TUIfly to add new Skopje service


Leisure airline TUIfly will launch seasonal summer flights between Dusseldorf and Skopje in cooperation with the Reiseburo Prishtina tour operator. Services will run once per week, each Saturday from Dusseldorf and Sunday from Skopje, starting July 7 until September 2. Ticket can be purchased through the operator's website. TUIfly will introduce a dozen of new seasonal routes to the former Yugoslavia this summer, primarily to Montenegro. Details for the new Dusseldorf - Skopje flights can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:56

    I guess it's cheaper than to fly to PRN.

  2. Anonymous11:48

    I meant I don't think it's cheaper than to fly to PRN, because of the same tour agency Reiseburo Prishtina operates.

  3. Anonymous12:18

    Didn't Eurowings fail on this route? I guess they didn't do their homework first.

  4. Anonymous12:22

    No, EUrowings never flew this route or sold tickets for it. They sold ticket for Munich-Skopje but cancelled it.

  5. Anonymous13:30

    SKP - 2 million this year.

    1. Anonymous13:44

      Still Early relax

    2. Anonymous14:12

      It's exactly just in time. Relax :-)

    3. Anonymous16:26

      SKP needs less then 10% growth to reach 2mio. Looking easy!

  6. Anonymous14:52

    July 7 until September 2 - no risk to fly empty planes. Plus overnight operations - real money maker for both the agency and airline.


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