PHOTOS: Onur Air touches down in Ohrid


Turkish low cost carrier Onur Air commenced flights between Istanbul's Ataturk Airport and Ohrid yesterday, with the airline to maintain a one weekly seasonal service from April 15 until October 7. Tickets for Onur Air's new Ohrid route can be purchased through the airline's website, as well as Turkish tour operator Tatil Budur. It joins Brussels Airlines (Brussels), TUIfly (Eindhoven), Corendon Dutch Airlines (Maastricht), Nordica (Tallinn), Enter Air (Warsaw) and Wizz Air (Vienna) in launching new flights to the lake-side city this year. The Macedonian government has outlined it aims to attract more low cost carriers to Ohrid. "We, as a government, have an obligation to do our outmost to develop air traffic, and, in that sense, we will support any airline that wishes to fly to Macedonia. St Paul the Apostle Airport in Ohrid has untapped potential and we are focusing on shifting traffic to that airport and providing the public with many destinations operated by low cost airlines", the Macedonian Minister for Transport and Communication, Goran Sugareski, said recently. A total of 129.708 Turkish tourists visited Macedonia in 2017, representing an increase of 22.7% on the year before. Most visitors arriving in Macedonia are from Turkey.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    VERY cool! Bravo OHD and Bravo MK!
    By the way, is Cyrillic widely spread in MK or it is less just like in Serbia?

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Only cyrillic is used in Macedonia.

    2. Anonymous11:05

      Thanks mate.

  2. Anonymous13:10

    Although Cyrillic is the only official script for Macedonian language, there's plenty of signs in Ohrid and Skopje that have Latin alphabet transliteration of Macedonian (especially in tourist locations like old churches, pazars and fortresses). In some parts of country, you can see signs with Macedonian in Cyrillic, Albanian in Latin script, then English in one sign!
    Also! Macedonian Cyrillic has some different letters compared with Serbian/Bulgarian Cyrillic but majority are the same :)

  3. Anonymous14:23

    It's great to see that Onur Air is selling tickets through their website too.

  4. Anonymous16:16

    How many pax are expected in OHD in 2018?

  5. Anonymous16:45

    I forecast around 200k this year with all new charters plus new winter schedule of VIE and LON by W6.
    Last year there were 160k.

  6. Anonymous12:19



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