Pristina Airport upgrades carbon accreditation


Pristina Airport has upgraded its airport carbon accreditation, an independent, voluntary program which aims at reducing CO2 emissions at airports. Pristina Airport joined at the Level 1 Mapping phase last September, which means it has measured its carbon footprint, determined the sources of emissions and has now moved up to Level 2 - the reduction phase. Here, the airport will provide evidence of effective carbon management procedures and show that reduction targets have been achieved. "Moving from Level 1 to 2 is a fantastic achievement and a proof of genuine commitment to manage the carbon footprint! Congratulations to Pristina Airport for having achieved it", the Airport Carbon Accreditation Advisory Board said in a statement. Pristina Airport's General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, noted, "One of the main priorities of Pristina Airport's operator, Limak, is the development of good environmental practices, so we are committed to give our full contribution in this sector". Subsequent phases include optimisation and neutrality. Carbon accredited airports in the former Yugoslavia include Dubrovnik (mapping), Ljubljana (reduction) and Zagreb (reduction).

Four levels of carbon emission reduction at airports