Airlines, airports at SEAS 2018


Airlines, airports, plane manufacturers and other players in the aviation industry will be taking part at the biennial Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (SEAS), which will take place this Thursday and Friday in Belgrade. The summit will host key industry leaders to offer insights and provide a forum for discussing regional modernisation and expansion in the industry. Some of them include Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, Emirates, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Pipistrel, Belgrade Airport, Niš Airport, TAV Macedonia and Brač Airport. Regulators such as the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation, the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency, the Civil Aviation Directorate of Macedonia, as well as Eurocontrol will also be taking part. Over 500 delegates will be present at this year's summit. Further details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous16:34

    The event is growing quite nicely. It could position Serbia on the aviation map.

  2. Anonymous20:40

    is there any hope we will hear about the neo's?

    1. Anonymous07:12

      Dude, the neos have been cancelled.

    2. Anonymous07:23

      Dude, it actually hasn't. Showing that you know little about it is the fact that Air Serbia can't cancel anything since it's not their order in the first place.

    3. Anonymous08:41

      Cancelled in the sense of the airline not taking the order. It will end up with Etihad.

      Wait and see and you will then realize I was right. Mark this day. ;)


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