Air Berlin to end Pristina and Skopje flights


Air Berlin will discontinue services from Zurich to both Pristina and Skopje at the end of next month as the airline undergoes restructuring in an attempt to improve its finances. The last flight to Pristina will operate on March 25, while the final service to the Macedonian capital is scheduled for March 31. Edelweiss Air and Germania Flug will continue to link Pristina and Skopje with Switzerland's largest city. Zurich was the busiest destination served out of Pristina in 2016 and the second busiest out of Skopje.


  1. Anonymous11:25

    Eto nove sanse za INI!!!

    1. Anonymous11:51

      They are already getting a link with Swiss and Germania.

    2. Anonymous14:24

      ukinuli let iz Hilzinkija do Osla, eto sansa za INI :)

  2. Anonymous12:15

    If Zurich can't work from Pristina, I wonder what routes are they keeping in their network. In the end they will just lease all the planes to Eurowings as they can't make any destination profitable.

  3. Aэrologic12:26

    It was about time, there is no coordination whatsoever between Etihad partners as to not to cannibalize the markets of eachother.

  4. Anonymous13:13

    AB have withdrawn from SOF as well in January

  5. Anonymous14:22

    These flights will be replaced with Edelweiss Air from April 1 ;)

  6. Anonymous15:03

    I never understood why AB couldn't make SKP work out of DUS. The OneWorld feed alone should've been enough for a daily flight.

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