Serbia and Montenegro to upgrade air navigation


Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA) is set to receive a 35 million euro loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to improve air navigation services in both countries. The fund will be invested to upgrade SMATSA’s air traffic control and data processing systems. Additionally, SMATSA’s aeronautical fixed telecommunications network (AFTN) system and aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) will be updated. The proposed upgrades are a key element of SMATSA's modernisation program, which also includes expanding the air traffic control building in Belgrade to increase capacity. Furthermore, the program will include new control towers at Belgrade and Niš airports, as well as a contingency centre in Niš.

The project is part of the Single European Sky program run by the European Commission. It aims to improve aviation safety, capacity and flight efficiency. The Single European Sky initiative includes upgrades in EU countries, as well as improvements in neighbouring states to make cooperation between systems more reliable. SMATSA’s modernisation program will fall in line with the European Common Aviation Area’s harmonisation process that seeks to make air services affordable across Europe. EBRD and SMATSA have previously cooperated in 2005 when the bank granted a 33.5 million euro modernisation program loan. This was used to improve services at SMATSA, as well as to ensure it complied with pen-European standards and Eurocontrol guidelines.


  1. Anonymous17:41

    (ICAO) Global average (%) for effective implementation of standrds in Air Navigation Services is at 61,59%, while Serbia is according to the ICAO audit held in 2016 higly at 98,24 %; comparing to Montenegro (70,67), Slovenia (87,21), Croatia(78,61), Switzerland(77,78), France (87,21)Germany(85,55). This just prooves kind a BS runs taxpayers money.

    1. Anonymous17:46

      Smatsa is entirely funded by Eurocontrol. It gets no funds from the state budget. Only involvment of state in Smatsa is that it names the CEO but even he is paid by Eurocontrol.

    2. Anonymous18:25

      SMATSA is a doo(!)LTD with one of the best facilities in Europe. Founded by Eurocontrol? You must be kidding. As written in the article, EBRD will grant them a loan, and EBRD is a bank not a humanitarian organization, ...

  2. Dogradnjom Kontrolnog Tornja u Beogradu i Nisu, sa ugradnjom ILS, dogradnjom i pustanjem u saobracaj Morave i Ponikvi, Srbija postaje veoma znacajna zemlja u vazdusnom saobracaju Evrope.
    Vodeca institucija u tehnoloskoj opremljenosti Srbije. Za par godina u ovoj oblasti Srbija postaje medju prvih dvadeset drzava Evrope.
    Fascinantno, zaista.
    Rodney. 🇷🇸


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