Dubrovnik Airport handles millionth passenger


Dubrovnik Airport today welcomed its millionth traveller of the year, which is two weeks ahead of 2016. The millionth passenger, Canadian national Cameron Neil Smith, arrived on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul. "This year we managed to reach this milestone two weeks ahead of 2016. The figures so far have been fantastic. Traffic is up 20%, and now we have our millionth passenger earlier than ever before. This month we will welcome around 400.000 passengers, maybe even more. This is encouraging and we could surpass two million passengers as early as October", the General Manager of Dubrovnik Airport, Roko Tolić, said. The airport opened its new Terminal C building earlier this year. It has now begun tender procedures for the second phase of its major development project, which will include apron expansion, the overhaul of its runway and taxiways, as well as the relocation of the fuel farm and enclosed facilities for maintenance, operations and ground equipment.

Dubrovnik is the third Croatian airport to handle a million passengers this year, following Zagreb and Split.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    Congratulations to Croatian Airports! Croatia is and remains by far the biggest and most important aviation market in EX-YU with passenger numbers this year reaching around 10 Million.

    1. Anonymous14:58

      Good for you.

    2. Anonymous21:53

      Incredible result Croatia. Great for the economy

  2. The trend of the civil aviation in Croatia is pretty strong, #1 in ex-Yu but I guess the final target reachable would be around 9,200,000 by Dec 31, 2017.
    Possible +12%/+15% in 2018.

  3. Replies
    1. Croatian Airports22:53

      Thank you.


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