Tuzla Airport sees record year


Tuzla Airport handled 307.862 passengers in 2016, an increase of 18.8% compared to the year before. It marks the airport's best performance to date. Almost all passengers were carried by Wizz Air, which boasts a base in the city. The low cost carrier will station a second aircraft in Tuzla and launch new flights to Bratislava, Cologne, Friedrichshafen and Vaxjo in late March. Furthermore, it will boost frequencies on several existing routes. As a result, the airport estimates handling between 500.000 and 600.000 travellers in 2017. Tuzla has entered talks with a second commercial carrier, whose arrival could ease the airport's dependence on Wizz Air. Acting Director for Development and Marketing, Enver Juknaović, recently said, "Very soon a new carrier will begin operations [to Tuzla], despite Wizz Air continuing to expand its network. The idea of bringing another airline dates back from when an agreement was signed with Wizz Air instead of Ryanair. However, we have maintained contact with Ryanair and other carriers who were initially apprehensive of our statistics and analysis". During 2017, Tuzla Airport plans to expand its terminal building to deal with growing passenger numbers.


  1. I'll post my same comment here from yesterday.

    So 300,000+ pax in 2016. Next year 400,000+ and still on the edge of bankruptcy???

    What's going on here?

    1. Anonymous20:41

      Have you ever heard of word investment. You have to start somewhere! And for your information Tuzla Airport will be self financed from 2017! Investment from Tuzla Canton Government is minimal when you compare the amount of money getting back in return from 300,000 pax. 150,000 departing pax x3 Euros = Euros 450.000 (This is approximately the amount Government paid to TZL). THY had 90 cargo flights in 2016, and we all know cargo flights are money maker for airports.

    2. Anonymous13:32

      Who said they were on the edge of bankruptcy? Wtf?

    3. That's right!!

  2. Let Ryanair came to Tuzla. It is not good that only Wizz Air in Tuzla. It would be better to have more airline in Tuzla. Ryanair is the best option.


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