Eurowings to launch Mostar service


Eurowings will commence flights from Cologne to Mostar next summer season after the city won a public vote on Facebook to select the carrier's newest destination. It beat Trapani in Italy and Shannon in Ireland to be included in the low cost airline's destination network next year. Eurowings is expected to announce details of the new service shortly. Within Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eurowings currently maintains flights to Sarajevo from Stuttgart and Cologne.


  1. Anonymous16:30


  2. Anonymous16:40

    Congrats OMO!

    If Mr Purger reads this: could you give a brief evaluation why OU has not been flying to OMO for more than a decade?

    I mean they could have connected Germany and Mostar via Zagreb, which I think could have worked, especially if you consider the diaspora from Herzegovina not only in Germany but in Zagreb also. At least when Germany Herzegovina is concerned Eurowings will do it now. Really cannot get the OU management... no decent route planning whatsoever... plonkers.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger17:42

      I just wrote about that today (sorry it is on Croatian, hope you will understand):

      Već desetljeće pišem da je notorni nonsens da se ne uvede Mostar. Svi razlozi za to postoje:

      - dijaspora (Hercegovci u Zagrebu i Slavoniji, ali i preko Zagreba za Njemačku, Švicarsku, Austriju, Skandinaviju...)

      - obiteljska povezanost

      - sva moguća najbliža suradnja (sveučilišta, sport, kultura, znanost, obrazovanje, arhiva, vojna suradnja, politička, diplomatska, vjerska, estradna, sportska, novinarska, trgovačka, gospodarstvena...)
      - čak postoje i iste stranke, ispostave novinskih kuća (Večernji), iste udruge
      - profesori iz Zagreba predaju u Mostaru, klinci se školuju u Zagrebu, niz hercegovskih businessmena su vlasnici tvrtki u Hrvatskoj i hrvatskih firmi koje imaju predstavništva u Hercegovini

      - turizam

      - vjerski turizam i konekcije preko Zagreba za hodočasnike u Međugorje

      - postoje fondovi Hrvatske za pomoć Hrvatima u BiH koji su vrlo veliki

      - postoji volja lokalne zajednice za sufinanciranje te linije (ali ne sa traženih, nerealnih i enormnih milijuna EUR)

      Jednostavno sva logika govori da ova linija ima ogromne potencijale. I svejedno ništa! Što se čeka da uleti Eurowings, Austrian, Air Serbia, Turkish, Wizz, pa da linija izgubi svoje prednosti i smanje se potencijali.

    2. Wasn't there a rumor about ZAG-OMO service operated by Tradeair J32?

    3. Anonymous19:36

      Understood! So it IS kind of an missed opportunity there for OU. Really sad... thx for the answer! Convincing as usual!

  3. Anonymous16:50

    Still wondering why they canceled the SKP service and they launch destinations based on FB voting

    1. Anonymous17:31

      This was a great marketing stunt for Eurowing millions of people has seen the voting contest on the website and more thand hunderd thousand saw the live video, and dont forget the media attention on tv and news sites ... great marketing trick for them

    2. Anonymous18:45

      i feel a little p*ssed off as well. #SKP

  4. I hope this one will work and at least 2/3 pw.

  5. Anonymous18:13

    Wonderful...except for that no passengers live there :)
    They should have done it from some hub which is better connected with Scandinavia, because it's there where most potential passengers are.
    Optimal solution would be Munich, because from there they could reach both the passengers living in southern Germany, and interconnect with LH to Scandinavia.
    And thereby they would cover 3/4 of all expats from the city - which is, like half of the city's population :)

  6. Anonymous18:49

    They choose Mostar before the fake contest. C'mon people.

    1. Fake contest? Its could: REKLAMAAAAAAAAAAA

    2. Anonymous14:57

      No. They didn't choose Mostar even after this voting.


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