VLM Airlines to launch "later this year"


Maribor-based VLM Airlines (VLM Airlines d.d.) has said it will commence operations later this year after it was issued with a Slovenian Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) last week. In a statement, the company said, "VLM Airlines will commence operating scheduled flights from Maribor Airport later this year. Details regarding the number of aircraft to be used, the planned routes and the timetables will be announced at a later stage. Both SHS Antwerp Aviation (Belgium) and VLM Airlines d.d. (Slovenia) want to start joint aviation activities under the common trading name VLM Airlines. To this end, two AOCs were requested, one in Belgium and one in Slovenia". It added, "SHS Antwerp Aviation, the Belgian parent company of VLM Airlines d.d., has applied for an AOC with the Belgian Ministry of Mobility in September 2016, but the certificate has unfortunately not been granted yet. We hope that the fact that a subsidiary of SHS Antwerp Aviation has acquired an AOC in another EU member state can speed up the process in Belgium. The delivery of the AOC for the Slovene subsidiary of SHS Antwerp Aviation does not mean that the Belgian AOC has become obsolete. The procedure for the Belgian AOC remains ongoing despite the delivery of the Slovenian AOC, because both AOCs are essential to implement our business plan. We hope to receive the AOC for SHS Antwerp Aviation as soon as possible".


  1. Anonymous14:37

    No comment needed.

  2. Anonymous16:40

    What happened to flights commencing from Maribor 'within a month of receiving the AOC'? Not a good start.

  3. Anonymous17:49

    Oh my God,... why still news about this fake company... I though it is serious blog...

  4. Anonymous07:50

    HAHAHAH few days ago big post about this and now finally reality! And the worst is that a lot of people was thinking that this would work! Let's be realistic!

  5. Anonymous09:24

    Are you sure this isn't a Chinese Laundry company
    ? Because it smells of laundering. LOL

  6. Anonymous11:08

    To be honest, I don't really know why all the fuss aboout it. Maybe they really want to pull it of, maybe not. One thing that is true is that VLM and new Airport owners paid with their money for everything and at this point, that is all that matters. Nothing is coming from state budget and that's it. If they want to throw 10mil for airport + 90K per year to the state thats fine. It's their money and their right. Now if they want to have ROI for all the money they spent, they'll have to work on it. If not, they already paid 10M to the previous owner and čiča miča gotova priča.

  7. Anonymous14:24

    How care about this "washing money company"?

  8. Anonymous16:02

    Somebody cannot get ower his past his ego can't stand. One AOC, one airworthy airplane plus six spares. Everything to make some noise and crowd talking monkey business.


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