Summer 2017 - Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines' summer season operations come into effect this Sunday and last until October 28, with the carrier to introduce new routes and boost frequencies to several destinations. As previously reported, Croatia Airlines will launch new flights from Zagreb to Bucharest, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The carrier will add two wet-leased Iberia Regional Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft to its fleet from May. They are currently scheduled to operate on a range of routes out of the Croatian capital, including to Copenhagen six time per week, four weekly to Brussels, three weekly to Dubrovnik, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo, as well two weekly to Skopje and once weekly to Barcelona and Lisbon. Furthermore, the 100-seater will be deployed between Dubrovnik and Athens three times per week.

Croatia Airlines will add an additional weekly flight to its seasonal routes from Zagreb to Barcelona and Lisbon, with the latter launched just last year. However, the carrier will further downgrade its Pristina service, which will now run for just two months this year. The route was turned into a seasonal summer service last winter. Operations out of Split will remain unchanged, however, flights to Athens will resume almost a full month later than last year. In addition, Croatia Airlines will scale back its operations between Dubrovnik and the Greek capital from five to three weekly flights, although there will be added capacity with the CRJ1000 operating instead of the Dash 8 turboprop, which maintained the route through large stretches of last summer. The Croatian carrier will not resume its seasonal service between Dubrovnik and Tel Aviv, which was launched last year. On the other hand, the resumption of flights between Dubrovnik and Amsterdam has been brought forward by almost a month.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the Global Distribution System (GDS). Furthermore, the tables below display the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies, particularly on domestic flights between Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula, may not come into effect until later on in the summer and can vary depending on the time of the year. EX-YU Aviation News will bring you Montenegro Airlines’ network changes tomorrow. In the meantime, you can also review planned modifications made by Adria Airways and Air Serbia. Furthermore, you can browse through the changes Wizz Air will be making to its EX-YU network here.

Departing Zagreb

DestinationFrequency S2016Frequency S2017Change   Notes
Barcelona34▲ 1-
Bucharest03▲ 3starts MAY19
Helsinki03▲ 3starts MAY21
Lisbon34▲ 1resumes MAY01
London Heathrow88-1 flight via Rijeka
Milan33-resumes MAY02
Oslo03▲ 3starts MAY21
Prague44-resumes MAY02
Pristina22-resumes JUL11
ends SEP05
Pula1414-via Zadar
Rome88-6 flights via Split
2 flights via Dubrovnik
St. Petersburg22-resumes MAY04
Stockholm03▲ 3starts MAY19
Tel Aviv22--

Departing Split

DestinationFrequency S2016Frequency S2017Change  Notes
Athens11-resumes JUN03
ends SEP30
Berlin11-resumes APR29
Belgrade33-resumes MAY13
ends SEP25
Dubrovnik11-resumes APR29
ends OCT21
Dusseldorf22-resumes MAY03
London Gatwick22-resumes APR21
London Heathrow11--
Lyon11-resumes APR29
ends OCT 07
Vienna44-resumes MAY01
ends OCT21
Zurich45▲ 1resumes MAY03

Departing Dubrovnik

Destination  Frequency S2016Frequency S2017Change  Notes
Amsterdam11-via Pula
Athens53 2resumes MAY18
Dusseldorf11-resumes MAY07
ends OCT22
Nice22-starts APR28
ends SEP11
Pula11-starts MAY30
ends SEP26
Tel Aviv10 1-
Venice22-resumes MAY04
ends OCT15
Zurich55-resumes APR30

From Pula, Croatia Airlines will operate to Amsterdam (1x per week), Dubrovnik (1x per week), Frankfurt (2x per week), Zadar (14x per week), Zagreb (7x per week) and Zurich (1x per week). All frequencies remain unchanged compared to last year. From Osijek, the airline will fly to both Split and Dubrovnik (1x per week).

From Zadar, the airline will operate to Pula (14x per week), Zagreb (7x per week) and Frankfurt (2x per week), maintaining last year's frequencies. Rijeka will see the Croatian national airline operate flights to Munich (3x per week) and one weekly flight to London Heathrow, as was the case during the summer of 2016.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Looks good this summer.

  2. Anonymous09:06

    From Mostar to Beirut twice per week. Starting May 1

    1. Anonymous09:59

      Those are charters.

  3. Anonymous09:06

    Very nice from OU. Pristina is a bit odd. Just 2 months this summer....

  4. Anonymous09:11

    Finally some good news from OU! Hope they will keep Scandinavian routes throughout the year as well!

  5. Anonymous09:18

    Their network is becoming more and more serious. I still see potential for a few other routes but this is a big step in the right direction.

  6. Anonymous09:29

    Good work OU

  7. Anonymous09:35

    When will they introduce waves? Their connectivity is terrible. SKP-OSL 12 hours waiting time at ZAG

  8. Anonymous09:45

    Why is anyone happy about this? It's a disaster!!

    OU is either stagnating or reducing the coast, they are handing it over to foreigners. Why do we need stupid Bucharest when the plane could be used on the coast especially in places like SPU!
    SPU will grow by at least 15% this year but OU growth is 0% there!!!

    1. Anonymous10:05

      stupid Bucharest? get a mental health check pls
      Business travelers will bring more money than cheap mass tourism

    2. Anonymous10:07

      No, they won't. With charter passengers you know you will fly full at a decent price. What guarantee do they have for OTP? NONE! ZERO! So it is a stupid move by an airline that desperately needs more cash.

    3. Anonymous10:12

      Its good they concentrate on ZAG, as it is way less seasonal than the coast. They coast they can offer through connections onto their domestic network, and demand is more tha there. Last Summer an evening flight to SPU was ful of connecting traffic from CPH.

    4. Anonymous10:14

      Yeah and what happens when Thomas Cook introduces CPH-SPU? Who will fly with OU via ZAG? No one.
      Next summer there will be no need for OU on the coast. It will all be taken away by foreigners. The biggest tragedy is that Dubrovnik Airline went bankrupt.

    5. Here we go...

    6. Anonymous10:23

      Most airports on the coast have a high share of OU passengers, even excluding summer. OU is almost always in the top 3 Zadar is a bit of an exception with Ryanair having about 60% of the market there

    7. Anonymous11:04

      Let's take DBV where OU reduced flights this summer. Compare that with all the new flights and airlines that will come in 2017. How much will their share drop now?

    8. Anonymous11:21

      I doubt that TC will be flying daily. And if so, the market will be large enough by that time that OU will have enough pax. OU can concentrate on many more markets to fill their domestic flights for a reasonable price.

    9. Anonymous11:27

      They barely reduced, take in mind the flights are now running with a larger plane
      Last year they had a 20% share at DBV, vs Easy with 11%. I guess during the summer peak they are tied.
      Although it is impossible for OU to hold a very large share, the seasonality is limiting. When Croatia starts becoming a year-round tourist hotspot then they can really expand the fleet

    10. Anonymous12:56

      Even if Thomas Cook launches two weekly flights with the A320 it will inflict a major blow to OU! They can't compete with a direct flight, the difference in price won't allow it.

      They are still reducing DBV while others are adding. If last year they had 20% this year they might be down to 15%.

    11. Anonymous14:15

      If OU defines itself as a legacy carrier, it must concentrate all its operations in one base, in our case in Zagreb. Operating from coastal cities may seem lucrative during summer months, but seasonality and increased costs are the biggest challenges on the path to sustainable growth. Air Serbia management is doing only one thing properly, following the rules of hub&spoke business model. Operating all the flights from their base is the only reason Air Serbia is alive today, despite huge losses faced because of political involvement. Adria's current condition is another good example for "risks of mixing business models". OU should not be greedy and seek easy money on coast but focus on the already proven rules of this business model and concentrate all its flights in Zagreb.

    12. Finally someone with a common sense. +1 anonymous@2:15

    13. Anonymous15:10

      So let me see if I understood your point, you are saying that OU should drop the coastal flights and concentrate on ZAG?

      Also, Aegean seems to be doing both just fine, OU can too. The thing is that they don't know how to.

    14. No one is saying that. What we are saying is that OU is properly distributing its direct flights as it is. OU is maintaining a relevant pseasonal presence on the coast but is clearly doing 75% of its direct flights out of ZAG. In winter this is more than 90%. OU's contribution to ZAG this year is justified as it has not opened any new destinations from ZAG for 5 years...2012-15, while in the same period it has opened several direct routes out of DBV and SPU.
      So puhlease...

    15. Anonymous16:33

      The matter of fact is that its presence on the cost is stagnating at best while the demand is booming. That means that its own piece of the cake is getting smaller, especially in DBV which is an upcoming tourist destination for high class tourists meaning fares will be higher, even when sold to the agencies.

      Yes, good that they are concentrating in ZAG but it's no guarantee of a success. Like thos charter flights from OSI to DUB which had 25 pax per flight.

      OU needs the cash and it should have played it safely. Not to launch flights to Scandinavia where it will be eventually killed by DY.

    16. OU could do just fine in Scandinavia if they play it smart on concrete flights. The demand is growing quite rapidly and I doubt there will be daily direct flights to the coast from here. So, there will more than likely be enough passengers for both direct flights and for those via Zagreb. Also different companies mostly fly to diffrent coastal cities, while Zagreb is a hub for the entire coast. Lastly, the price in and of itself really isn't such a big issue for Scandinavians. The comfort, overall experience and the specific day they intend to start their Summer vacation and travel, are way more important, than saving €50.

    17. Anonymous09:16

      If your argument about €50 was true, then Norwegian wouldn't be what it is today. SAS and Finnair would have continued to dominate the Nordic region.
      Also, don't forget that the MEB3 have avoided this region for a long time because there was little premium demand.

      So I think they would fly directly to the coast if they could save up €20.

    18. Norwegian is what it is mostly because of short haul flights. And because more young people, students and such fly than ever. More important point here is that SAS is not in any trouble. Flying to Croatia is still short haul and generally, of course that on a 2 hour flight you'll pick the cheaper one, and generally you'll sooner pick a direct flight. But my point was that if you look Scandinavia as a whole, there are no direct flights from every Scandinavian capital to every Croatian coastal city. And not everyone flies to the same place. even if the direct flight fits you, they aren't daily flights as far as I know. Basically what I meant is people will generally not waste a day of their vacation while booking a flight to the Croatian coast, because a direct flight on the next day is €50 cheaper. Or even €100 cheaper. Most of them will just book whatever's available on the first day they intend to travel, and plan the rest of their stay accordingly.

  9. Anonymous09:58

    Overall good summer. Seems like the CRJ1000s will get maximum use.

    1. Anonymous18:41

      in the case of CRK's AOG: has IB to offer another CRJ or will OU organise a replacement aircraft on their own (e.g. Adria)?

  10. Anonymous09:59

    14 new frequencies, that means 2 daily rotations. There is stil space for 7 weekly flights otherwise the airplanes are not optimaly utilized

    1. Anonymous10:01

      Well didn't they say a lot of their planes will need engine replacement this year? Maybe there will be one plane out of the fleet during the summer for this.

    2. Anonymous10:01

      Also they do fly some charters.

    3. Anonymous10:05

      They increased Oslo, maybe they are anticipating further increases as the summer season edges closer. Croatia will see over 15 million foreign visitors this year, an increase of over 10%

    4. Danijel12:52

      I dont believe in summer will any free aircraft. They cant afford that.

    5. Anonymous13:53

      @AnonymousMarch 25, 2017 at 10:05 AM

      You mean 17 million?

      Croatia had 15.6 million in 2016. ;)

    6. Anonymous21:10

      do you have a break down per country??

  11. Anonymous12:19

    this is definitely better than last summer season, but they have more potential on airports on coast, and they do not use that. The result will be increase of LLC's on that airports - in Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

    destinations from France and Netherlands to Pula (just 1 flight weekly from Ams), Frankfurt - Rijeka, Scandinavia - Zadar/Split/Dubrovnik...

    1. Anonymous18:50

      Have you checked the SAS timetable to the coast this summer, espacially in high season?

    2. Anonymous00:24

      Yes I saw it and that's about what I'm talking. Other companies use that potential, but Croatia Airlines no. Scandinavia huge big market and I'm sure they can have strong demand there. Also, all new routes from Scandinavia to Zagreb are because they expect big number of connection passengers from Scandinavia to Adriatic coast via Zagreb, less number od pax will stay in Zagreb. And of course, they will use SAS or Norwegian because they have direct flights to Split and Dubrovnik which is better (and probably cheaper than flight to Zagreb). Also, one weekly flight from Pula to Amsterdam is not enough, they should operate on that route at least 3x weekly flights. Frankfurt - Rijeka, Condor operated on that route for many years before they stoped all flights to Croatia. If OU will not start that route, next summer season we will have Lufthansa on that route and than will be too late for OU.

  12. Anonymous12:41

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous18:54

      I don't see JFK on the map any more, did they cancel that route?

    2. Anonymous18:58

      OU never flew to JFK.

  13. Anonymous12:48

    Well done Croatia!

  14. Anonymous12:49

    Good they didn't drop any of last year's seasonal flights.

  15. Anonymous12:53

    Zna li netko koliko je potreban mininalni transfer time u novoj zracnoj luci Zagreb? Hoce li biti problema s presjedanjima?

    1. Anonymous13:04

      Nece biti problema. Ljudi panicare bez ikakvog razloga. Od stare stajanke do NPT je par minuta voznje, a stara stajanka ce biti u upotrebi rijetko. Pa nije ZAG ogromna zracna luka, ljudi iskulirajte ;)

    2. Anonymous13:24

      Pa i sam Kucko je bio poprilicno zabrinut. Znam da je OU trazila poseban izvjestaj o proceduri transfera ali nikakvih sluzbenih informacija nema od njih.
      Do sad je bilo dovoljno 30 minuta, a sad vozit se od stare stajanke do novog terminala, pa kazu jos da treba ici prvo na drugi pa zatim na treci kat na gate, jos proci i rendgen uz to. Na knap vremena.

    3. Anonymous13:28

      Зашто сваки пут када неко пита питање народ одговара да искулирају? Аман... има право да пита ако га занима. Ако немате одговор онда боље не коментаришите.

    4. Anonymous16:08

      Imam odgovor, i jos jednom ponavljam da se pravi buka oko nicega. Uostalom uvjerit cete se sami :-)

    5. Anonymous16:08

      iscitavajuci komentare pojedinaca, moram se zapitati da li su isti ikad nogom krocili na aerodrom a kamli otputovali sa istoga.
      svima vama koji ste zabrinuti, samo vi mirno spavajte.
      dakle, ukoliko se i dogodi da se jedan zrakoplov parkira na starom terminalu a pojedini putnik im connecting flight, nece biti problema. aviokompanije, pri kupnji karata, paze da bas nemate 5 min izmedju 2 leta. bar se meni nikad to nije dogodilo.
      e sad, za ilustraciju cu uzeti aerodrom Atta Turk. kad slecete iz neke saudijske vuko''''ne, avion se parkira na mjesto s kojeg voznja busom do terminala moze potrajati i 20ak minuta. dakle, iz na security check. e sad, ono najbitnije, svi vi koji ste ikad imali transfer na Atta Turku znate sta je iza security checka. za vas koji ne znate, nalaze se stepenice koje su jedva dostatne za uspeti se njima na departure area. ilustracije radi, jedna Zeljka Markic ne bi mogla tim stepenicama proci. a pricamo o aerodromu s godisnjim prometom od 80 000 000.
      e sad, kad smo to ilustrirali, kako pobogu mislite da ce terminal koji je gradjen za 5 000 000 imati problema s transferom????????

    6. hahahaha, svaka čast anonymous@4:08PM. Stories on potential problems with transfers at ZAG are total bull... it's a small airport and the only difference will be 3 min. of extra time needed for a longer bus ride. Everything else is up to a proper coordination.

    7. Anonymous19:04

      I like proper coordination.

    8. Anonymous19:30

      i like ozujsko between flights. ne bude li ga, bit ce belaja

  16. JU520 BEGLAX13:09

    Nice network and an increase in dest and flts is always welcomed.Bravo OU

    1. Anonymous15:13

      I really agree with you. When you have nothing smart to say, you can always say Bravo.
      BRAVO OU...

    2. Anonymous15:28


  17. Anonymous13:22

    Bolji red letenja u svakom slucaju od JU

    1. Anonymous13:26

      Не провоцирај јер на крају испадаш смешан.

    2. Anonymous16:10

      Slazem se, bravo anonymus 1:26.

  18. Anonymous15:04

    I'm very happy for OTP route. Let's hope next year to have KBP, SOF and RIX

  19. Anonymous19:05

    It's almost April,what's happening qith JFK flights?

    1. Anonymous19:18

      If you talk about ZAG-JFK flights, negotiations are still in progress, so nothing before 2018!

    2. Anonymous20:51

      If I remember well, it has been mentioned here several times that ZAG is in talks with AF about potential JFK flights. At the same time, AF some time ago announced plans to start-up new long-haul LCC called BOOST, which should have 10 LR planes (probably A350) in its fleet by 2020. If we put together this 2 information, and add the 3rd, French managing ZAG, maybe we could see one Boost A350 parked at new ZAG and operating JFK,ORD,YYZ. And please no hard words are what I wrote because it is not statement, not even prediction, just a speculation, and I would like to hear other people's pro et contras on my post. Thanks!

    3. Anonymous22:46

      Actually, it was mentioned on here that flights are starting this summer and that an annoucement was imminent.

    4. Anonymous00:47

      It was mentioned here that Emirates is not interested in ex-yu market and there they are in new ZAG. And I can't recall any "imminent announcements" on ZAG-JFK here.

    5. Anonymous09:14

      Mentioned on here as in mentioned in the comments and people kept going on and on about it. Unfortunately seems it will be yet another year without flights to JFK.

  20. Anonymous19:20

    OT: Starting April 22nd, Air Serbia moving to terminal E in Moscow Sheremetyevo, instead of F which they used so far.

    1. Anonymous20:11

      what is difference?

    2. Anonymous22:41

      Terminal f looks a lot like BEG T1 before the refurbishment. Terminal E resembles T2 as it is now. So, it's an upgrade, but I wonder whether connecting pax will see it that way. There is a reason why almost empty Terminal F was home to JU - this is the terminal from which SU departs to Chinese destinations, which are by far the most popular connecting route out of SVO. Have they moved these to Terminal E as well?

    3. Anonymous22:44

      JU's SVO has almost always a full business class, I think they were taking into consideration the O&D passengers here.


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