Adria Airways handles millionth passenger


Adria Airways handled its millionth traveller of the year yesterday, recording a 10% increase in the number of passengers carried when compared to 2016. The millionth traveller was a Slovenian national flying between Amsterdam and Ljubljana. "Welcoming more than a million passengers this year is no coincidence, since Adria introduced several key changes, not only in the passenger service sector, but also in its network and scheduling. Therefore, we increased the number of weekly services and significantly shortened the waiting time for connecting flights between the Balkans and European cities", the carrier's CEO, Arno Schuster, said. Adria handled 1.103.530 passengers in 2016, which was down 11% on the year before.


  1. Anonymous12:19

    But my oh my, what was up with 'symbolic gift'. Croatia gave for 2M two business tickets, while Adria gave this guy, well, this. I mean, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but c'mon JP.

    1. Anonymous12:23

      Hahah I literally LOLed :D Adria keeping an eye on its finances.

    2. Anonymous12:23

      And the guy's expression in the photo is "WTF is that it?"

    3. Anonymous12:34

      His own private plane :P

    4. Anonymous13:25

      I'm pretty sure that printing and gluing (on what looks like 100x50cm kappa board) was more expensive then the 'gift' :D

    5. Anonymous14:52

      no comment

    6. Anonymous09:01

      the guy receive also round Adria's ticket on destinaton of his choice

    7. Anonymous09:03

      Source? Adria also reported Congrats and symbolic gift.

    8. Anonymous17:44

      here is the source:

    9. Anonymous18:13

      Kot so naknadno pojasnili so milijontemu potniku "poleg promocijskega materiala brezplačno podarili tudi povratno letalsko vozovnico", česar pa v sporočilu za medije niso želeli poudarjati.

      My bet is they saw what folks were writing/tweeting :D

  2. The increase in passenger traffic is mostly owed to a boost in weekly services and a significantly shorter waiting time on connecting flights.


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