Croatia Airlines employees call off strike


The union representing Croatia Airlines' pilots, cabin crew and mechanics, ORCA, has called off a planned strike for August 8 following mediation by the government. The industrial action was planned over new collective bargaining agreements. In a statement the Ministry for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, said, "It has been concluded that the planned strike for August 8 will not go ahead and that discussions regarding a new collective agreement will resume on September 1. Some of the union's demands have been met by the management, while the rest will be negotiated in September". The Ministry added it will directly participate in future talks between the unions and the management. Yesterday, Croatia Airlines' CEO, Krešimir Kučko, said, "We are prepared to resume talks at any given moment. Wages at Croatia Airlines are competitive and there is no justification for the strike which will not only impact the company but also the Croatian economy and tourism industry". He added, "The strike has been announced at the height of the summer season. Croatia Airlines handles 30% of all tourists arriving to Croatia and the strike will impact on the country's reputation and company's image. It is difficult to estimate the financial impact of the strike, but it is expected to cost several million kunas per day. If the strike drags on, it could have an effect on our annual financial results".


  1. Anonymous14:11

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:31

    Where are all those who said that those who don't like the conditions should leave?

    1. Anonymous14:58

      They're still around.

    2. Anonymous17:58

      They haven't even agreed on all the demands, let alone sign any agreement. Management just bought themselves a problem-free summer season and they can afford the strike in the winter.

    3. Anonymous19:22

      Read the article once again, management accepted some of the demands and they will keep on negotiating with them once the summer is over.

      Unions won this round because now the government will be involved in the negotiations and weknow who they will side with.

  3. Anonymous18:36

    That's the way a crisis should be handled. Congrats to Croatioan government for intervening on time and to the union for not being selfish and stubborn.

  4. Anonymous18:43

    Smart move by the unions - they have surely improved their bargaining position as well ...

  5. Croatia handles 30% of all tourist coming to the country? Really? I somehow disbelieve this....


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