Wizz seeking future pilots in Sarajevo


Wizz Air, in coordination with BBA Training, is seeking prospective future pilots for its cadet program, with an open day event to take place in Sarajevo later this month. Candidates that are successful in joining and completing the program will be granted an Air Transport Pilot Licence and a guaranteed contract at Wizz Air. Entry requirements include at least eighteen years of age, secondary or higher education and a valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate. During the course, future pilots will be trained according to Wizz Air standards. The open day will take place on January 27 at Hotel Bosnia (Kulovića 9) in Sarajevo between 10.30 and 13.30. Further details on the cadet pilot program and the open day itself can be found here.


  1. Anonymous15:41

    Nice :) thanks for informing us

  2. Anonymous16:30

    120 000 euros loan...

  3. Anonymous17:51

    How much do they pay? 120k annually?

  4. Anonymous18:19

    I think at BAA it is 72k now. It used to be cheaper

  5. Anonymous23:54

    No more than 50-60k....

    1. No more ... ? How ,such do you earn?

  6. Anonymous00:35

    Hiring pilots is all good, but we need more routes from Sarajevo Wizz! :)


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