Eurowings cancels new Sarajevo service


Low cost airline Eurowings has cancelled plans to launch flights between Dusseldorf and Sarajevo, which were to commence on November 2. Services were to run twice per week, each Thursday and Sunday. The airline has suspended ticket sales for the route. The Lufthansa subsidiary confirmed to EX-YU Aviation News it was shelving the planned flights, adding, "As we check the economic efficiency of the flights constantly, we reserve the right to change our flight plan". It will continue to maintain services from Stuttgart and Cologne to Sarajevo.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    If bookings were strong then they would have found a way for it to work. Oh well...

  2. Anonymous11:23

    They didn´t get slots on Sunday due to works and constructions at the airport this winter.

    1. Anonymous11:27

      Nice excuse but I am sure they could have moved them around,if sales were strong. Didn't they also suspend flights from Berlin?

    2. Anonymous11:29

      It´s postponed - they will re-launch the service next summer

    3. Anonymous11:31

      Hopefully they will be back but I won't hold my breath. Hopefully we get W6 from DTM

  3. Anonymous12:02

    Don't get it why EW wanted to fly to DUS IN ADDITION to CGN. Whoever travels to/from DUS will also go to CGN. Its like half an hour by car between those two airports.

    EW should simply incerase the CGN frequencies!

    1. Anonymous12:07

      Or launch flights from Frankfurt

    2. Anonymous12:37

      CGN is inreased instead - to 3pw

    3. Anonymous18:45

      EW is not flying to FRA but maybe you meant LH?

      CGN should be 5 weekly to also cater for business pax. Then you can leave out DUS completely.

  4. Anonymous13:43

    They don't fly to the Middle East, so there's your problem ...

  5. Anonymous18:33

    The real raeson why EW cancelled is that it will comence oprations out of Mostar this fall...the deal between OMO and EW has been rached, and the officiall announcement of the routes will be held next month...righ now only one route has been named, it is Stuttgard, and the other one is unknown yet, but everyone is suspecting that it will be Dusseldorf.....also OMO began talks last week with Wizz over the possible introduction of flights from Malmo in Sweden.......all of tihis is a result of Government of Herzegovina-neretva canton securing necessary funds for subsidising the flight.

    Go OMO!!!


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