Braathens to operate Banja Luka, Podgorica flights


Virtual airline Montefly has contracted BRA Braathens Regional Airlines to operate flights from Gothenburg to Podgorica via Banja Luka this winter. Despite announcements that the route would be maintained throughout the entire winter season, only three flights have been scheduled so far, for December 22 and 28, as well as January 4, 2018. BRA is one of Sweden's largest carriers boasting a fleet of 25 aircraft, including ATR72s, Avro RJ85s and RJ100s. Only tickets between Gothenburg and Banja Luka can be purchased at the moment through Montefly's website with return fares starting from 210 euros.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Virtuelna kompanija u prevodu kompanija za pranje para.

  2. Bets on how long before the first flight this gets cancelled?

  3. Anonymous21:37

    Bravo BL neka plata stize bez mnogo muke.....sta ce vam avijacija samo da se mucite i resavate probleme....

  4. Anonymous08:42

    I'm surprised, Braathens managed to get free slots at BNX, especially if it's all about the New Year holidays!


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