Korean Air considering regular Zagreb service

Korean Air is considering upgrading its seasonal charter flights from Seoul to Zagreb as the airline introduces more fuel efficient aircraft to its fleet, which could cater for such markets. Speaking to Korea's "Maeil Business Newspaper", the President of Korean AIr, Won-Tae Cho, said that the next generation of fuel efficient jets, such as the Boeing 787-9, will allow the airline to "reduce costs and improve the business". Mr Won-Tae Cho added, "This will give us an opportunity to improve our results and expand in markets such as Croatia and Marseille. We will focus on various overseas routes". The Korean national carrier took delivery of its first Dreamliner this February. It currently has two of the type in its fleet, with a further three arriving this year, and an additional five by 2019.

Korean Air has requested to operate up to ten charter flights to Zagreb this summer (between May and October) with its Airbus A330 aircraft, making it the most served destination in its European summer charter programme. It is followed by Oslo (eight flights), Glasgow (four flights) and Marseille and Basel (both with three flights). Korean Air has reportedly been looking at upgrading its charter flights to Zagreb for some time, by initially operating the route on a scheduled seasonal basis during the summer. Last year, the carrier concluded a codeshare agreement with Czech Airlines, in which it owns a 44% share, between Prague and the Croatian capital. Furthermore, the two countries recently ratified a Bilateral Air Service Agreement, which allows Korean Air to run up to seven weekly flights to Zagreb and offers the potential for more codeshares between airlines operating out of both countries. "By concluding this agreement, the primary assumption is that regular nonstop flights between our two countries will be established”, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said late last year. The Croatian Minister for Tourism added, “We are seeking to establish regular flights to Korea to cater to a surging number of Korean tourists visiting Croatia. Korea is the most important market for us in Asia”.

Last year, 377.779 Korean holidaymakers visited Croatia, which has become increasingly popular in the country after several reality shows were filmed in places such as Dubrovnik. A spokesman for Korea’s top travel agency, Hana Tour, said that Croatia is emerging as one of the most promising travel destinations for South Koreans who visit Europe. Korean Air operates flights to a range of European destinations including Amsterdam, Prague, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona, London and Zurich. Croatia has been on the lookout to attract more tourists from far away markets and plans to open an embassy in Seoul later this year.

Meanwhile, Zagreb Airport saw its passenger numbers grow during June. It handled 310.927 travellers, representing an increase of 16.3% on last year. The number of aircraft movements also improved, rising from 3.710 last year to 3.934 this June, up 6%. During the first half of the year, Zagreb Airport handled 1.335.942 passengers through its doors, an increase of 9%. Aircraft movements stood at 19.494, which is down 0.2% on the same period in 2016.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.788 7.4
FEB154.679 1.0
MAR192.533 3.3
APR240.168 18.7
MAY268.847 8.9
JUN310.927 16.3


  1. Anonymous09:01

    This would be really bad for EK and QR as they would lose all the Koreans that flew with them on regular flights.

    1. Anonymous09:05

      How can they loose ALL Korean passengers? There is enough Korean groups to fill TK, EK, QR,...and not just ZAG, but DXB, LJU, BEG as well..

    2. Anonymous09:08

      What have LJU and BEG got to do with anything? They are not the one getting direct flights but ZAG is. ZAG is getting them because it's the only city in the wider region that can attract all these millions of tourists and many more who will come. Please don't put apples and oranges in the same basket.

    3. Anonymous09:10

      Because there are actually people flying JU to DBV via BEG and EY. BTW try being gracious not arrogant and stuck up.

    4. Anonymous09:13

      Yeah and how many passengers fly to DBV via BEG? Like ten? You are forgetting that OU is still the boss in DBV and it offers much more transfers via its base in ZAG.

      Plus, it's a much nicer experience to connect at a brand new airport than at an old terminal like the one at BEG.

    5. Anonymous09:17

      Ten per flight is more than respectable. You don't have to start throffing at the mouth at the mention of LJU and BEG. Take a break and enjoy the day. It doesn't have be ruined by the mention of LJU and BEG. Crazy.

    6. Dude @9.13AM. You really need to chill. So what if some passengers fly JU via BEG? The more, the merrier.

    7. Anonymous12:23

      I just love this guy at 9.13am ... kakav kralj he says that people just love and prefer to transit in new terminals lime ZAG - making the case that this is the reason why people travel to DBV via ZAG instead of BEG due to BEG old terminal. That being the case, what was in place in ZAG before the new termknal opened earlier this year ?

      If memory serves me correctly, ZAG terminal was at bezt, crap. If so, then people were / are travelling to the destination irrespective of the state of a terminal.

      Otherwise as our learned friend would have you believe, people travel to DBV over ZAG because of their shiny new terminal.

    8. Anonymous14:26

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 9:01 AM

      Funny comment.

      First of most Koreans don't fly in with Emirates or Qatar, but with number of other carriers. Finnair, Czech Airlines, Croatian Airlines, Lufthansa, and directly Korean Air.

      In 2016, 226 000 Chinese (China, HK and Taiwan) visitors visited Croatia. 75000 From Malaysia and Indonesia. 150 000 Australian visitors, 30 000 New Zealand visitors, in total, 1.7 million non European visitors visited Croatia. You think two daily routes with 350-400 seats would cover the market that is growing at 8% yoy ????

      Use logic.

    9. Anonymous14:46

      Why don't you start by using your own logic. How many of those 226.000 fly directly into Zagrab? How many of them arrive to let's say Vienna or Prague and then visit Zagrab as part of a larger tour?

    10. Anonymous15:03

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 2:46 PM

      Many do, the point is, they're not flying in with Qatar, or Emirates, they're flying in with other carriers.

      My point is, plenty of business for everyone.

    11. Anonymous09:08

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 9:08 AM

      What can I reply to such comment? Except that you are one ignorant person who doesn't know what he is talking about.

    12. Anonymous23:39

      Anon 9.01. Real bad for EK and QR? Don't think so. At this rate EK will go double daily and QR 3 times a day, KE flights soon. Won't be long and ZAG will get flights to USA, Canada and China.

  2. Anonymous09:02


  3. Anonymous09:03

    Great news :) that B787 on the photo would look nice at Zagreb Airport.

  4. Anonymous09:04

    Well done. It seems Zagreb Airport's management is really trying to attract as many new customers as possible. If Korean Air starts flights to Zagreb it would be very bad news for Qatar Airways, Emirates and even Turkish.

    1. Anonymous09:59

      They would certainly loose a portion of passengers, but I think these airlines get enough feed from other routes to sustain their operations.

    2. Anonymous14:37

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 9:04 AM

      Plenty of fish in the water, don't you worry about Qatar and Emirates. 1,1 million visitors from Australasia in 2016, 1.25 million expected in 2017, 1.5 million in 2018.

      I think there's plenty of business for all carriers, triple daily by emirates and Qatar won'd cover the market needs.

      Visitors from Australasia

      2016 - 1.1 million
      2017 - 1.25 million (trend)
      2018 - 1.5 million (projection)
      2019 - 1.75 million (projection)
      2020 - 2.0 million (projection)

      Plenty of room for China Eastern, ANA, Korean Air - when these carriers decide to come to Zagreb. Qatar & Emirates barely can cover the fraction of the market.

      As I've said, plenty of fish in the water.

    3. Anonymous16:56

      Those projections are wrong. Correct predictions are

      2018 - 1,7
      2019 - 1,9
      2020 - 2,3
      2025 - 3,8

    4. Anonymous17:11

      this guy with "projections" is as amusing as the "bravo Hrvatska" guy.

      please look into your crystal ball and give us projections for the next century as well.

    5. Anonymous18:02

      According to my projections, he will continue to post his baseless calculations at a following rate:

      2017 - 1200 projection comments
      2018 - 1600 projection comments
      2019 - 1900 projection comments
      2030 - 3700 projection comments

    6. Anonymous20:14

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 6:02 PM

      And you'll continue to troll at increasing rate, so chill out, you don't like it, don't read.

      Feel free to post projections of Air Serbia and Belgrade airport any time. No one stopping you there.

    7. *ebe se meni21:32

      @Anon at 8:14PM

      It is not about ZAG vs BEG. It is about source and methodology used to produce those numbers. Without a link to a credible source, or without clear methodology how those numbers were generated, those calculations are just fake news. At a rate they are being posted here, those numbers are controversial and annoying.

    8. Anonymous23:36

      @*ebe se meniJuly 6, 2017 at 9:32 PM

      I already explained my methodology, which is based on current data published by Croatian airports, number of landings and average load factor per flight.

      i.e Zagreb airport data for June.
      311 000 / 3930 operations = 79.1

      Add average yoy growth for Zagreb, flight operations, load factor increase and increase in pax, and you get projected growth for same month next year and year after that.

      311 000 +7%
      3930 +6%
      79.1 Load Factor + %g increase
      + new routes
      + new airlines
      = total projected number.

      My projections for all months this and last year were spot on or really close, with in 5000 passengers.

      Using same analogy you can estimate growth of any airport.

      Data is published by Croatian ministry of transport and various airports.

      Tourist numbers, data is published by Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Central Bureau of Statistics and official data and press releases.



      My projection for this June was 305-308 000, so I was with in 3000, or 1%, You could say I was spot on.

      So my projections are based on facts, although future projection deviate as they are determined by future events, however, you can still derive some data from original research to give you an inkling of what to expect.

      So I am using mostly quantitative research methods in this case.

    9. Anonymous05:21

      311 000 / 3930 operations = 79.1

      That's not how Load Factor is calculated. Number of passengers divided by number of operations results in average number of passengers per operation. That number has no relation to CLF.

    10. Anonymous14:55

      @AnonymousJuly 7, 2017 at 5:21 AM

      This is an average load factor overall, it gives you an indication of how well the airport, route or airline is doing on the route or overall performance of the airport.

      And this is what gives me an good indication of how well airport is doing. From that number I can easily and very accurately predict future growth of the airport.

      All my predictions so far were near the actual performance, with in 1-3%. So it is fairly accurate way of assessing airport's performance.

    11. Anonymous20:22

      No more questions, your Honor. Jury has heard enough evidence.

    12. Anonymous17:32

      @AnonymousJuly 7, 2017 at 8:22 PM

      Trolling again !!!

  5. Anonymous09:06

    Good results for ZAG. I'm a bit surprised that aircraft movements are down on last year.

    Concerning Korean, there is a rumour they will start seasonal 1x weekly fligt next year.

    1. If the number of operations are down and passengers up, then the overall result is even better.

    2. Anonymous10:16

      Yes, I agree. Just surprised about aircraft movements because so many new routes but I think this is mainly coming from lower operations during first quarter. In second quarter they will be up significantly.

    3. Anonymous10:37

      It's not the number of operations we should be looking at but the number of seats offered

    4. Slightly lower number of aircraft movements is due to those first 3 months of the year when many of us were wondering as to why, remember? But overall, the results are really good, with growth at ZAG speeding up significantly this year, compared to past several years. It's quite possible for this year to end with a double digit growth at ZAG, which would be very impressive considering the relatively low share of LCCs.

    5. Anonymous14:46

      @MichaelJuly 6, 2017 at 11:36 AM

      3.1 million projected based on trend, could be more, it'll depend on how July, August and September do, as well as December.

      Jan: 169
      Feb: 154
      Mar: 193
      Apr: 240
      May: 269
      Jun: 311
      Jul: 350
      Aug: 350
      Sep: 325
      Oct: 290
      Nov: 225
      Dec: 225

      Total: 3101

    6. Anonymous14:49

      Mark my words, with double daily QR and daily EK plus some more surprises, it will be at least 3.4

    7. Anonymous15:00

      @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 10:16 AM

      Number of operations won't go up significantly, perhaps 21000 landings this year.

      What is happening is the aircraft sent are larger then in the past.

      Number of landings isn't really that important, more important is what sort of aircraft land. larger is better.

      2018, I expect only 22500 landings, or fractionally more than this year. But aircraft that land will be larger offering more seats.

      Move from a regional destination to a national destination is what is happening here.

      The average load factor is going from 68 to 74 this year, increase by 6 points. in 2018, I expect 77.5 average pax per flight. And in 2020, 87.5 pax per flight. This is no longer regional route figure. We're now approaching Warsaw. Prague, Vienna and Zurich load factor numbers.

    8. Anonymous17:02

      Great news for ZAG! Btw, most tourists in Zagreb in June came from the USA!

    9. Yes, I agree @AnonymousJuly 6, 2017 at 2:49 PM Realistic projections for this year in Zagreb are 3,05 - 3,1 mill. The way you broke it down is how the management is thinking as well.
      Won't even comment on these predictions talking about 3,3 or 3,4 million. That's wishful thinking.

  6. Anonymous09:08

    Good luck, I hope these flights get launches next summer! :)

  7. Anonymous09:12

    They have been "considering" it for years and still nothing...

    1. Actually Korean have stated 2018 as the year they were looking at going to a scheduled service for Zagreb. Makes sense if you consider that more 787s will be joining their fleet about that time so they are most probably waiting for a more suitable aircraft for the service.

  8. Anonymous09:20

    If OU had been invested in years ago (by government or other) they could have had a couple of A330s flying to these destinations with codeshare partners worldwide. Such lack of vision and ways waiting for other carriers to move in on emerging markets.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Bussines nije natjecanje ko ima veceg

    2. Anonymous09:49


    3. Anonymous09:58

      I also think it's a missed opportunity.

    4. Anonymous10:12

      Da ali gubite novac i sa manjim metalom.

    5. Invested with what money exactly?
      They were in midst of restructuring and even if they weren't they couldn't even close consider leasing or buying such an aircraft, unless you as the tax payer are willing to pay for it.

    6. Anonymous10:18

      I as a tax payer paid for their failed projects numerous times. So this time I would actually be glad to pay because I think the return on the investment and the actual benefit the entire country would have would be much greater. Croatia Airlines existed before restructuring too.

    7. So, let's make another megalomaniac move that wouldn't pay off?

    8. Anonymous11:06

      It will pay off in the long term!!

    9. Sure it will.

  9. Anonymous09:22

    Great year ahead of Zagreb! hope this route will become all year round!

  10. Anonymous09:24

    Wouldn't it have made more sense for Croatia to attract Asiana Airlines which a member of Star Alliance and could cooperate with Croatia Airlines rather than Sky Team's Korean?

    1. Anonymous13:33

      Not really since Asiana has no flights to Zagreb while Korean has been flying charters to ZAG for years. I don't think it should be of Zagreb Airport's concern whather Croatia Airlines can conclude a codeshare with someone.

  11. Anonymous09:26

    ZAG shining like a diamond. Bravo and very well done for the airport management. Korean flights will succeed just like they did in PRG.
    It's funny that Croatia will belong to Korea while Serbia to China. Interesting!

  12. Anonymous09:27

    They used to have up to 12 charters per year a few years ago.

    1. Anonymous10:03

      and it used to be a B777. Now it's A330.

    2. Anonymous10:34

      Didn't they also send their B747 at some point?

    3. A380's to Prague happened.

    4. Anonymous10:48

      But Prague and Zagreb are not that close I guess. What about the A380 to VIE?

    5. CSA also re-launched Zagreb shortly after and their loads have been very good. I'm saying Korean probably utilised this instead of sending weekly charters.

    6. Anonymous12:19

      Such a shame especially since OK is a disaster of an airline

  13. Anonymous09:29

    Very nice

  14. Anonymous09:30

    Can you buy a ticket for the opposite Zagreb-Seoul-Zagreb route on the current charters?

    1. Anonymous09:32

      No. It is only for Koreans.

    2. Anonymous09:34

      Shame :(

    3. Anonymous09:40

      You can always fly with them from Vienna.

    4. Anonymous09:41

      Or on EK's state of the art B777 from ZAG

    5. Anonymous09:42

      "state of the art" lol. Is every B777 state of the art or just Emirates?

    6. Anonymous10:04

      EK is an exceptional airline whose fleet is classified as state of the art. It only goes to show how much ZAG has grown in the eyes of the world's elite since they can fill all classes to here

    7. Anonymous10:07

      Ok... magical.

    8. Anonymous10:11

      I wouldn't consider it state of the art for two things. EK 777 have 3-4-3 seating in economy which is above industry average and have 2-3-2 seating in business which is also becoming above industry average with most moving to 2-2-2 or even 1-2-1 seating. Don't get me wrong and don't label me as some hater of Zagreb or whatever, I'm purely talking about product offering here.

    9. Anonymous10:14

      PS On the other side I think their fist class offering is top notch.

    10. Anon @10:04AM
      You're either a worldclass troll or... well, that's all you can be, actually.

    11. Anonymous10:35

      Frishki, why? Because I am saying the truth? People keep on bashing EK here since they started flying to ZAG. It's time for someone to speak up

    12. Anonymous10:43

      Who on earth is bashing them? I just said that with 10 abreast seating I do not consider their B777 "state of the art".

    13. Because EK is an airline that doesn't need any praise. So what if there are small, pity-full souls that can't handle that EK started flying ZAG? That's no reason to glorify the airline that maybe has a bit better premium product. So what? Like all of us need that premium product and have the money to spend on it.

    14. Anonymous11:41

      It has nothing to do with Zagreb flights, their seat configuration is like that, and that is a fact

    15. Yes...I think that EK is overpriced. And I am thrilled that they're flying to Zagreb, but personally I've always preferred Qatar Airways and their service. Not to mention their cheaper prices.

    16. Anonymous12:18

      How much cheaper is QR? Can't be that much.

    17. 10 abreast on 777 has unfortunately become the new industry standard. Only a few airlines have 9 abreast, and that's mostly because they haven't refurbished their cabins.

    18. Anonymous12:58

      Akbar Al Baker aka “His Excellency” would be profoundly sad. He is the one who was religiously using the term "state of the art" for his airline, and look now there are people throwing that around for a measly EK B777...

  15. Anonymous09:32

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous13:06

      Lol! Crazy bravo´s everyday. But hey, we cannot blame them, Hrvatska has achieved a lot and worked really hard in achieving those amazing results.

  16. Anonymous09:38

    Don't get over yourselves like with New York flights, they are only considering it...

  17. Anonymous09:39

    while the entire universe "considers" exYU destinations (and 1 out of 10 actually happens), LOT is about to announce BUD-JFK 5pw without too much "consideration". They will simply do it - by basing one Dreamliner in BUD.


    1. Anonymous09:43

      It says that they are also "expected" and "considering".

    2. Anonymous09:54

      It will be announced next week.

    3. And do you know how many other airlines are "considering" routes from their airports so you can state that only happens here?

    4. Anonymous16:52

      BUD has 11.5M passengers in 2016. Enough to support a route to USA.

      On the other hand 5M and 3M are not.

    5. *ebe se meni18:11

      Shannon airport SNN has only 1.7M and year round services to USA: BOS, JFK, EWR, SWF and PVD.

  18. Anonymous09:39

    So next year we will have in Zagreb

    777-300ER Emirates 7pw
    330-300 Air Transat 2pw
    787-9 Korean 1pw
    787-8 Qatar 7pw
    = 17 pw longhaul, that is 2,5 par day

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Transat flies A330-200, don't know how you concluded that Korean Air is already flying 1 pw with B787-9 and how on earth you concluded Qatar is sending B787-8.

    2. Anonymous09:47

      Out of all those you listed only EK and Air Transat with A332 are listed in the system.

    3. Anonymous09:50

      Yeah, this QR 787 as sure thing without an airline saying that is really funny by now....if you wrote double daily 320 as a guess, ok...but where on earth have you read 787 as planned thing?

    4. Anonymous10:00

      Actually if Korean does start flights to ZAG it would make much more sense for them to do it in 2019 and not in 2018. In 2019 the entire B787 fleet will arrive.

    5. Anonymous10:03

      Yeah but I can see them speeding up the introduction of ZAG as new B787s arrive

    6. Anonymous11:30

      DXB-ZAG and DOH-ZAG are not longhaul lines, they(EK yes,QR no) use widebody planes but not longhaul. It is mediumhaul

    7. Anonymous14:57

      A330-300 fly most of the season. 200 was just in beginning.

    8. Anonymous14:59

      Qatar made decision to put 787-8 to one frequency (second will be A320) from summer 2018.

      I work for Qatar office in Zagreb.

    9. Anonymous15:02

      No, you dont.

    10. Anonymous16:03

      No, you are not working for QR office in ZAG :)

    11. Anonymous16:35

      how can you know that?

    12. Anonymous17:06

      For Qatar and their 787 to ZAG, the information is true, and I don't work for them. Well, you'll just have to wait for more info soon, but it will happen.

    13. Anonymous17:08

      You said the same thing last year.

    14. Anonymous00:03

      I did, and that will happen. I did not say than when. No, I told you it will be next summer.

    15. OMG, enough with "mark my words" and "you'll see". I could write whatever predictions I'd like as an Anon and when it doesn't happen, which usually happens - what then? If you're giving the "inside" info, then log in and post it under your username.

  19. Anonymous09:46

    This probably means Koreans are out of Belgrade concession race, they already know it ...

    1. Anonymous09:48

      Why would that be? What does an airport concession have to do with a potential one weekly flight to Zagreb? Incheon was rejected by Zagreb Airport during their tender but they kept charters.

    2. Anonymous09:58

      Incheon and Korean Air are two separate companies with two different owners. Korean Air is privately run, Incheon is government owned.

    3. Anonymous10:28

      But if Koreans got BG airport, I assume Korean Air would start flying to Belgrade, it would be logical and I believe there was an article about it on here. Flying to both BG and ZG year round would be insane ...

    4. Anonymous10:37

      There is always Asiana ;) I'm joking, yes it would be crazy, but this is what they said about flights. They didn't actually say it would happen.


      Furthermore, our win would attract other Korean companies to invest in Serbia", Mr Suh said. He added, "There is interest on both sides to establish scheduled flights between Korea and Serbia and we will undertake a study to determine if there is sufficient demand. The prerequisite for these flights is an Air Service Agreement, which was concluded with Serbia last year. I will also assist in increasing cooperation between Air Serbia and Korean carriers".

  20. Anonymous09:56

    I hope it materializes. It is good that the Korean Air CEO is aware of the Zagreb flights and their potential.

  21. Anonymous10:02

    While I hope it happens and it would be excellent, I think this "upgrade" will result in them moving their equipment from A330 to B787 on Zagreb flights and maybe adding a few more charters. Hope I'm wrong, but that seems most realistic to me.

  22. Anonymous10:40

    Ljudi bez zivota....

  23. Anonymous10:54

    wow fantastic news!

  24. Anonymous11:02

    Meanwhile more problems with lack of staff at ZAG. If they get more airlines like Korean and others they might want to think about hiring more people otherwise this will become common. It already is.


    1. Anonymous11:05

      Could that be the reason for the massive delays the other day?

    2. Anonymous11:15

      If you look at the screenshot they provided almost all the flights are delayed. Some short some longer.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      I am not referring to that picture, I am referring to te other day when absolutely everything was late. Could it be due to a lack of staff?

    4. Anonymous11:26

      It's possible. I don't know any other reason since weather conditions were good, there were no computer glitches...

  25. Hope it happens and good luck!

  26. Anonymous13:21

    This would be good for Croatian tourism. More direct lines are needed to attract people from long distance destinations.

    1. Anonymous13:31


      Zagreb is turning out to be a real intercontinental hub!

      I wonder who might be next.

    2. Anonymous13:51

      Some airline to the US probably.

    3. Anonymous14:26

      Intercontinental hub hahahaha

    4. Anonymous14:29

      By that logic BEG is also an intercontinental hub with a route to North Ametica, route to Asia and flights to the Middle East.

    5. Anonymous14:33

      The difference being that BEG's route to North America (New York) and Asia (Beijing) are year round and not seasonal (Air Transat) charter (Korean).

    6. Anonymous16:04

      Patriotism here really is outstanding

    7. @Anon 1.31AM Lord almighty... I'm from Croatia and I couldn't but to eyeroll to statements like this.

    8. Zagreb - an intercontinental hub! Bwahahahahaha!!!! Maybe, when it gets at least 15 year-round intercontinental routes.

  27. Anonymous13:23

    When EK launched flights to Zagreb they particularly said that they are aiming flights to Koreans among others. It would be interesting to see if these flights start, how would they respond.

  28. Anonymous13:25

    Seems like there will be more spotter-friendly days soon.

    1. Anonymous13:31

      Are there any infos about other Asian airlines coming to Zagreb? There were a lot of comments about this but I don't know which are actually true.

    2. Anonymous14:44

      There are rumors Cathay Pacific might be next.

    3. Anonymous14:53


  29. Anonymous13:28

    This is a bit random question but for those charter flights which come to ZAG from Korea, do they take on catering in Zagreb? I know that neither Emirates, Qatar or Air Transat take their ctering from ZAG which I think is really odd, especially since they are longer flights.

    1. Anonymous13:55

      Find this very strange too. Anyone have an idea?

    2. Anonymous13:58

      Maybe they bring it from LJU

    3. Anonymous14:00

      lol they pack it in their destination of origin.

    4. Don't know about Air Transit but Emirate and Qatar could be due to no halal option from Zagreb??

    5. Anonymous15:57

      I highly doubt every airport offers Halal. By that logic EY wouldn't be taking its catering from BEG

  30. Anonymous13:42

    Great! Will JAL be flying charters to ZAG this summer too?

    1. Anonymous13:50

      No. JAL hasn't been flying for some time to Zagreb.

    2. Anonymous14:09

      JAL flies to BUD on 11 AUG

    3. Anonymous14:11

      And LJU on 19 AUG.

    4. Anonymous14:19

      LJU is ANA, not JAL.

    5. Anonymous14:21

      and ANA at DBV on 26 AUG.

    6. Anonymous14:26

      @2.19 you are right. My bad

  31. Anonymous14:00

    Great passenger numbers but what happened in March?

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Easter was in March 2016, but in April 2017 (tourists, diaspora)

  32. Alen Šćuric Purger14:49

    Zagreb-Shanghai (Kina)-Zagreb
    tamo treba biti 12.10. nazad 23.10. +/- 1 dan
    25 osoba

    Poslao sam upite na brdo kompanija i ovo su rezultati

    480 EUR (430 EUR avion + 50 EUR bus do BEG) Air Serbia/Etihad iz BEG via Abu Dhabi - KUPLJENO!
    528 EUR (478 EUR aviona + 50 EUR bud do BUD) Air France iz BUD via CDG*
    596 EUR Air France iz ZAG via CDG*
    599 EUR Qatar iz ZAG via Doha
    620 EUR Aeroflot iz ZAG via Moscow
    627 EUR Emirates iz ZAG via Dubai
    774 EUR Turkish iz ZAG via Istanbul
    * cijena je umanjena za 5% koliko naknadno dobivam kredita na FlyBlue (moram potrošiti oko 800 EUR u roku od 2 godine na avionske karte)

    China Eastern iz FRA, zamolili za strpljenje, ni nakon mjesec dana nije stigao odgovor
    Lufthansa ne radi sa grupama direktno nego samo preko agencije

    Nevjerojatno me razočarala Lufthansa, ali još više Qatar i Emirates čije su cijene ozbiljno visoke. I kad platim autobus preko Beograda će me koštati 2.975 EUR manje za grupu nego sa Qatarom, te 3.675 EUR manje nego sa Emiratesom. Malo li je?

    1. Anonymous14:56

      Zasto je AF toliko skuplji iz ZAG u poredjenju sa BUD?!

    2. Alen Šćuric Purger15:43

      Rekli su mi da imaju limit prodaje za grupe od tek 15 karata, što BUD nema. Kažu da im je daleko ispativije prodavati individualne karte, tj. da tako bitno više zarade. Njihov Revenue department je tako odlučio.

    3. Anonymous15:59

      Jako cudno, moguce da nema toliko potraznje za grupama iz HR pa im se nije isplatilo.

      A nije bila opcija sa JU do Beograda? Ili bi bilo znatno skuplje?

    4. Anonymous16:07

      Možda QR i EK imaju sasvim dovoljnu planiranu popunjenost u tom periodu i ne treba im grupa za 500 EUR za Kinu; vjerojatno očekuju ostvariti bolje cijene, ne nužno na Kini, nego na drugim destinacijama (ili iz drugih destinacija). K tome, OCT je malo viša sezona za Kinu, a oni su očito odlučili da mogu to prodati za višu cijenu nekom drugom u nadolazećem periodu.

    5. Anonymous16:15

      Alene tako je to. Cudi me da niste trazili QR iz BEG, verujem da bi dobili odlicnu cenu.
      Radim sa grupama u turoperateru u BEG, postavljajuci svake nedelje nekoliko grupa, praksa pokazuje da je za Aziju QR najbolji.
      Za Srednju Ameriku godinama smo leteli iz BUD, ali verovao ili ne od ove zime cemo po prvi put imati i neke grupe iz ZAG koje nam je dao AF.
      Imamo jako veliki broj putnika iz HR (predstvnistvo u ZAG), do sada jos uvek nismo osetili prednost EK, jer su i dalje sve ponude bile dosta visoke - slali upite za BKK, SGN, PUK, PEK, CMB...
      Na kraju svakako dobra cena od 430 eur.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger16:42

      Da JU do BEG je bio bitno skuplji, neisplativo.

      Očito su te dvije kompanije popunjene.

      Iskreno nije mi palo na pamet tražiti kompanije iz BEG osim Air Serbia/Etihad.

      Ma i ja mislim da je dobra cijena. Iako sam za sve to potrošio poprilično vremena i napisao tonu mailova, obavio niz telefonskih poziva. U svakom slučaju akontacija uplačena i to je ta opcija.

    7. Anonymous16:46

      Srecan vam put. Idete sa EY u 12.55?

    8. Anonymous17:07

      Not surprised at all. This should give a lot of hints for anyone involved in commercial air transport business.

    9. Anonymous19:04

      Please help for those of us who aren't in commercial aviation

    10. Anonymous20:34

      @Alen Šćuric PurgerJuly 6, 2017 at 2:49 PM

      So lets see, you bought 25 tickets cause they were slightly cheaper than flying out of Zagreb , and you only contacted 6 airlines and expect Lufthansa to somehow care?

      most people nowadays buy tickets via websites that offer great air tickets, skyscanner or google flight.

      However, I can see you're stuck in 60s, mentally and ideologically.

      I'll leave you with a Benjamin Franklin Quote,

      "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."

      "For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
      For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
      For want of a horse the rider was lost.
      For want of a rider the message was lost.
      For want of a message the battle was lost.
      For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
      And all for the want of a horseshoe nail."

    11. Anonymous20:45

      @Alen Šćuric PurgerJuly 6, 2017 at 2:49 PM

      Just checked Google flight,

      Zagreb - Shanghai , as you didn't put date

      I went with 21st of July,

      Emirates €505 via Dubai
      Qatar €568 via Doha.

      Cleverly you missed something.

      Staying in Shanghai only for 1 day. However if you fly to such a great place, why stay there only `1 day, why not at least 3???

      Also this was for a single ticket, I as sure you can get a massive discount if you buy in bulk say 25 tickets.

      All you need to do is walk in to Emirates office or Qatar's office in Zagreb.

    12. Anonymous20:59

      ^ you really need to chill big time and stop being a policeman/troll for Zagreb Airport here. I'm sure Alen did enough research and knows exactly when and how long he needs to stay. Give your nationalistic pride a rest.

    13. Anonymous21:03

      I think they are bothered by the fact he went for BEG.

    14. Anonymous21:21

      @Anon at 8:34PM

      "as you didn't put date"

      What is wrong with you, he did: 12.10. nazad 23.10. +/- 1 dan

      "I can see you're stuck in 60s, mentally and ideologically" beacause most people nowadays "buy tickets via websites", but then you say something from 19th century: "All you need to do is walk in to" EK and QR offices!

      Two examples of serious issues. Comments are being poisoned by the same person.

    15. Alen Šćuric Purger00:25

      I am not in Shanghai for 1 day but for 12 days. "+/-1 dan" means I was flexible in dates.

      I did speak with Emirates office, and with Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish, Air Serbia and some others. All of them for several times.

      I did not contact just 6 companies, as you can see I give here 9 examples but I sent e-mail and contact 20+ companies (Cathay Pacific, Air China, LOT, Korean...).

      "slightly cheaper". I don't know in what Universe you live, but for me 3.000 EUR difference is not "slightly cheaper". Especially because I pay all 25 ticket from my pocket, and I will pay for that 12.000 EUR.

      I buy ticket for me or my family, or my company by and only by internet (don't remember when I bought ticket other way last time), but here I need group offer because it is show group and I don't know names jet, and will not know names till end of August. By group ticket you don't have to sent names 10 days prior flight, but they reservate you ticket and guarantee price when you pay deposit of 20% of ticket price.

      So, there is no need for give someone names. One could find that for himself just to use little brain and to see it is 25 ticket and it should be group ticket. I hope you do recognize benefits of group ticket, price including. I also hope you know that by internet you can buy just up to 9 ticket on same time.

  33. Anonymous02:38

    This is great news for Aéroports de Paris and France. I am certain they will make a great profit and return on investment in the next 30 years.

    Once they attract even more high profile airlines they can increase the costs and remove the incompetent legacy carriers such as Croatia Airlines to make room for more high profile airlines.

    Further more they might even look into more outsourcing, such as IT to further save costs as Croatian worker minimum wage is still much higher then a number of high demand Asian countries.

    But hey, who cares about that, lets all celebrate seeing foreign carriers land on a foreign owned airport.

    1. Anonymous07:46

      To spend foreign money in Croatia, nice.

  34. Things are looking up for EK flights out of Zagreb. Today all business class seats are sold out, most of economy and only 2 seats free in first class. Don't know exactly, but def way over 200 seats filled.


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