Plovdiv Airport seeks Zagreb flights


The Bulgarian Ministry for Tourism has begun talks with a Danish company over the possible introduction of flights from Plovdiv to Zagreb and several other cities in the region. The Ministry said it is part of the city's attempt to position itself as year-long destination. Plovdiv is Bulgaria's second largest city, however, its airport is mostly served by carriers on a seasonal summer basis. This will change during the winter of 2017/18 with Ryanair to launch several new routes. Zagreb currently has no air links with Bulgaria.


  1. Anonymous11:08

    I don't think this is realistic. If SOF don't have a route to ZAG how come PDV will get it?

  2. Anonymous11:20

    PDV was selected to be the EU capital of Culture in 2019. FR will soon add 3 new destinations, PDV conglomeracy is around 700 thousand so ZAG is just perfect for transfers because of almost no competition.

  3. Anonymous12:13

    It is good that ZAG do not get all the long haul routes in Croatia.

    1. Anonymous14:10

      You trying to be funny?

    2. Anonymous18:24

      Think the comment was meant for the Zadar-China flights

  4. Venelin14:11

    The Danish company will be better off even if it offers flights between PDV and Denmark :)
    This piece of news sounds more like a justification of one lost workday for a couple of ministry employees in Bulgaria. FYI, Plovdiv airport is the absolute record holder for "talks with unspecified airlines about impossible destinations", such as Bursa, Thessaloniki, Bucharest and some Asian destinations over the years.

  5. Anonymous19:26

    Bravo ZAG!


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