Serbia and India ink new air agreement


Serbia and India have concluded a new Air Service Agreement, which was approved by the Indian Union Cabinet last Friday. Under the deal, Indian carriers can operate flights from any city in the country to any point in Serbia, while Serbian carriers can fly from any city in Serbia to four metropolitan cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi and two other points which will be specified at a later date. Furthermore, any intermediate and beyond points can also be served by the designated carriers from both sides. Designated airlines will be able to exercise domestic codeshare rights to any four additional points in the territory of the other party. According to the Indian government, "The new updated and liberalised Air Service Agreement between India and Serbia has the potential to spur greater trade, investment, tourism and cultural exchange between the two countries. The agreement will provide commercial opportunities for carriers on both sides, ensuring greater safety and security. Currently, there is no connectivity between the two nations and the revised agreement may lead to establishing connectivity between the two countries". India's second largest airline, Jet Airways, is partially owned by Etihad Airways, which also holds a 49% stake in Air Serbia.


  1. Preko LYBE za Severnu Ameriku?

  2. Anonymous16:25

    Mogla bi da padne neka ozbiljnija saradnja sa Jetom u narednom periodu

  3. Jet airways za YYZ preko BEG umesto AMS

    1. Anonymous18:46

      postojala je prica za JFK ali JU su hteli svoj let. Opcija JET ASL bi bila najbolja opcija za USA

    2. Anonymous19:38

      Pricate ciste neistine i nagadjanja. Jet nikada nije hteo i nece da leti preko BEG, zbig izuzetno dobre saradnje lete preko AMS cak su sve druge Evropske operacije prebacili preko AMS zbog izuzetno dobrih rezultata

    3. Anonymous06:37

      Do nedavno su koristili Brisel kao čvorište.

  4. Anonymous17:56



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