Adria to wet-lease A319 to Eurowings


Adria Airways will wet-lease an Airbus A319 aircraft to Eurowings on a short-term basis. The jet will commence operations on behalf of the German low cost carrier from December 1 and will be utilised by the airline for the duration of the month. It will be based in Munich and deployed on European routes, as well as on flights to Agadir in Morocco. Earlier this year, Adria wet-leased its equipment to fellow Star Alliance members Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines. From January 1, 2018, the carrier will wet-lease one of its Bombardier CRJ700s to Luxembourg's Luxair. A wet-lease is a leasing arrangement whereby the lessor provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance to another airline. In an interview last month, Adria's CEO, Arno Schuster, said, "We are seeing strong demand for our wet-lease services. Carriers value our flexibility and reliability, and know that we offer a good service to them. We are not just some unknown airline, we are a recognised carrier within Star Alliance. The wet-lease business helps us exploit our fleet better throughout the year".


  1. Anonymous12:51

    Kudos to Adria, another fail for Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous17:08

      Your comment makes abosolutely 0 (Zero) sense

    2. Anonymous17:26

      I guess he refers to the fact that JP more often than not successfully leases out Airbusses / A319 to other airlines wheras JU doesn't. Remember that JU also has an A319 on offer for leases, previously even 3 of them that they wanted to lease out.

    3. anon 12:51.. such a stupid comment

    4. Anonymous21:22

      Hardly. it's completely factual.

    5. Anonymous21:40

      9h22 +1


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