Air Canada and Croatia Airlines expand codeshare


Star Alliance members Air Canada and Croatia Airlines have expanded their codeshare agreement, which initially came into effect in 2015. The Canadian carrier has added its "AC" designator code onto Croatia Airlines' flights from Rijeka to London Heathrow and Zagreb. It complements Air Canada's existing codeshares on Croatia Airlines' flights from Zagreb to Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Paris and Zurich, as well as from Dubrovnik to Paris and Rome and from Split to London, Paris, Rome and Zurich. The Croatian carrier already has its designator code and flight numbers on Air Canada's services from Toronto to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Paris and Zurich; from Montreal to Brussels, London Heathrow and Paris, as well as from Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver to London (and vice versa).


  1. Anonymous13:55

    Great news!

  2. Anonymous14:36

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous16:48

    Silly. They should just launch ZAG flights.

    1. Anonymous16:50

      Not enough demand for year round, Air Transat's seasonal service is just fine

    2. Anonymous17:31

      How do you know there's not enough demand for year round?

    3. Anonymous17:48

      Of there was then they would go year round, not two weekly flights in the summer
      You're overestimating your own market

    4. Anonymous18:00

      Anonymous 5:48, so, if there are no flights at the moment, the only reason is the lack of demand? Seriously?

  4. Anonymous18:12

    Wow,huge codeshare - not. OU operates flights from Rijeka to LHR once per week during the summer season! And what is more interesting, OU will stop with flying to LHR from this winter season (morning flights) so I really do not understand this agreement...

    1. Anonymous19:05

      Who are you to understand the agreement?
      What's your position and/or references in aviation industry?
      I suggest you to play in your playground, don't look over the fence and leave us to run the business.
      It's nothing personal.

    2. Anonymous19:19

      Agree with Anon 7:05! I suppose Air Canada knows what codeshare means!

    3. Anonymous21:35

      Amazing - go OU and AC - suggest you even consider direct flights between the 2 countries moving forward


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