Split to become 24-hour airport


Split Airport is set to become operational 24 hours per day from next summer, the Croatian Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, said. The measure would ease congestion at the busy airport which is currently open from 06.00 until 22.00. Furthermore, it would help avoid similar scenarios from earlier this year when a Croatia Airlines flight bound for Dubrovnik diverted to Zagreb but was denied landing and was forced to fly to Rome instead as no other airport in the country was open at the time. "We are a tourist oriented country and, as a result, Split Airport must be open 24 hours per day during the summer. Weather conditions are much better than in Dubrovnik as there is no strong wind. If necessary, the state will participate in covering part of the expenses. We will surely find the funds". Currently, Zagreb is the only airport in Croatia which is operational 24 hours per day throughout the year.


  1. TCX will inaugurate new flights from LGW to SPU 2pw from 14th May and it will increase its flights to Manchester up to 3pw

  2. Nemjee16:05

    Having a tourist airport open until 22.00 is idiotic.
    LCA which has hundreds of charters per week sees a lot of its traffic depart after 22.00, especially when it comes to flights heading to the UK and Ireland.

    1. It is beyond idiotic. Operating 24/7 would reduce the pressure at least a bit and especially when it comes to flights to destinations such as those you mention. Or Israel too. Or Istanbul. Scandinavia as well. Not to mention if they get long hauls from the States.
      And what happened at Zagreb borders on criminal, because the main international airport in the country has to work 24/7 the entire year. Imagine if that had been a flight dealing with an emergency situation.

  3. Anonymous17:15

    It is not true that Split currently would be closed at night. Almost daily SPU has scheduled arr and dep between 22:00 and up to 1:00am. Does anyone know how is that possible?

    1. Anonymous17:19

      I think under special request they keep the airport open for some airlines on some days during the summer but official work hours are until 10pm.

    2. Anonymous11:10

      well then there is really an amazing amount of special requests

  4. Anonymous19:48

    ...unlike Zagreb.

  5. Anonymous21:18

    very strange for airports like DBV and SPU,but also for ZAG that handle so much traffic in the summer...shouldnt they have been open 24/7 like in Spain,Greece,Italy,Turkey etc?

    1. Anonymous00:19

      Zagreb is open 24/7, problem is current airport management to save few bobs, reduced emergency response team to only 18 hour operation.

      Supposedly, airport management claimed it was only that one night the airport had reduced number of emergency response staff at the airport, and of Croatian government "believed" in that excuse and fined airport operator with €6500 fine only.

      Well, if they're caught again doing the same, airport will be fined for entire year, i.e. €6500x365 or €2.4 million.

      Airport is open 24/7.

      I also agree, Split, Dubrovnik should be operational 24/7 between May 1st and October 31st, this is when the main tourist season is on.

      Eventually in near future, Zadar and Pula should also consider staying operational 24/7, with both airports now registering over 80 000 pax per month in summer months.

    2. Anonymous07:19

      But wasn't there a way for the government to check or did they 'believe' them because they didn't want to fine them millions?

    3. Anonymous15:26

      @Anon at 7:19 AM

      Well, government hopes state entities can self-regulate, so there was little reason for them to check on the Airport.

      Did government buy the excuse of only one night they failed to comply with the government requirement, I doubt it. However there's "no evidence" of the airport trying to cut costs by compromising the safety and security, so its all back to as if nothing happened.

      Was there corruption involved in this case, you bet it was. French firms are highly corrupt, as is HDZ Government, highly corrupt. Combined two and you get a nice and potent mix.

      Corruption in Croatia is very low these days, due to oversights, but there's still plenty to go in state firms or state firms run by foreigners under concession.

  6. Anonymous08:22

    I don't thing that is smart move.. there are just few airlines that will agree to fly at night.. Now SPU is open on req and that is ok.. not just few times that SPU was open whole night..

  7. Anonymous13:34

    I think it's a very smart and good move, however it should be handled with care since the airport is in an densly populated area and lots of noise at late night hours could also harm tourism....


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