TRIP REPORT: Flydubai, Sarajevo - Dubai


Submitted by Erol Hajdarević

At the end of October 2017 I flew from Sarajevo to Dubai with Flydubai. I have used them before a few times but have only flown with them in economy so this time I treated myself a bit since the fare was less expensive than usual. Sarajevo Airport is small but efficient. After check-in I went to the business class lounge where you have snacks and drinks.

Business class boarded first and there were two cabin crew waiting for us at the entrance. I later learned one was Russian and the other girl was Serbian. I was seated in the first row next to the window. The cabin has twelve seats and around eight or nine were occupied. The cabin looks similar to first class cabins on domestic US flights with large leather seats in 2-2 configuration. Each seat has a TV as well. When I took my seat I was given a drink and menu and there was also a pillow and water bottle waiting at the seat. There is really a noticeable difference between business and economy on Flydubai since you have to pay for everything in economy where here everything is free except wi-fi which you can buy.

After departure I selected my meal. There are a few available options. I had prawns and it was great. The cabin crew was very courteous and I later talked to the Serbian girl a bit. She told me how the new flights to Podgorica, that stop in Sarajevo, work out and that they now have a layover which was not the case before. The entertainment options are good and there are some movies and TV shows. Their solution for headphones is not very smart because the headphone jack is in the TV screen, which means that if you are seated next to the window and want to get to the aisle you have to jump over the other person's headphone chord. It is especially bothersome if you are in the first row since the screens are further away from you because they are on the wall. I hope that in their new MAX planes the headphone jack is in the armrest or seat. The seat is comfortable and can be reclined and there is reclining footrest as well.

The crew went through the cabin a few times asking if anyone wanted something to drink and somewhere in the middle of the flight they came out with a basket that had packed chocolates, crisps and cookies and you could take whatever you wanted. Around an hour before landing they offered warm tortillas. There are two options, one vegetarian and the other with chicken and cheese. I had the chicken and they are excellent. They serve them in economy too but you have to pay but you have to try it. You would never think it's plane food. Coffee and tea are also served.

Dubai's Terminal 2 which is used by Flydubai is a basic low cost terminal which can be very busy and not very appealing. A tip for people flying business with Flydubai out of Dubai: there is a Flydubai lounge which is basic with some drinks but it is really crowded as is the rest of the terminal. But business class passengers have a separate boarding area which is basically a big room where you wait for the bus to pick you up to ride you to the plane. There was no one there when I was waiting for my flight except for the lady which tells you that your bus has arrived. There are also free drinks there so it's a much better and peaceful way to wait for your flight and it is completely separated from the rest of the departures area.

I would recommend Flydubai. The upgrade from economy to business is worth it and is value for money.

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  1. Anonymous13:41

    Nice I have heard positive feedback from several people who have traveled on their C class.

  2. Anonymous13:48

    The SJJ lounge looks cozy but the service offered is a joke.

  3. Anonymous14:07

    "I hope that in their new MAX planes the headphone jack is in the armrest or seat."

    It is :)

  4. Anonymous15:43

    Their business class product sounds and looks better then many legacy airlines.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX21:17

    Thanks Erol, very informative and useful report


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