Belgrade Airport steps up drone countermeasures


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has purchased equipment for the detection and obstruction of drones. The airport noted that the increasing number of flybys by rogue drones at major airports across the world has raised concerns over the possibility of a collision with passenger aircraft, including in the Serbian capital itself. The equipment detects low-flying drones by radar, radio frequency signals and other means, then tracks them and disables them. The equipment, valued at just over 791.000 euros, has been purchased from Serbia's Comtrade System Integration. Under Serbian law, drones are prohibited from flying within a five kilometre radius around the airport unless given prior consent by the country's Civil Aviation Directorate.


  1. Anonymous15:01

    nabavka od €800k evra preko posrednika, koji je, gle čuda, ujedno i vlasnik "srpskog telegrafa" koji veoma voli sadašnju vlast

    još kada se na to doda obuka iz PR osoblja aerodroma koju je izvela firma popularnog režimskog mislioca, nebojše krstića, prosto da čovek poželi da se ozbiljnije prišije uz ta napredna strujanja

    1. Anonymous15:30


    2. Anonymous18:33

      Comtrade je postojao u vreme Tadica, Djindjica, Milosevica.

    3. Anonymous21:18

      Another reason why the privatization of all state owned companies cannot come soon enough!

    4. Anonymous23:03

      Kao privatnici ne kupuju od Comtrade-a? Isto bi bilo da je aerodrom pod koncesiom ili privatizovan.

    5. Anonymous13:01

      Comtrade je na papiru privatna firma ali de facto drzavna.

  2. Anonymous15:37

    @Anonymous 3:01 PM
    And your comment is a proof for what exactly? If, of course, you understand me.

    1. Anonymous16:07

      Google is your friend, all of that can be verified online. If, of course, you understand me.


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