Zagreb Airport terminal to open "late March"


The new multi million euro passenger terminal at Zagreb Airport will be opened in late March, although an exact date is yet to be set. The airport operator noted that the date will be made public once all relevant stakeholders agreed on it. Initially, the terminal was expected to open in early March but has been pushed back, with March 28 being speculated for the possible opening. You can review the progress and photos from Zagreb Airport's new terminal here.


  1. Anonymous19:45

    Can't wait for the opening! Too bad there are not many informations about all the services and shopping area!

  2. Anonymous20:30

    These jet bridges are weird...

    1. Anonymous21:22

      Main building is very nice, but jet bridges are terrible. There are much better jet bridges from the same company

    2. Anonymous01:09

      There's a reason why these bridges were selected, not for looks but for safety, These bridges comply with highest fire safety standards, glass bridges simply wouldn't survive the major fire.

      Zagreb's new terminal has high environmental and sustainability standards, which was a priority for the Government and reason why these bridges were chosen to comply with the strictest EU safety and environment and sustainability rules.

      In fact all major EU airports are now looking or already implementing these sorts of bridges to comply with above rules.

      However the architectural solution especially the way the bridges are supported could have been done a lot better.

      Warsaw Airport done their's in slightly better way, but still not ideal.

      We need better architectural solutions and designs for disabled passenger access, as what i've seen so far at Warsaw, Zagreb and other airports looks fugly to me.

    3. Anonymous07:00

      I presume the „jet bridges“ you were referring to are those protruding connectors, and they were not designed and built by Adelte. Those connectors were built by the workers on the construction site. Adelte designed only the movable jet bridges, which extend from the tower structure to the plane.
      Since the terminal is designed by the rules of splitting the arriving and departing passengers on different levels and in compliance to ensure full access to disabled passengers, the chosen solution was the most economical. The alternatives are to build an elevator on each gate, or to build such platform from each gate inside the terminal building, both of which would add to extra costs.
      Why aren't those connectors made of glass then? It would be more expensive and it would add extra costs for air-conditioning and heating. Yeah, now they are not as eye-pleasing as glass connectors would be, but they bring reduced costs for the airport operator.
      And I myself was sceptic about connectors without windows, but as a person who has actually walked through them at the new terminal I can tell you that they are well lit and wide and one doesn't feel cramped and uncomfortable inside, even when they are full of passengers.

    4. Here we go again...

    5. Anonymous16:40

      47 sec.

  3. Cidim se da moj zaista pristojan manji komentar na ovom postu, po pitanju buduceg otvaranja novog Zagrebackog putnickog terminalu na Plesu.
    Mozda nije velika steta, ali jeste malo iznenadjenje. Zbog cega?
    Radova - komentar

    1. Radovan, your comment was not removed, you submitted it under this news item

    2. My great aprissiation. Thankyou Admin.
      And my apologize.
      As always your
      KVO - SYD


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