Serbia plans Kraljevo Airport opening in 2018

Work on the overhaul of Kraljevo Morava Airport's runway, in central Serbia, is expected to resume shortly, which would give way for its opening in 2018, some six years after its terminal building was completed. The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has said that several Turkish companies are willing to continue with the project, which would include the widening of the runway from thirty to forty metres. The Turkish government, which has already invested ten million euros into the airport, was to donate a further ten million for its completion, with all necessary donation documentation filed. However, in October 2013, as relations between Serbia and Turkey soured, the then Serbian Minister for Construction and Urbanism refused the donation, noting that the country would fund the rest of the development on its own, which it has failed to do. However, following a meeting between the Serbian and Turkish presidents this week, the completion of the project has been agreed upon. "There were some technical issues but we are now certain to overcome them. A high-ranking Turkish delegation visited Belgrade last year to discuss the project in more detail. We haven't given up on it and its completion is now our priority", the Turkish Ambassador to Serbia, Tanju Bilgic, said. The construction of Morava Airport's 22-million euro terminal was completed in 2012, however, its 2.200 metre-long runway can only handle smaller turboprop aircraft.

Last year, Belgrade Airport donated 300.000 euros towards the runway's overhaul, however, these funds were insufficient. Construction of a new control tower and access roads at Morava Airport began in 2011 and was completed a year later. That same year, the first promotional flight was operated from Belgrade with Jat Airways’ ATR 72 aircraft. In 2012 a new passenger terminal was opened featuring a duty free shop, exchange office, commercial office space, a detention centre, clinic, car park and a cargo depot. Jat Airways soon after announced it would launch a two-weekly service from Kraljevo to Istanbul, however, these never materialised. Wizz Air recently said it was following developments at Morava Airport and would consider adding it to its network once all construction work is completed. Serbia's Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, said last week, "We anticipate signing certain memorandums and agreements with the Ministry of Defence shortly, so Morava Airport can effectively become a mixed-use civilian-military airport. The reasons its opening has been delayed include the necessity to lengthen the runway and some other things. However, we established the public enterprise 'Airports of Serbia' in order to develop small airports across the country, such as this one".

Since the airport lies between several industrial cities, the government is hopeful the likes of the Italian-run Fiat-Zastava car manufacturer would make use of the airport and that further business and investment in the area would be stimulated. In addition, part of the Raška District, in which Kraljevo is located, has close historical ties with Turkey and a portion of the local population is expected to use this airport, instead of Pristina, for future flights to Istanbul. Ms Mihajlović added, "Serbia has an important central transit hub in Belgrade, which is now especially significant due to flights to the United States. However, we must have several smaller airports if we want to develop our tourism industry. It is much better to arrive at your destination by plane”. Last April, the Serbian government announced it was willing to enter into a public-private partnership agreement with a German company which would operate services from Kraljevo to both Frankfurt and Istanbul. The name of the company was not specified.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Such a shame that a terminal like that is going to waste.

  2. Nemjee09:07

    I can see Wizz Air launching a few flights from KVO, after all, they are familiar with flying from relatively small and underserved airports.

    On top of that, the airport's location is not that bad. Uzice is just 95 km away, Kragujevac 53, Novi Pazar 100... Ski resorts are there so the route could see strong demand.

    Remember a few years when British tourists were coming to Serbian ski resorts? They were forced to fly into INI. With KVO opening there are new possibilities.

    1. Anonymous09:15

      A lot of Muslim Serbs from around Novi Pazar emigrated to Germany so I am sure they would see strong demand in gasterbajter friendly cities like Berlin, Nuremberg, Memmingen...

      I would say that OS should consider flights from VIE but they are always too expensive. Better to have EW.

    2. With the new fare structure in Lufthansa group, it sometimes is cheaper to do business class on OS than economy on some other airlines. OS could make it work, but also Germaniaflug, or TK for the market it would attract. Whichever way it makes it more difficult for BEG to grow further as well.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    Hopefully this time they actually keep their word.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Don't count on it.

  4. Anonymous09:11

    Hopefully they will finish it soon, that is really nice terminal and I am sure there is a huge potential for Morava

    1. Anonymous09:17

      Huge potential? Hahahahaha

    2. Anonymous09:21

      People were laughing the same way about Nis and look at it now. It's doing quite well.

    3. Nemjee09:24

      Anon 9.17

      Do you mind providing us with some arguments to as why you find this so funny?

  5. Anonymous09:25

    KVO could easily handle 500.000 to 700.000 pax in the first five years of operations.

  6. Anonymous09:34

    With several targeted destinations, it could succeed.

  7. Anonymous09:36

    How long should runway be in order for B737 and A320 to land and take off?

  8. Anonymous09:37

    Hopefully Ar Belgrade wont leave this chance go to waste too and will take advantage of this market.
    Nis proved how stupid their thinking was and now they have a fast growing low cost hub to compete with.

    1. Anonymous09:41


    2. Anonymous10:08

      You are getting annoying with this 'Air Belgrade.' Operating two hubs or a hub and a focus city is expensive and JU barely has enough aircraft to operate flights out of BEG.

      I am sure that increasing TXL, DUS, VIE, a much greater priority than launching two weekly flights out of INI.

      Also, Wizz Air has been flying out of INI for two years now and they still don't think it's wise to have a base there meaning the city is not lucrative enough.

    3. Anonymous10:09

      I haven't heard of airline called Air Belgrade.

    4. Anonymous11:09

      It is Air Belgrade, unlike Croatia which is not Air Zagreb as they has several hundreds weekly flights from Split, Dubrovnik, Brač, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula and Osijek. They just don't fly from Lošinj as it has just 800 meters runaway, but from all other airports they have flights.

      Also Montenegro is not Air Podgorica as they have almost 50% of their flights from Tivat. Even Air Bosna was not Air Sarajevo as they had flights from Banja Luka and Mostar.

      Let me give you example of Austrian
      - 21 routes from Insbruck
      - 13 routes from Graz
      - 8 routes from Linz
      - 2 routes from Salzburg
      - 1 route from Klagenfurt

      Also Swiss, Alitalia, TAROM, Air Bulgaria, Aegean and others have flights from other national airports not just from their hub.

    5. Anonymous11:15

      Hmm most of those you listed are holiday destinations which are attracting thousands of tourists every day.
      Look at OU, they failed on the coast. YM is collapsing under the weight of its own debt. RO is a loss making airline which is losing its market to Blueair and Wizz Air.

      So most of the airlines you listed are far from being successful. Jat tried to fly out of Nis and flights were empty.

      You have several airlines flying there, you don't need ASL.

    6. Anonymous13:20

      @ 11:09
      Several hundreds weekly? Good one

  9. Anonymous09:46

    Nice terminal. Looks good better than BEG terminal in any case

    1. Anonymous09:53

      I'm assuming you have never been to BEG.

    2. Anonymous10:06

      Yes. An underwhelming experience

  10. Anonymous09:52

    Da stavimo u perspektivu Zorane i vlade za aerodrom. Deset miliona jura je dovolno za kilometar dva autoputa koji sada grade kroz dve klisure. Bez produzenja i prosirenja piste u Ladjevcima nema chartera za turiste. Vladu boli za ovaj aerodrom. Samo ako se sultan Erdogan smiluje.

    1. Anonymous15:06

      Čemu taj iritantni i primitivni, da ne kažem seljački način izražavanja?

    2. Anonymous15:55

      Slupali su stotinak miliona Jura u ASL, a to je jedva prezivlajvajuca kompanija. Mogli su i po deset miliona za Ponikve i Ladjevce. Ti si mnogo fin lepo ti ide sve pevas od miline. Tvoj seljak.

    3. Anonymous16:30

      Анон 03.06

      Једноставно игнориши њега, он је овде добро познат као локални примитивац.

    4. Anonymous17:31

      Za vase probleme nadlezna je djukic dejanovic ne mihajilovic. Imate li ista da kazete u korist politike vlade u razvoju infrastrukture za avio saobracaj? Koliko su evra ulozili u to? O.

  11. Anonymous10:00

    Serbia needs to genuinely increase its number of tourists in order to its airports have their numbers growing. New airports do "create" new pax, but if we want that BEG, INI and KVO have constant growth and not take away each others pax, we need some real increase in tourist potential.

  12. Anonymous10:29

    why is "odlasci" written in latin? :D

    1. Anonymous10:32

      After the new on the Serbian language is introduced that mistake should be fixed. :)

    2. Anonymous14:56

      New what?

    3. Anonymous17:46

      Law, sorry. There is a new law on Serbian language coming which will see the Latin being removed as the official alphabet.

    4. Anonymous20:32

      I thought officially it is Cyrillic but latinica is also widely used.

    5. Anonymous22:58

      Yes last anon is correct. Cyrillic is official but Latin can also be used.

  13. Anonymous10:41

    Why is written Airport Morava instead of Morava Airport?

    1. Osnovni razlog jeste nepoznavanje pravopisa u engleskom jeziku. "Cak su na novom terminalu postavili ime "AIRPORT MORAVA KRALJEVO", umesto kao sto i sami kazete postovani Anon 10:41 AM, mora da se pise MORAVA AIRPORT. Medju tim to su Srpska posla. Ispada da kada se pise na Srpskom jeziku, Aerodrom Morava Kraljevo, tako ce da bude na engleskom. Zanimljivo ce biti, kada ce postavljeni natpis na engleskom da isprave na zgradi terminala. Po Mogucnosti bi trebalo prije nego sto englezi prihvati srpski pravopis. Pricekacemo "malo". Kao sto cekamo i ukljucivanje Morave u sistem Aerodromi Srbije. Ipak, izvesnije je otvaranje aerodroma, nego ispravka natpisa na tom terminalu Kraljevackog aerodroma Morava.
      Pozdrav iz Sidneja Raadovan.
      Kings Park, 2148 NSW Australia

  14. Nnova Vlada. NOVA NADA. Aerodrom Morava Kraljevo.
    Pjedinci ne vide postojanje aerodroma izmedju Kraljeva i Cacka. Nisu videli ni otvaranje Niskog.
    Ljudi koji ne vide ili ne mogu da zamisle na isto se hvata. "Psi laju, karavani prolaze". Poslovica kaze stara. Niski se uklapa u koncept AERODROMI SRBIJE. Kraljevacka Morava pocinje gde je Nis bio do pocetka prosle godine. Kome bilo krivo i li milo zivot se razvija dalje. Aerodromi Srbije su deo peobrazaja Srbije. To jeste neizostavno. Ko zeli da mi se smeje, prijatan mu bilo. Morava i Ponikve su dva aerodroma koja nece moci da se demontiraju, nestanu... Naprotiv oni ce se dograditi i pustiti, prvenstveno za nisko budjetni, carter i skromniji kargo saobracaj. oni uopste ne zavise od sujete ljudi. Vec od stvaranja novih mogucnosti turizma, razvoja intustrijskih zona, blizine auto puteva...
    Pozdrav za Aerodrome Srbije, Mravu i koncesionara koji dobije glavnu luku Otadzbine Srbije.
    Radovan i Aviation group of Entusiast Sydney
    Kings Park NSW Australia

  15. Anonymous11:09

    The terminal itself is pretty good and the layout of interior is pretty good too. This terminal, as people would be great for OSI, TZL and BNX.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger11:13

      Osijek does not need new terminal. This one is functional and with more than enough capacity. After war it was rebuild and it is in very good shape. Small but nice.

  16. Anonymous11:12

    Air Serbia better start flying from Kraljevo, it could be a success. It is obvious Turkey is investing in this airport because Muslim population that lives in the region moved to Turkey and Germany and they would visit more often if they had an airport close to home and not have to fly to BG and then drive for hours.

  17. Alen Šćuric Purger11:29

    Morava aerodrom je pokušaj pretvaranja bivšeg vojnog aerodroma u civilno-vojni. Dosadašnja investicija je bila ogromnih 22 milijuna EUR od kojih je navodno Turska vlada donirala 10 milijuna. No, još uvijek to znači da je Republika Srbija izdvojila 12 milijuna. I da je to kraj, i da aerodrom ima prometa, još bi se isto nekako i moglo opravdati. No, aerodrom osim atraktivne zgrade nema niti opreme, niti putnika, niti aviona.

    Političari opravdavaju nedostatak putnika nedostatnom investicijom. Tvrde da je pista široka 30 metara i dugačka 2200 metara nedostatna za slijetanje jetova veličine Boeing 737 i Airbus A320 obitelji. I to je totalna neistina. 2200 metara je više nego dostatno, a svi ovi zrakoplovi bez ikakvih ograničenja slijetati na pistu široku 30 metara. Nemali je broj aerodroma gdje to čine na 30 metara širokoj pisti. Uz investiciju u pistu koja bi značila dodatnih mnogo milijuna EUR, spominje se i potreba investiranja 3,5 milijuna EUR u kontrolni toranj.

    Istovremeno potrebna je ozbiljna investicija u opremu terminala, te u opremu za opsluživanje aviona. I ovdje govorimo o više milijuna EUR potrebnih da bi se mogli ostvariti letovi. Za opremanje aerodroma, te nepotrebne ali planirane investicije u pistu i kontrolni toranj potrebno je još bar 15-20 milijuna EUR. A potom su tu i troškovi zaposlenika, režija, potrošnog materijala, energije…

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger11:30

      No, osnovno je pitanje, za koje letove i koje putnike? Morava je udaljena tek 150 km od Niša. Imati aerodrom u blizini koji još uvijek nije isplativ radi nedostatka putnika i linija, a otvoriti još jedan graniči sa ludilom. Nije li bilo logičnije investirati tih 12 milijuna EUR u Niški aerodrom i poboljšati veze prema Nišu, te time povećati broj potencijalnih putnika Niškog aerodroma. Konačno, još veći je nonsens da je Morava samo 140 km od Beograda, od čega je dobar dio autoput. Potpuni je nonsens otvarati aerodrom ako na tek 140 km postoji velik aerodrom sa velikim brojem linija. To nije rasipništvo, to graniči sa ludilom!

      Zagovornici ideje aerodroma u Moravi spominju kako je u krugu od 50-tak kilometara Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak i turističko mjesto Vrnjačka Banja. No, iako je ovo relativno dobro razvijeno industrijsko područje, ova tri distrikta imaju tek 900.000 stanovnika, što je vrlo malo. Zagovornici spominju i Fiatovu tvornicu što bi moglo pretpostaviti kako cargo promet, tako i određeni broj poslovnih ljudi iz Italije koji bi preko Morave dolazili u Kragujevac. No, ovdje postoje dva problema. Prvi je Beograd koji je tek na 120 km od Kragujevca sa svojom razgranatom mrežom linija, te činjenica da linija Morava-Torino zbog nekoliko poslovnih ljudi ni na koji način ne bi mogla biti financijski isplativa. Daleko veće tvornice automobila nemaju povezanost sa matičnim tvornicama. Takva linija ne da nije realna ona je zapravo totalna nerelana glupost i priče za malu djecu.

      Pokretanjem Ryanairovih i Wizzairovih letova iz Niša, te Wizza i Transavie iz Beograda, ne vidim apsolutno nikakve realnosti da predivan terminal u Moravi ostvari svoju funkciju. On je bačenih 22 milijuna EUR i bilo kakvo dalje investiranje u ovaj projekt samo bi značilo dodatno bacanje novaca. Odgovorni za ovaj projekt trebali bi za isto odgovarati, a terminal bi trebalo prenamijeniti. Nema opravdanja za dalje investicije u ovaj aerodrom i bacanje dodatnih 20+ milijuna EUR u njegovo otvaranje i funkcioniranje.

      Konačno, da se taj novac i izdvoji koja je svrha Morave? Nekoliko LCC linija koje donose gubitke aerodromima. Pa ni Niš sa preko 300.000 putnika i dvije linije koje nisu LCC nije financijski samoodrživ. Tuzla sa skoro 400.000 putnika ne može bez subvencija. Hahn sa 2,6 milijuna putnika je pred bankrotom i vjerojatno će postati shoping centar. Niz aerodroma koji imaju preko milijun LCC putnika je bankrotirao ili su pred bankrotom jer LCC ne donose mogućnost samoodrživosti.

      Hoće li Morava postati jeftina alternativa Beogradu? Kako bi to bilo logično, i zašto? Sami putnici iz Morave će dovršenjem autoputa imati malo preko sat vremena do Beograda. Zanemarivo. Ali i obrnuto. I ako Niš odvlači beogradske putnike, onda će to još više Morava. I gdje je tu rezon? Čemu aerodrom koji se neće moći sam financirati a istovremeno će oduzimati putnike Beogradu?

    2. Anonymous12:07

      Purger, mozda je bolje da prvo pitas pitanja pa tek onda da pravis izjave poput ove gore.

      Gradovi poput Krusevca i Kraljeva su od kljucne vrednosti zato sto preko njih mnoge firme trguju sa Kosovom. Dakle, Morava ne samo da bi opsluzivala veliki deo jugozapadne Srbije, vec bi pokrivala i problematicnu pokrajinu na jugu.
      PRN je problematican aerodrom zato sto su takse previsoke te letenje odatle je preskupo. INI je bio pametn i dovoljno realan da shvati u cemu je fora. Ako Morava uspe da uradi to isto onda ce KVO biti znatno uspesniji.

      INI mozda ima veci catchment area ali KVO ima bogatiji te je potencijal, za sada, veci.

    3. Anonymous12:18

      Vrlo zdrava logika Purgeru... to istom Rumunima nije potreban TSR jer je BEG na svega 150 km.

    4. Anonymous12:19

      Ili jos bolji primer, Rijeka je udaljena svega 105 km od Pule. Sta ce njima aerodrom?

    5. Anonymous13:26

      Purgeru, sasvim je dobro poznato da si ti veliki lobista za Ponikve(placen ili ne to neznamo)pa shodno tome tako zestoko bacas drvlje i kamenje, objasnjavajuci kako su u Srbiji ludaci jer otveraju aerodrome na svega 150km. udaljenosti jedan od drugog a trebalo bi da znas da takvih primera u svetu ima koliko god hoces,tako da bih ti savetovao da malo spustis loptu na zemlju.

    6. Anonymous16:12

      Ne treba racunati na veliki dnevni promet na tom aerodromu. Ali jednom kada drzava opremi aerodrom i pistu rad nekoliko ljudi nije preskup za njih. Ladjevci su pre svega vojni aerodrom i prihvat nekoliko cartera u toku zimske i letnje sezone ne bi trebao biti problem, carinarnica vec postoji u Kraljevu.

    7. Anonymous00:26

      Anon @1:26. Na osnovo čega je Purger lobista za Ponikve? Imaš neki dokaz, link? Ah da, nemaš.
      Shodno tome, ne davi.

    8. Anonymous06:36

      Purger, osnova ti je pogrešna ali ti je zaključak tačan. RS je u Lađevce uložila oko 7M evra izgradnjom terminala i stajanke. SMATSA je dala oko dva miliona za izgradnju novog tornja. Od Turaka nismo uzeli ništa. To je trebalo da se desi ali se promenila vlast i samim tim i tal.

      Gradi se novi autoput koji će već ove ili sledeće godine povezati Obrenovac i Preljinu, a od 2019 i Beograd sa Obrenovcem. Kada se na to doda i novi auto put Preljina-Pojate koji će biti započet sledeće godine i koji ide pored Kraljeva, Trstenika, Vrnjačke Banje i Kruševca, ovi gradovi će se nalaziti na po 1,5 sat udobne vožnje od Beograda i Niša.

      Ja ne mogu da verujem šta si napisao po pitanju LCC i naročito Hahn-a. Ja ti to govorim po forumima zadnjih godinu dana, a ti uporno braniš taj biznis model. LCC aerodrom ne može da bude profitabilan bez značajnih dotacija lokalne samouprave. Niš i svi gradovi od Kraljeva do Kruševca (ubaci i Kragujevac) imaju zajedno budžete manje od 300M evra. To su ekstremno siromašne jedinice lokalne samouprave. Oni ne mogu da priušte aerodrom.

      Ista priča je i sa Ponikvama. Sledeće godine kreće izgradnja auto puta Preljina-Požega, što znači da je Zlatibor na 2 sata udobne vožnje od Beograda. On je 45 minuta veoma neudobne vožnje od aerodroma Ponikve.

      Ne mislim da je nedostatak aerodroma razlog zašto se ovi turistički centri ne razvijaju tempom koji bi mi želeli da vidimo, ali to je posebna tema za razgovor. Mislim da bi Aerodrom Morava trebao da se otvori za čarter saobraćaj u početku.

      Što se tiče širine piste, ovde je sve lepo kolega iz Boeing-a objasnio:

  18. Anonymous11:35

    More bad news for SKP. INI and KVO will prosper. Catchment area lowers.

    1. Anonymous17:27

      yeah, also bad news for FRA,LHR and AMS because KVO and INI will prosper with 0 and 300 000 pax respectively.
      I bet you can also do a "projection" on pax development for the next 50 years?

    2. Anonymous18:29

      Actually, projections are done by one guy for Zagreb and Croatia. I haven't seen any kind of projection like that for Serbia or Belgrade.

    3. Anonymous22:56

      Yeah such bad news for SKP. Should Wizz AIr reconsider basing their 4th aircraft there or just give up now? Anon 11.35am makes the same repeated daily simplistic comments that lacks any real acumen

  19. Anonymous14:40

    Personally, I am optimistic about KVO. But the only way to get some traffic is applying Skopje´s model by heavily subsidies but it might be risky as INI might want a bigger slice of the same cake.
    Also surrounded by so many airports nearby, not sure. But hey maybe 2019 we can see some flights.

    1. Anonymous14:54

      Or they can just charge a €3 charge and that's it. It seems to be working for INI which has more competition.

  20. Anonymous15:25

    OS with Q400 would be a good start. Instead of 3 flights per day to BEG, have one flight, mid-day to LYKV. VIE has great network and with a good timing one could connect to around 15 destinations in Europe, US and even Asia. I'm sure it could work as daily fairly soon.

    1. Anonymous16:29

      The problem with OS is that they are too expensive.

    2. Anonymous17:34

      True, but it is the best option from connectivity perspective. With somewhat lowered fees at VIE and , say €3-5 fee at LYKV, it should be more affordable.

  21. Anonymous15:38

    This was based on last years schedule, showing a potential with a single daily flight by OS diverted from BEG:

    VIE 10:05 - LYKV 11:20   (1:15)   
    LYKV 11:55 - VIE 13:25   (1:30)

    Connections INBOUND

    KSC 05:00- vie 06:00

    MSQ 05:00 – VIE 06:00
    IKA - 03:55 - VIE 06:00

    KIV 05:30 – VIE 6:25

    BUD 07:00 – VIE 07:45
    KBP- 07:00 - VIE 08:00
    JFK 17:40 - VIE 08:15
    CGN 06:55- VIE 08:25
    HAM 06:55- VIE 08:25
    DME 06:30- VIE 08:20

    VCE 07:20 – VIE 08:35

    SFO 17:25 – VIE 08:35 (2hr stop at IAD)

    IAD 17:20- VIE 08:35

    ORD 16:30-VIE 08:35 

    KRK 07:35 – VIE 08:40
    OTP 08:00 – VIE 08:45

    TXL 07:30- VIE 08:50 
    ARN 06:30- VIE 08:50
    BRU 07:10- VIE 08:50 (Brussels airlines)

    DUS 07:20- VIE 08:50
    AMS 07:00-VIE 08:55
    GVA 07:15-VIE 08:55
    CPH 07:10- VIE 09:00
    MXP 07:30 - VIE 09:00
    STR 07:45-VIE 09:05
    CDG 07:15-VIE 09:10
    PRG 08:10-VIE 09:10
    ZRH 07:40- VIE 09:10
    GRZ 08:30 – VIE 09:15

    SZG 08:20 - VIE 09:15
    OSL 06:45 - VIE 09:15
    LHR 06:00- VIE 09:20
    FRA 07:50- VIE 09:20
    INN 08:15- VIE 09:20
    ZAG 08:25- vie 09:20

    BOS 17:00 – VIE 09:20 (1:55 stop in FRA)

    YYZ 16:40 – VIE 09:20 (1:40 stop in FRA)

    HND 00:50 - VIE 09:20 (1:50 stop in FRA)
    MUC 08:15 - VIE 09:25

    OUTBOUND connections:

    VIE 14:10-FRA 15:35 (connext in FRA to ORD 17:05 , JFK 17:10, IAD 17:10, YYZ 17:15, SFO 17:25, BOS 17:55)

    VIE 14:45- ZRH 16:10
    VIE 15:05- AMS 17:00
    VIE 15:10- FRA 16:40
    VIE 15:10- BUR 16:55
    VIE 15:15 -GVA 16:55
    VIE 15:15 -STR 16:35
    VIE 15:15- MUC 16:15
    VIE 15:15- CPH 16:55
    VIE 15:20 - MXP 16:50
    VIE 15:20 - TXL 16:40
    VIE 15:20 – OTP 17:55
    VIE 15:25- DUS 16:55
    VIE 15:30 - CGN 17:00
    VIE 15:40- KBP 18:35
    VIE 16:05 - CDG 18:10

    VIE 17:10- PRG 18:00
    VIE 17:10- SZG 18:00
    VIE 17:10- ZAG 18:10
    VIE 17:15- LHR 18:40
    VIE 17:15- INN 18:15
    VIE 17:20 – BUD 18:05
    VIE 17:20 – VCE 18:30
    VIE 17:25 – GRZ 18:00
    VIE 17:30- HAM 19:10
    VIE17:50 - NRT 11:55

    VIE 20:10 - IKA 03:00
    VIE 20:20 -ARN  22:35
    VIE 20:30 -OSL  22:55
    VIE 20:35 – MSQ 23:25
    VIE 20:40 – KRK 21:40
    VIE 20:40- DME 00:25 +1

    VIE 21:55- KIV 00:50 (+1)
    VIE 22:15 – KSC 23:10


    1. Anonymous22:55

      Well, you are missing few flights (such as LEJ), also more options are possible as min connection time in VIE is 25mins. I guess you took that "schedule" from a day on a weekend, not a weekday Mon-Fri. On weekends some flights and routes don't operate.

      But do you really think that arriving 1:25pm anyone would connect onto a flight later than 5pm?

    2. Anonymous08:40

      Well, it is an option. Not ideal, but neverthless available. One can spend 4hr at the airport or spend extra 2.5 hours in the car. I'd say the wave starting at 20:00 is a stretch, but that still leaves 25 destinations.

      Remember, one can take a cab to LYKV from either Cacak, Kraljevo and even Kragujevac. Also, local buses could make a small detour on the way. All the buses from Novi Pazar could make a slight detour and a short stop at the airport.
      Connectivity wise, LYKV has a great location.

      This is just an indication of potential connectivity. I'm.sure there are more flights.

  22. JU520 BEGLAX15:50

    Nice hotel Grey in Kopaonik. Worth visiting, maybe thru a Kraljevo airport flt one day. Kopaonik should be promoted better in Western Europe. Seems a nice area

  23. Anonymous18:09

    OT: I have seen that the B727 YU-AKF of JAT is parked in between prince aviation and Jat Tehnika hangars, without engines.
    Anybody knows more?
    The beauty should get repainted?
    What about the engines?
    When is it planned to get to the museum?
    Are the other aircrafts at the museum?

    1. AirCEO19:55

      Second busiest museum in the world is aviation museum. With solid investment and entrepreneurial spirit Alex and Ana could expand museum to be one of the best in Europe and top all-season tourist draw in Belgrade. Create large civil aviation hall and put Caravelle, DC-3 and 727 there to start. Add DC-10, paint it in classic JAT egg livery and open interior similar to AF 747 at Le Bourget while recreating iconic scene of loading Yugo. Next, secure parts of first scrapped A380 to go BEG as first museum in the world with A380. Get first 20-30m section similar to IB 747 at La Coruna, get EY to sponsor it and recreate Apartment and so on.

    2. Anonymous22:54

      'Alex and Ana' are bit too busy with countless strikes to worry about teh aviation museum. ;)

    3. Anonymous23:15

      Brilliant idea. I doubt EY would entertain the idea of sponsorship given the amount of cash they are loosing daily

    4. Anonymous00:12

      EY could have right of first refusal. EK or QR might be very happy to jump in if EY refuse.

  24. Anonymous23:16

    I know many people on here won't like reading this but to be honest - let's face it - KVO has only very little potential except for maybe few incoming charters in winter and a few Turkey flights in summer. But that is it regarding commercial aviation.
    Due to the competition at INI with dirt cheap 3 EUR charges KVO will hardly be able to compete for scheduled service - apart from BEG. Also, the catchment areas consists only of smaller or should I say internationally insignificant towns, in total no more than 350 000 inhabitants which are quite spread out. In contrast to Nis KVO also can't count on all the people from other countries to use the airport (Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria). Big advantage is also that INI has a motorway connection. Also bear in mind that towns/cities of Nis+Leskovac+Krusevac alone have more than 530 000 inhabitants. Plus no one in other countries knows about KVO and that there is an airport - it's not like any foreigner (not of Serbian ancestry) will take a weekend trip to KVO. Sorry to say, but I am very sceptical and I can understand the government that they are very hesitative when it comes to investing more into this project. It would be great to see regular year round services, but BEG and INI are well located in the country and actually sufficient. ASL should just really send the bloody ATR on BEGINI twice daily morning and evening and be a true national airline. Why does the government not support ASL with lease of another ATR through a PSO for BEGINI? The ATR can make 4 round trips daily out of BEG and 2 of them must be as a domestic service.

    1. Anonymous00:40

      KOV will have a hard time surviving commercially no doubt about that. Potential flights are, a few weekly low costers, a few charters, and perhaps some cargo flights from time to time.

      So anyway you look at it it will have to be subsidized.

    2. Anonymous11:19

      Many airports are subsidised. It is really the question to which extent and if the wider business case for the region stacks up.
      INI is doing great and I think it is a good example of what is possible, in principle. LYKV, however, shouldn't follow the same example. They should attract few legacy carriers, beyond OS I's say Aegean (if those Olympic Q400 are still flying) and who knows perhaps even OU or Adria, with connections in Zagreb and Ljubljana respectivelly.



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