Zagreb Airport sets new record in 2017


Zagreb Airport handled 3.092.047 passengers in 2017, marking its best year on record. The figure represents growth of 11.8% on the year before. The number of aircraft movements stood at 41.585, up 1.9%, while a total of 11.719 tons of cargo were processed, an increase of 16.3%. During 2017, Zagreb opened its new passenger terminal and a number of new carriers launched flights to the city. So far, several airlines have announced frequency upgrades for 2018, while Aegean Airlines will start flights from Athens on May 14 and Air Canada Rouge will commence seasonal services to Zagreb from Toronto on June 2.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.788 7.4
FEB154.679 1.0
MAR192.533 3.3
APR240.168 18.7
MAY268.847 8.9
JUN310.927 16.3
JUL351.532 14.4
AUG347.663 13.3
SEP330.855 15.0
OCT297.682 17.4
NOV222.697 12.5
DEC205.682 10.0


  1. Anonymous12:01

    3 mln.! Congratulations, Zagreb!

  2. Anonymous12:38

    Great. Just imagine what would happen if ZAG had a low cost airline like EasyJet.

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Larger crowds? Bunch of poor travellers? No thanks!

    2. Anonymous13:05

      what a ridiculous comment from a millionaire ^^

    3. Anonymous13:07

      as if Croatian tourism wasnt made of "large crowds". How many pax had Easy Jet in Croatia? 1 million? Oh funny

    4. Anonymous13:13

      We're talking of airports and LCC offer low level service to their users. We don't need those in our capital, our focus needs to be on legacy airlines. LCC should go to smaller airports like SPU, ZAD where such low income travellers are better suited.

    5. Anonymous13:19

      Small airports like LTN, STN, PRG, BUD, TXL, SXF, CDG, GVA you mean? That where LCC belong to, but not to ZAG? Bunch of poor travellers- finally Zagrebians could fly too :)

    6. Anonymous15:33

      Add FRA to your list.

    7. Christ almighty. Some here act like we're damn Switzerland. We do need LCC, but not at cost of legacy airlines. Hopefully there will be a healthy balance soon.

    8. Anonymous18:44

      Low invome travellers??? Who are you, Rockefeller??? Ma pokri se i srami se! Nemas pojma tko leti LCC. Sjedni, 1.

    9. Anonymous21:33

      Tko god da letio LCC-om to na kraju plaćamo svi mi kroz subvencije koje im se daju. Stoga neka lijepo lete što dalje od ZAG.

    10. O jadno moje. Od svega za što ti u ovoj državi uzimaju iz "tvog džepa", ti se brineš oko LCCa?

  3. Anonymous12:59

    ZAG is starting to rely on EK. As you can clearly see, figures doubled after JUN.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      QR also launched 4 additional flights per week, but overall I think that general demand went up. Certainly EK contributed as well, but I wouldn't say that the airport relies on them.

  4. Anonymous13:16

    so we already know that AC Rouge is coming this summer, also Aeagan.

    + 5 new routes OU and
    + 3 new european carriers

    a lot of seasonal routes will be here again, some charters, I think Zagreb will have growth around +11% in the 2018. too :)

    1. Anonymous15:35

      Which 5 OU routes?
      Which 3 new european carriers?

    2. Anonymous16:55

      To be announced soon, Anon 3:35!

    3. Anonymous20:15

      Yeah, sure.

    4. Anonymous20:23

      Bravo, ZAG!

    5. Anonymous22:32

      U will see. Just wait until middle of Feb and OU will publish everything :)

  5. Anonymous14:45

    Danasnji ZAG-DXB pun do cepa

  6. Anonymous14:56

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  7. Regarding ZAG,in my opinion I would like to see ZAG have LCC share at least around 20%. Today it is around 7%, which is not good. However, it occurs to me that the airport concesionairre is using this to give OU break for as much is possible in order forcthem to open new routes. So far, it is working. If OU continues doing what it'scbeen doong for the past 2 yeats, then I am happy with this policy. For a few years, more LCCs should be stimulated to come and that will be good for the tourism.

    I am happy with the way Croatia and Zagreb are developing its tourist product. What is missing is business...hopefully that will improve soon too.

  8. Anonymous09:56

    OU 411 FRA-ZAG A319 62/144
    OU 415 FRA-ZAG A319 50/144

    Why not cancel OU 411 and keep on flight at night now in low season?

    1. Anonymous10:59

      I think there is too much capacity from FRA to ZAG. With more and more airlines adding flights passengers have more options. LH already reduced the number of seats.

    2. Anonymous13:52

      And numbers on return legs?

    3. Anonymous15:42

      Sorry, I work at FRA terminal so I could only get access to the departing flights.

    4. Anonymous16:30

      Those are catastrophic loads! Why not sent the Q400?

    5. Anonymous12:44

      You didn't understand. OU is a 5 star airline and they wanted to give maximum comfort to their passengers.

  9. Anonymous11:01

    In ZAG

    -Air Serbia used B737 today and yesterday
    -LH from MUC with A321
    -Aeroflot keeps using A320

    1. Anonymous11:27

      JU and LH sent larger aircraft due to operational reasons.

      ASL's Atr broke down, which is why VIE saw the A319 and B733.

      LH sent the A321 because of mechanical issues with their fleet, that's why the flight was delayed.


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