Brač Airport completes runway extension


Brač Airport has completed work on lengthening its runway from 1.440 metres to 1.760 metres. Valued at 666.000 euros, the 320 metre extension now allows for the island airport to handle larger aircraft such as Fokkers, Airbus A319s and new Bombardier C-series jets. As a result, TUIfly Belgium will commence services between Brussels and Brač from May 23. Talks are underway with both TUI and Eurowings over the introduction of new flights next year. Opened in 1993, Brač Airport is Croatia's youngest commercial airport but has struggled to maintain flights due to, among other things, runway constraints.

Photo courtesy of Josip Sočo


  1. Anonymous16:47

    Great stuff. And nice photo.

    And compliments they even managed to complete all works ahead of planned timeline (Easter) and apparently within the initial budget.

  2. Anonymous17:13

    Congrats, Brač! Have a great season!

  3. Anonymous17:46

    environmental destruction

    1. Anonymous19:40

      Yes - in Vienna they would have cancelled the runway adjustment as apparently that would save the world (at least Austria) from climate changé- not joking on this.

    2. Anonymous08:09

      OK, I see you missed the big news a few weeks ago. See e.g. here:
      The court believes that land taken away from farmers used to grow vegetables and pollution of the third runway has an effect on global climate change and that these reasons outweigh the positive economic effects in tourism and all businesses and industries in Austria and the creation of more than tenthousand new jobs. The court ignored the facts that aviation industry ensured to grow CO2 neutral from 2020, more efficient aircrafts flying around every year plus the fact that without a third runway planes will have to increasingly fly circles above Austria using more fuel and polluting much more compared to straight landings on the 3rd runway.
      According to this decision every infrastructure projects like building a road or a house on formerly soft ground will be prohibited as it could harm the environment/climate change.

  4. Anonymous18:47

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous09:15

    Aviation in Croatia keeps getting better. Well done Croatia. Prosperity keeps surging forward

  6. Anonymous10:37

    Hope to see more company on brac soon..
    Hawe some new flight and destination to this beutiful island this sommer.?


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