Tuzla Airport overhaul plans advance


Tuzla Airport has commenced tender procedures for securing a long-term loan to finance the overhaul of its terminal building. The airport is seeking 1.2 million euros, with the deadline for the submission of bids set for April 12. The airport plans to expand its terminal from 2.971 square metres to 4.915 square metres. The added capacity will enable it to handle 800 passengers per hour, up from the current 400. Originally, the project was planned to be completed by April this year, however, construction work is now expected to start after the finances are secured. Tuzla, which serves as a base for Wizz Air, is expected to welcome over 400.000 travellers this year.


  1. Anonymous18:01

    Ah yes... two A380's in Tuzla at the same time. I wish architects had the slightest clue.

    1. Anonymous19:09

      This is just a plan. In Tuzla will come A380

    2. Anonymous09:34

      Haha :)

  2. Good improvements, the terminal looks like a garbage box at this time

  3. Anonymous12:23

    Tuzla dobro radi, naj-"boom" aerodrom na Balkanu.


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