Sarajevo Airport registers busiest month


Sarajevo Airport has registered its busiest month on record this July by handling 140.025 passengers, an increase of 28.3% compared to last year. The number of aircraft movements grew 16.9% to 1.208. During the January - July period, the airport welcomed 524.008 travellers through its doors, up 12.3%. "Despite strong competition, we are constantly working on attracting new airlines and we strive to adapt to their individual and specific needs. As a result, within the first seven months of the year, five new airlines commenced operations to Sarajevo (Wizz Air, TUIfly, Atalsglobal, Nesma Airlines and Wataniya Airways), while talks are ongoing with one of the world's biggest carriers - Qatar Airways. We expect continued growth in the number of flights and passengers in the coming period", Sarajevo Airport said in a statement.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.377 5.3
FEB41.122 3.4
MAR57.381 7.4
APR79.796 17.6
MAY84.137 1.9
JUN78.170 19.2
JUL140.025 28.3


  1. Anonymous17:22

    Bravo Sarajevo!

  2. As the 3rd biggest agglomeration in former Yugsolavia,
    Sarajevo has a potential of being 3rd busiest airport in Ex Yu,
    due to its economic (4th place in Ex Yu) and tourism potential.

    However, this and all former managements are destroying the
    whole future and the potential which Sarajevo has. Shame on that.

    1. Anonymous20:00

      What is the agglomeration of Sarajevo?

    2. Anonymous20:27

      Around 650.000 population which included Canton Sarajevo, East Sarajevo and couple of municipalities outside of that region (Olovo, Vareš, Breza, Visoko, Kiseljak, Kreševo) that are heavily connected and reliant on Sarajevo.

  3. Anonymous22:41

    Great news Sarajevo!! :)

  4. Anonymous00:57

    August will be around 150.000
    September 120.000
    October 105.000
    Year 2017 940.000

    1. Anonymous09:29

      October 105k even with the runway under reconstruction?


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