liniji pošto se u prvoj godini rade analize potražnje i popunjenosti kabine.A330 neće sedeti u BEG preko zime i već su u toku pregovori za par zanimljivih destinacija. Ima još lepih vesti za ovo leto ali da pričekamo zvanične vesti iz AS za 6-8 nedelja.

    12. Anonymous17:12

      Hot Lane

      Sve neophodne analize se vrse pre nego sto se pokrene linija, ne posle.
      Amaterski je to sta radite i zato nemate para da iznajmite nove avione.

      Zanimljivosti nece biti kao sto se odustalo od onih carter letova sa A330.

      Za ime boga, ni turiste iz Izraela niste uspeli da prevezete vec oni dolaze sa njihovim kompanijama. Toliko o tome i o vasoj sposobnosti. razocarali ste sve... a imali ste apsolutnu podrsku cele nacije sto je jako retko.

    13. Anonymous17:17

      That means they're still one year late in doing that.

    14. Anonymous17:50


      Air Serbia je imala svašta, ali "podršku cele nacije" apsolutno nije. Od samog početka, polovina nacije "truje" JU zbog povezanosti Vučića i vladajuće partije sa tim dilom, zbog Siniše Malog na mestu predsednika NO...

      Pa, pogledajte samo ovaj blog. Svaki drugi komentar na JU iz Srbije (!) je izuzetno negativan, i kada ima i kada nema razloga za to. Da neko neutralan čita samo komentare, mislio bih da su sve regionalne kompanije u najmanju ruku OK, a da je Air Serbia nekakva crna rupa...

    15. Anonymous18:07

      Nije istina. Na samom startu, kada je objavljeno da ce Etihad kupiti Jat nije bilo osobe koja se protivila i koja je pljuvala.
      Isto tako kako se razvijala situacija tako je sve vise i vise rasao entuzijazam.

      Ali... kako je vreme prolazilo narod je shvatio da ipak to nije to a taj prvobitni entuzijazam je prerastao u gnev koji postaje sve veci i veci. Delom je zbog toga sto ga svi asociraju sa SNS-om koji je isto tako postaje sve nepopularniji a delom zbog odnosa menadzmenta prema zaposlenim i zbog neopravdane arogancije celnika te iste firme. Da ne spominjem to sto glume nekog butik lidera u tom nedefinisanom regionu dok u realnosti...

      Dakle, netacno je reci da je pola nacije bilo protiv Er Srbije na samom pocetku. Bas suprotno.

    16. Anonymous18:46

      "Nije istina. Na samom startu, kada je objavljeno da ce Etihad kupiti Jat nije bilo osobe koja se protivila i koja je pljuvala."

      Ovo je neistina. Od prvog dana traje rat protiv ugovora koji je potpisan sa Etihadom, jurenja veštica kroz "tajne anekse" itd. Opozicija je pominjala Air Serbia projekat svakodnevno u predizbornoj kampanji, a na B92 80% komentara bude negativno na bilo koju vest o JU, i to uglavnom od strane ljudi koji sa avijacijom nemaju nikakve veze. Na to nadoveži raznorazne Miše Brkiće, Dragane Nikoliće itd. i vrlo je jasno da Air Serbia ne uživa bezrezervnu podršku javnog mnjenja u Srbiji, čak naprotiv.

    17. Anonymous20:24

      Here's proof Air Serbia is PM's vanity project:

      „We believe it is important for the country to have a national airline”, the office of the Prime Minister said in a statement.

      You think this was quote from Vucic? Wrong. That was Mirko Cvetkovic, Boris Tadic’s PM, in 2011.


      How much was his government looking to invest:

      „12M eur for layoffs plus 180M eur to repay debt plus 50-60M eur to invest in an airline“

      If Tadic and his team were successful in finding a 50% buyer for Jat, you would be reading about government paying/subsidizing reborn airline for many years. The only difference would be role reversal: Vucic complaining about subsidies while Tadic, Miroslav Miskovic and his Misa Brkic raving about benefits of a new airline. Here’s M.Brkic himself writing about this effort to transform Jat in 2011, without any negativity:

      In the end, both old and new governments wanted the national airline, they both knew hundreds would have to be laid off, hundreds of millions of debt had to be repaid, many more to be invested, new name for the airline invented, bunch of ATR and Airbus planes added to the fleet and partner had to be found. Those who are now complaining about Air Serbia being a „vanity project“ and „waste of taxpayers’ money“ are just jealous "their" politicians didn’t do exactly the same thing other guys did.

    18. Anonymous20:38

      To je sve sitno bilo a ja inace pricam o javnom mnjenju, ne opoziciji ili kojim tamo kvazi strucnjacima

    19. Anonymous20:57

      Javno mnjenje ne postoji. Sve je u tome ko bolje manipulise medijima.

      Ziva istina da je Dinkic radio na dilu za Jat jos u doba Tadica a na kraju se desilo da je dil nasledio Vucic.

    20. Anonymous21:37

      Javno mnjenje uvek postoji, samo sto se filtrira u Srbiji. To ne znaci da ne moze da se proceni... obican narod se radovao Er Srbiji ali nazalost to nije vise slucaj.

      Razlozi za ovu promenu su tema za neku drugu diskusiju.

    21. Anonymous22:11

      Izvini, ali nisi ti glasnogovornik javnog mnjenja. Ljudi koje ja znam i koje srecem uopste ne misle to sto mislis ti i tvoj krug ljudi. Veliku vecinu ljudi to uopste ne interesuje, a oni koje interesuje imaju ili pozitivno misljenje ili iznijansirano, sa dobrim i losim stranama. Ljudi koji su putovali ASL su u prinicipu zadovoljni, cak prijatno iznenadjeni uslugom.
      Niti si ti, niti sam ja, niti je iko glas "obicnog naroda", sta god ta populisticka floskula trebalo da znaci.

    22. Anonymous22:28

      Hahah kako da ne.

    23. Anonymous22:43

      Stranački neutralni i stranci naravno da primećuju daleko bolju ulugu sa Er Srbijom nego što je bilo sa Jatom. Ocene su neuporedivo bolje za Er Srbiju nego za Jat.

      Sve se svodi na priču od gore: opozicija je u suštini radila na apsolutno istom rešenju, a sad truju protiv Er Srbije kroz svoje medije i navijače.

    24. Anonymous22:51

      Da opozicija jednog dana uzme vlast, uradila bi sa Er Srbijom isto što i Vučić sa kineskim mostom ili Mrkinim putevima: nastavili bi da pumpaju pare i onda bi se hvalili otvaranjem novih linija Er Srbije recimo do Čikaga i Toronta kao da su oni sami sve napravili. Političari su isti. Običnim ljudima je bitno da imaju više puteva i bolju avio kompaniju a ne ko je to napravio.

    25. Anonymous00:43

      Nema spora da je Air Serbia projekat aktuelnog premijera. Ne bih baš rekao "vanity" projekat, jer je populacija koja često leti ipak suviše mala da bi bilo ko na taj način mogao da gradi prestiž, ali da je njegovo čedo - apsolutno da.

      I pazite sad - ja mislim da je to super. Mislim o Vučiću jako loše, o njegovim saradnicima sve najgore, i prilično sam zgađen svojim sunarodnicima koji glasaju za njega. Ali on nije glup. Ne bi bio tu gde jeste da je glup. I u moru loših poteza, verovatno ima i poneki dobar, i ja zaista mislim da je Air Serbia dobar potez. Da li je to počelo kao politički projekat zahvaljujući njegovim vezama sa vladajućom porodicom u Abu Dabiju? Da. Da li Air Serbia ima državnu podršku koja je nešto veća od podrške nekoj random kompaniji? Da. I mislim da je to super.

      To je bio jedini način da se neko involvira u propali Jat, a imajući u vidu kompanije koje su pokazivale nekakvu zainteresovanost (pa se nikada nisu javljale na tender), Etihad je premija, teško da je moglo bolje. To je bio jedini način da se kompanija postavi na zdrave noge, i nerealno je očekivati da jedna rupa bez dna koja više od dve decenije nije bila blizu pozitivne nule postane fantastično uspešna i profitabilna. Ali, ovakva Air Serbia guta najmanje četiri puta manje para nego Jat, koji je imao četiri puta manje aviona i značajno manje frekvencija. U usluzi i pouzdanosti neću ni da počinjem. Iako su mi jasne implikacije državne pomoći u kontekstu sporazuma potpisanim sa članicama EU, pa eto mi to ne zovemo tako, nego popusti itd., 20-30 miliona godišnje za Air Serbiu je meni jako dobra ideja, svakako bolja nego 80 za Jat Airways, ili stotine miliona za Srbijagas ili Železnice Srbije. Ove subvencije su kap u moru raznih subvencija, a pritom zaista mislim da su jedne od retkih koje će postići efekat koji bi subvencije trebalo da imaju - da pomognu biznisu u začetku da se razvije i da za nekoliko godina samostalno funkcioniše, kao i da doprinosi nacionalnoj privredi kroz poreze.

      Konačno, ne mislim da je dobra ideja raditi sve to zbog prestiža, jer ništa prestižno nema u kompaniji sa 20 aviona ma koliko to nama izgledalo fenomenalno, nego zato što pravljenje makar nekakvog malog huba od BEG i pare koje se vrte u JU donose ozbiljnu ekonomsku korist srpskoj privredi. Ne bih da objašnjavam šta i kako, o tome se dosta pričalo, a objektivno svako sa malo znanja može sam da dođe do svojih zaključaka.

    26. Anonymous00:58

      Јеси ли уопште прочитао шта је рекао Мирко Цветковић 2011? Није ту ништа Вучићево чедо или пројекат, он је само наследио дил и одлуку претходне владе да Србија има националну авио компанију макар морали да је финансијски подржавају. Хвала Мирко!

    27. Anonymous02:32

      Ma daj. Misliš da Vučića obavezuje bilo šta što je Mirko Cvetković izjavio bilo kada? On nije nasledio nikakav "dil" prethodne Vlade, jer je dil sa Etihadom on napravio. Nije bilo dila koji bi nasledio.

      Ono što je eventualno "nasledio" je slična strategija, da Srbija treba da ima svoju nacionalnu kompaniju, ali on to nije nasledio, nego prosto isto misli kao i njegov prethodnik. I ja bih dodao, obojica su dobro mislili, samo Vučić je nešto konkretno i uradio po tom pitanju.

    28. Anonymous07:17

      Ne treba zaboraviti da je ovo Dinkicev dil, oktobar 2012:

      The creation of a successor national carrier to Jat Airways is once again on the cards after Serbia’s Minister for Finance and Economy, Mladjan Dinkić, returned from an official state visit to the United Arab Emirates. Dinkić said the government will go ahead and create a new airline which would be free of debt. The carrier’s fleet would be comprised mainly of Airbus jets. The government would offer financial guarantees to finalise the controversial 1998 order for the Airbus aircraft. "We have plans to lease twelve new aircraft from Airbus and the new company would receive 140 million dollars worth of guarantees for that purpose", Dinkić told local media.

    29. Anonymous09:53

      Po kom osnovu je Etihadu u ime Er Srbije (49%) dato pravo da sprovede u jesen 2013 pismeno i usmeno testiranje zaposlenih na engleskom jeziku i da odlucuje da li je neko podoban za posao koji je vec radio?

    30. Anonymous12:33

      Po osnovu toga što su ti koji su već radili doveli kompaniju do prosjačkog štapa, eto po kom osnovu. Očigledno nešto nisu radili kako valja.

  16. Anonymous12:12


    Has anyone actually seen two narrow-body planes being de-iced at the same at BEG?

    As I was flying several days ago four or five planes were in a line for de-icing and BEG was de-icing one plane at the time.

    Subsequently I heard rumors that the design was wrong and that two planes can`t be de-iced at the same time.

    I don`t want to be a hater or something and as I said those were unconfirmed rumors, but it makes sense as they were not de-icing us simultaneously.

    I tried asking this question on TangoSix twice but admins keep deleting my comments. How funny, after that aviation summit they have to say only nice things about aviation in the region :)

    1. Anonymous13:24

      Upravo sam jutros ja razmisljao o tome cekali smo na letu za TGD 25 minuta na platformu ispred nas su bila dva aviona.

    2. Anonymous14:20

      A šta je po tebi problem, što se u nepovoljnim vremenskim uslovima čeka na de-iceing? Kako bi ti to rešio, živo me zanima?

    3. Anonymous14:53

      Maybe there's not enough trucks.

    4. Anonymous16:56
      Yeap, they can de-ica 2 planes

    5. Anonymous17:02

      TangoSix brise sve komentare koji ne glorifikuju njihov sajt i gde se cak i dobronamerna kritika tretira kao "napad" koji odmah mora biti neutralizovan, odnosno obrisan.

    6. Anonymous17:09

      +1 last non

      I noticed the same. Having a normal discussion on there is next to impossible.

      Long live ex-YU blog!

    7. Anonymous19:02

      Here they also delete posts, especially regarding certain next door airports.

    8. Anonymous19:10

      Yeah because it's not a bulgarian forum. A few days ago I saw a comment how some airline is moving terminals at Sofia. Don't know if it was deleted but that is soo unimportant even on a bulgarian aviation portal let alone here.

    9. Anonymous19:23

      I didn't post that. My posts that were immediately deleted were passenger statistics and the Wizz base in Varna with a clear OT in the beginning.

    10. Anonymous20:45

      Can you post those again?

    11. Anonymous20:58

      SOF - 4,980,387 (4,088,943) + 21.8%
      BOJ - 2.878.883 (2.360.320)+ 22,0%
      VAR - 1.689.595 (1.398.694) + 20,8%

      Wizz announced a new flight to TLV from the new base in VAR (along with BGY, DTM, EIN, LCA, FMM operated by the new aircraft; SOF daily and LTN (increase from daily to 10 weekly; both from the other bases).

    12. Anonymous10:51

      Two aircraft CAN be deiced simultaneously and it was done in last few days. But there is one "issue" with the deicing apron - officially Apron N(ovembar): due to the design flaw when deicing position N1 (eastern) is occupied, access to position N2 (western) in prohibited.
      So, even when N2 is vacant aircraft waiting for deicing on F4, cannot access it before N1 has been vacated.

    13. Anonymous14:44

      So why they don't always use the position No.2 (Western one) by default?

    14. Anonymous22:41

      They do. But that is just ONE position. You put first aircraft in line on N2. Then second one on N1. And third one is waiting at F4 (behind stand C10). Problem is that, when after deicing on N2 aircraft leaves that position, third one can not pass behind one still being deiced on N1.
      I hope it is more clear now.

    15. Anonymous14:27

      Thank you for the explanation.

      So, basically, they made two positions but only one single entrance-exit, correct?

    16. Anonymous12:49


  17. Anonymous12:22

    Eh da je srece da se zainteresuje i za aerodrome u Srbiji..a ne da nam strane kompanije pokrecu aerodrome, otvaraju i oci i svet

  18. Anonymous14:52

    Probably they were inspired by the success of AB and AZ and they are switching to Sabre as well! lol

  19. Anonymous15:39

    Air Serbia ended 2016 with 2,64 million passengers (+3,5% yoy), operations stood at +2,5% yoy. Average CLF was 72,0% which is +1,5% compared to 2015. Best CLF was recorded on routes to ZRH (86%), AMS (81%), FCO (80,5%), than LED and LHR.

    1. cool thanks for the info...

    2. Anonymous16:37

      FCO seems to be doing well, hope we seem 15th or 16th weekly frequency added.

    3. Anonymous16:38

      Seems like growth this year was mostly done by foreign carriers, especially in December when we had 12% growth.

    4. Дечко Тзар16:44

      Air Serbia growth almost plateaued which explains why BEG airport trails most EX Yu airports in growth. It also trails airports further afield (SOF, ATH, BUD) and is slipping on a list of 100 busiest in Europe from 84 to 87 to now 90 or lower. It could slip out of top 100 in a year or two years unless Air Serbia starts growing narrowbody fleet.

    5. Anonymous17:07

      Given that it's already 14.01 and that there is no word on new jets arriving I fear we will see more of the same this year.

      I think it's a huge mistake not to keep night flight to SOF which allowed for connections to JFK.

    6. Anonymous17:10

      What was the LF to KBP?

    7. Anonymous17:23

      Дечко Тзар is correct. Almost all other airports in southeastern Europe are having double point increases in passenger numbers.

    8. Anonymous17:38

      Night flights to Sofia proved to be completely unsuccessful. There were very few passengers connecting to JFK flights.

    9. Anonymous17:46

      JU performed 92 flights to KBP from mid June till the of September, CR9 was used almost exclusively, there were 62 passengers per flight on average.

    10. Anonymous17:51

      Anon 5.38

      Which means they failed in that market. Was the person responsible penalized or fired? How much did they spend on marketing? Nothing.

    11. Aэrologic18:34

      That is extremely good results taking that nothing was spent on marketing as well and that the route has just been launched. On each of the flights i took there were 30-40 passengers connecting to JFK from KBP.

    12. I assume the lack of regional jets was the only reason KBP was suspended

    13. Anonymous20:14

      How did the Middle-Eastern routes perform (LCA, TLV, BEY, AUH...)?

    14. Anonymous20:46

      Did JFK route ever had more than 10-12 full fare paying business passengers? Except the first flight of course?

    15. Дечко Тзар00:47

      Instead of current 18 biz class seats taking up all the space between doors 1 and 2 on A330, I suggested using that space for combined business and premium economy. There is enough space to put two rows of 2-2-2 lie flat business seats and two rows of 2-3-2 economy plus in the same space, for a total of 12 business seats (more are rarely needed) AND 14 economy plus seats as a new revenue generator.

      Instead of single A330 doing JFK 3pw, I suggested adding second A330. During winter, one A330 could do JFK 3pw AND YYZ 2pw (superior to current utilization) while second A330 is wet leased during winter. In summer season two A330 could do JFK daily and YYZ probably 3-4pw.

    16. Anonymous15:53

      Good points. I would add ORD to this mix.

  20. Anonymous17:03

    Svakako ce Sabre dobro doci kompaniji .
    A nadam se da ce se jos neki planovi odtvariti a pogotovu neke nove linije i da ce se poboljsati mapa destinacija.
    A takodje se nadam da ce se poboljsati flota sa novim Regionalnim avionima.

    1. Anonymous19:01


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Tvoji postovi zvuče kao od nekog političkog povjerenika: "Nadamo se da..." Već odavno možemo pretpostaviti što ćeš napisati.

    4. Anonymous15:47

      Barem ovog puta nije izbrisao svoj komentar.

  21. Anonymous17:15

    Air Serbia had a good start since it was launched but is unfortunately downgrading in many aspects: catering, ground service, punctuality and connectivity. That fact is supported by the Skytrax recent comments and
    low marks that were given by customers (no by haters). Someone in that company should give some thoughts on how to raise the bar and improve things otherwise good bye JU in a few years.

  22. JU520 BEGLAX19:14

    The launch of JU 500 came probably to early also not with enough good connections
    TLV BEY ATH SKG BUH SOF DBV SPU SKP TIA ZAG LJU FCO TIV TGD SJJ should all connect to 500/501 within 2 hours. I miss some destinations in Romania and I would hve added VCE, BCN and MAD which couldt attract transit and some O&D traffic. Flights ex Germany,CH,UK,Spain,France would need 2 hour connections to the Jadran. Same for Romania, Bulgaria to Italy and Spain. Probably all this not 100% poßible due to fleet size. Lets hope that with arrivals of the 320neos, more of this will be tackled
    A330 could definitely do some flights besides JFK: AUH TIV ZRH could definitely work during some days in peak season, especially now with EK B773 launching ZAG

    1. Anonymous01:43

      Uporno ponavljanje mrzitelja AS letenje za Madrid i letenje RO -IT RO-SP. Da li mislis da Wizz ne bi uzeo tu neku liniju i da li mislis da Rumuni nemaju dovoljno LCC da ih direktno voze do sela po Italiji gde sada zive? Imaju svoje direktne linije do Jadrana svi pomenuti inace se ne bi davila Kroacija

    2. Anonymous15:49

      Mrzitelj, stvarno?


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