Etihad opens shared services centre in Belgrade


Etihad Aviation Group, the parent of the airline, has opened a customer service centre in Belgrade for its network of carriers. Its Etihad Airways Partners Shared Services unit will initially employ 200 Serbian nationals to handle reservation and ticketing services, including sales and loyalty programme. James Hogan, the Group’s President and CEO, said the centre "will provide a wealth of efficiencies for each airline and allow them to compete effectively in an increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace". The Belgrade facility was officially opened today by Serbia's Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, and Mr Hogan. The facility will perform contact centre and loyalty operations in seven languages in Europe for Etihad Airways, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles and Etihad Regional before expanding to support Alitalia and Air Berlin. Headcount will be increased to about 685 staff by 2020 when the facility is forecast to handle more than 4.4 million calls. Etihad Airways operates three contact centres in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and one in Manchester.


  1. Anonymous13:06

    super, nova radna mesta :)

  2. Anonymous13:27

    Great job, congratulations. Finally some positive signals from EY regarding JU.

  3. I'm waiting to hear the "below average salary" comments. The reason this centre is located in BG is not because of salary but because obviously JU won't be divested from the group as has been the talk for othe group carriers. But even here it seems to be opposite to all of the rumours on this blog.

  4. Anonymous13:58

    If they are to ditch Air Serbia, they would not open this center. Good news.

  5. Anonymous14:01

    So much about Etihad leaving Europe and Air Serbia!

  6. Anonymous14:21

    Guys, for them this is just cost cutting and nothing else. Believe me this have nothing to do with Air Serbia or their plans for Europe.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      How can it be cost cutting when they have no plans to close any other contact cenetres? Anyway it doesn't matter. Hogan said today Etihad has no plans to deinvest from Air Serbia but it won't make a difference to you.

    2. Anonymous14:35

      You think that they will keep all their current centers? Why do they need so much centers? Serbia is the country with lowest standard from all the countries they have operations. It is as simple as that.

    3. Anonymous14:52

      Anon. 14.21 Your argument makes no sense. It is a non-sequitur.

      This shows two things:
      1. Etihad stays in Europe and will not disinvest from AB and AZ.
      2. They don't even consider moving out of JU.

      What this effectively means is that a large number of jobs will move from Italy and Germany to Serbia.
      It decreases the costs of AZ and AB and puts them on the road to profit, which they can reach in a couple of years.
      Serbia can expect more jobs from Etihad group because of low labor costs, geographical position and less strict regulation.

    4. Anonymous15:33

      AZ (like many other Italian companies) has a call center in Tirana.

  7. Novi Calls Centar Etihad Group of airlines, Dolazak koncesionara na aerodrom Nikola Tesla i dolazak nove flote Air Serbia, sigurno postavlja zemlju Srbiju na mapu vazdunog saobracaja Centralne, Istocne i Jugoistocne Evrope.
    Jos da se ojaca Niski, a dograde Kraljevacki i Uzicki aerodrom, pa da uz nove Auto puteve i remontovane pruge pa da se Srbija izdigne iz proslosti. Bar sto se tice saobracaja.
    Srbijo, na dobrom si putu.
    Pred let za Sydney,
    Rodney & Aviation Entusiast.
    Kraljevo + Sydney

    1. Anonymous16:36

      Samo ti sanjaj....

    2. Anonymous16:38

      Kraljevacki i Uzicki aerodrom su propali projekti... Izgradjeni su lijepi novi terminali, ali nema potraznje za letovima. Zato ni jedna kompanija ne leti na njih

    3. Anonymous20:46


  8. Anonymous16:20

    Here is what is the situation with Etihad and Emirates - "Emirates boss denies reports of Etihad merger". This is showing the bad condition of both companies.

    1. Anonymous17:34

      More like bad condition at ch-aviation lol

  9. JU520 BEGLAX18:51

    Thats excellent news for hundreds of aviation fellows in Serbia. Very glad to read this
    Compliments also to JU. EY has quite some hirdles to take with AB and AZ, the more it is a pleasure to see that JU investments somehow pays off. Keep up the good work. It might not be all pico bello, but elsewhere we hve troubles too. Avistion industry is a though one. Under this circumstances I think we can be satisfied about EY-JU achievements

  10. Anonymous10:49

    I know several people that worked in Etihad contact centre before it was opened. :D It was under Air Serbia front, so obviously they decided to make it offical.


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