Zadar Airport numbers take a hit in November


Zadar Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline in November following a record summer. The airport welcomed 5.481 passengers through its doors, a decrease of 34% on the same period last year. This is despite an increase of 18.4% in the number of aircraft movements, which stood at 116. Over the past eleven months, Zadar Airport has handled 587.605 travellers, up 13.4% on the same period last year. It has already overtaken 2016s end-of-year result when a total of 520.226 passengers were registered. A number of carriers have announced plans to launch new seasonal summer flights to Zadar next year, including Aegean Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, Condor and Germania Flug.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN1.718 7.0
FEB1.193Decrease  24.2
MAR8.187 260.5
APR48.541 14.1
MAY62.648 1.0
JUN83.837 20.5
JUL114.403 18.3
AUG123.348 21.0
SEP81.084 13.8
OCT57.165Decrease  5.3
NOV5.481Decrease  34.0


  1. Anonymous10:58

    What happened?

    1. Anonymous12:46

      New CEO, politically install, with no experience in air business at all (not a one second in air business), instead of previous CEO who was not elected again by Government.

    2. Anonymous13:05

      As long as people are so stupid in the region and give their votes to those peoples, there is no need to whine. Pack your stuff and leave. Ok soon no one will be left to leave :D

    3. Anonymous00:49

      Politically installed useless people... These types of things are not letting us to progress

  2. Anonymous12:37

    The base is very low. Looking at the absolute numbers here is better. On Average it were 3 flights including general aviation.

  3. Anonymous23:34

    Let Air Serbia to fly to Zadar. It would definitely boost the numbers during off-peak. Diaspora would fly year round.

  4. Anonymous09:23

    This decrease has nothing to do with new CEO. The main reason is Rynaiar and its fewer flight in the month of November.


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