VLM to launch new Maribor service


VLM Airlines will resume operations from Maribor next month by launching flights to Munich. The service will continue on to Antwerp, giving travellers the opportunity to book a connecting flight to the Belgian city. The Slovenian carrier will maintain the service five times per week, from Monday through to Friday, starting February 12 with its fifty-seat Fokker 50 aircraft. Tickets will be available for purchase through the airline's website from tomorrow. VLM Airlines CEO, Karl Rickard, said, “The new service to Munich will not only cater for companies in Maribor and its surroundings, but is also perfect for travellers looking for a break in the city. Passengers from Slovenia will also be able to easily travel to Antwerp”.

VLM Airlines has three Air Operator Certificates (AOCs): a Slovenian and a Belgian one for its Fokker 50 operations and a Belgian AOC for its Airbus A320 operations. Its fleet consists of six F50 turboprops and two A320s, which are all registered in Belgium. The airline has previously said it would operate a number of routes from Maribor but has so far maintained a limited number of operations from the Slovenian city to Dubrovnik and Split during August of last year.

Further flight details for the new Munich - Maribor service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous09:54

    What is the point of starting ticket sales a month before the flights are supposed to start? Have they not learned anything from the poor loads they had from Maribor this summer?

  2. Anonymous11:09

    Zdaj pa bo! :)

  3. Fake news and alternative facts :))) this is VLM hahahha summer is almost here and they should start selling tickets to SPlit and Dubrovnik, but they are waiting for end of august probably hahhha

  4. Anonymous13:23

    Will they have maribor bwk flights?

    1. Anonymous14:25

      No. Brač is supposed to be to Italy.

    2. Anonymous19:59

      But couldnt they at least sell the ferry flights from and to BWK?

  5. Anonymous18:47

    The flight is actually Antwerp-Munich-Maribor in one flight. So technically Maribor will get two destinations with one flight.

    Here is the link: https://flyvlm.force3.be/vlm-airlines-will-operate-flights-from-antwerp-to-birmingham-munich-and-maribor-starting-12th-february-2018

  6. Anonymous21:50

    The tickets for MBX-MUC route are already on sale. They start with €61 for return flight (including 20kg baggage)!


  7. Anonymous10:29

    You must be a genius starting ops at foggy MUC or ZRH in January without Low Vis approval.

  8. Anonymous19:18

    Ajmo se kladit koliko puta će letit prije rušenja linije. Ja kažem 2

  9. I hope they manage to do something, but i wouldnt bet even one 0,1€ on them.

  10. Anonymous17:44

    EUR 59 for a ticket to Munchen. That's a bargain.
    Besides,I would expect business people to make use of this connection in the first place. They tend to book only 1-2 weeks before the flights.Sometimes only a few days in advance. But OK,a longer advance warning of opening of route would have been better. I wonder whether they also will have interline agreements with some airlines at MUC? That could attract also some transitpassengers from MBX and ANR.

  11. Anonymous11:14

    I feel Maribor airport should do a little bit more promotion on the MBX website.
    Now there si only a pop-up once in a while with a link to the VLM website. The new schedule as from FEB12th,2018 should be visible 'at a glance' on the homepage. after all this new scheduled route is also important for maribor in the first place!


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