Qatar Airways to deploy A330 to Sarajevo


Qatar Airways has scheduled to operate its wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft from Doha to Sarajevo on May 29 and June 3. It marks the first time the carrier will send its 260-seat jet, featuring 24 business class and 236 economy class seats, to the Bosnian capital. The change comes due to operational reasons. Qatar Airways currently maintains flights to Sarajevo with its narrow-body A320. The airline has previously said it eventually plans to boost frequencies to daily and up capacity to the A321.

Qatar Airways A330-300 business class cabin


  1. Anonymous10:56

    Only 5 months after its launch! Amazing!
    I think this route will follow the success of ZAG-DOH.
    Bosnian airports are now on the news on a very regular basis. Just proves that the government is doing a great job.

    1. Anonymous11:03

      I´m afraid its not the governments doing, but rather the market itself. Unfortunately our government(s) arent that capable of doing their job right... But great news for Sarajevo anywho. :)

  2. Anonymous11:02

    Fantastic news for Sarajevo, must be that the sales is going well! :)

  3. Anonymous15:52

    Guys, it is one off as Bosnian soccer team is travelling and business class of 320 is to small. It is not due to regualar and continuous demand. But, will be a nice sight in SJJ, looking forward!

    1. Anonymous16:34

      Demand is already a fact. Read the article before rushing to the comments:

      "The airline has previously said it eventually plans to boost frequencies to daily and up capacity to the A321."

    2. Anonymous16:36

      Read what he wrote. He didn't dispute general bookings but rather that this one is because of the incompetent Bosnian football team traveling in premium class.

    3. Anonymous18:17

      "It was not due to continuous demand"... Then why will they launch a daily A321 service???

    4. Anonymous19:41

      Smiri dozivljaj...evo ti jednog prilicno geberickog PR iz teksta: 'The airline has previously said it eventually plans to boost frequencies to daily and up capacity to the A321.'
      Naglasak je na eventually, a to je prilicno neodredjen pojam...jednog dana....

  4. Anonymous20:44

    Hahaha! Obdaniste.

  5. Anonymous21:17

    Lijepo za SJJ, ali mislim da dvije rotacije ne definiraju mega uspjeh niti ikakvu superiornost isto kao ni dva otkazana leta. Ali, na ovim prostorima radi samo kurcenje i podjebavanje.

  6. Anonymous22:29

    I just checked that for those same 330 flights you can get a SJJ-BKK for 429.25€ which is a crazy price!!!

    Outbound flight 220.72 EUR
    Inbound flight 208.73 EUR
    Total price
    Tue , 29 May 2018 12:35 SJJ Sarajevo , BA Arrival Wed , 30 May 2018 07:05 BKK Bangkok , TH
    Sat , 02 Jun 2018 20:55 BKK Bangkok , TH Arrival Sun , 03 Jun 2018 11:35 SJJ Sarajevo , BA
    429.45 EUR for all passengers

    1. Anonymous22:37

      Because they need to fill the plane


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