Flydubai to boost Skopje and Belgrade operations


Flydubai will be adding extra frequencies from its Dubai International hub to both Skopje and Belgrade this coming winter season when compared to last year. The carrier will introduce an additional weekly flight to the Macedonian capital each Saturday starting November 4 for a total of three weekly services. Furthermore, it will add an extra three weekly flights to its Belgrade operations for a total of seven per week, starting November 25. The airline will continue to maintain four weekly services to Sarajevo, as was the case last winter. On Monday, Flydubai took delivery of its first of 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft (pictured), becoming the first airline in the Persian Gulf to operate the type. The B737 MAX family has been designed to offer better performance, flexibility and efficiency, with lower per-seat costs and an extended range that will open up new destinations in the single-aisle market.


  1. Anonymous11:50

    Also Lufthansa won't be reducing Belgrade this winter, 4 daily flights will be kept.

    1. I do not understand the MUC departure slots from BEG, and I will never understand them (1 and 4 pm).
      I know, that the slots are for the busy 3pm and 6pm connecting flights via MUC, but still: it is crazy for me.

  2. Anonymous12:02

    Now 737 goes intercontinental

  3. Anonymous12:23

    And easyJet Switzerland will operate an extra flight to BEG from GVA on 25.12.

    Who knows, maybe soon we see that fourth flight being added.

  4. Anonymous13:39

    УСкоро 6 милиона путника!)))

    1. Anonymous14:22


      Ако одржимо овај тренд и догодине онда шест милиона није незамисливо, посебно јер ЈУ не може баш знатно да смањи свој ред летења имајући у виду да је ово већ неки минимум.


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