Tuzla Airport sees record Q1


Tuzla Airport has registered its busiest first quarter on record by handling 119.651 passengers during the three-month period, representing an increase of 51.9% on 2017. In March alone, the airport welcomed 43.112 travellers through its doors, up 48.1%, while the number of aircraft movements stood at 334. Wizz Air, which has two aircraft based in the city, will launch new services to Vienna on April 27 and to Baden Baden on June 18. Furthermore, Turkey's Freebird Airlines will run summer charters from Antalya to Tuzla starting in June. Tuzla Airport is in the process of expanding its terminal building, with work expected to be completed at the end of next month. The airport previously said in anticipates passenger growth of between 8% - 12% in 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN40.563 52.8
FEB35.976 55.7
MAR43.112 48.1


  1. Anonymous13:21

    I decided to create a list of top airports in ex-YU and it will include only those that published their March numbers.

    1. BEG - 997.518 (4%)
    2. ZAG - 585.576 (14%)
    3. PRN - 418.134 (17%)
    4. TGD - 181.381 (18%)
    5. SJJ - 169.124 (20%)
    6. TZL - 119.651 (52%)
    7. SPU - 117.493 (33%)
    8. DBV - 94.038 (23%)
    9. INI - 84.894 (28%)
    10. TIV - 59.449 (21%)

    It's very interesting when we see airports like this. I am especially suprised/impressed by PRN.

    Overall seems like most airports are developing nicely. I am still waiting on SKP numbers though.

    1. Anonymous13:47

      Any estimates for SKP?

    2. Anonymous14:14

      Thanks! Belgrade with the smallest growth, hopefully summer is much better.

    3. Anonymous14:19

      Of course it's smallest percentage when it has the highest base number. It's 5% growth is greater than Tuzla's 52% figure wise.

    4. Anonymous14:36

      LJU is also missing

    5. Anonymous14:39

      BEG has only that much because of weak January.


      January: 1% (4.275 added passengers)
      February: 5% (14.927)
      March: 6% (22.328)

      Total passengers added: 41.530

      Easter was in April this year so there should be healthy growth. If April has 6% then we should have 441.287 passengers.

    6. Anonymous15:03

      By June Belgrade will have 2 million passengers especially with Final Four in May.

    7. Anonymous15:05

      Great list! Thank you for the effort.

    8. Anonymous15:07

      I am impressed by INI. They got into top ten. <3

    9. Anonymous15:32

      INI is only in the top 10 on this list because both SKP and LJU are not on it

    10. Anonymous15:40

      Nevertheless, it's still there.

    11. Anonymous16:29


      Jan - 145.592
      Feb - 129.792
      Mar - 162.600 (SKP+OHD), SKP is around 155.000

      TOTAL ~ 430.000

    12. Anonymous16:45

      Impressive. SKP and PRN are still neck and neck. This summer season will be interesting to follow.

    13. Anonymous10:24

      1. BEG - 997.518
      2. ZAG - 585.576
      3. SKP - 430.000
      4. PRN - 418.134
      5. LJU - 329.212
      6. TGD - 181.381
      7. SJJ - 169.124
      8. TZL - 119.651
      9. SPU - 117.493
      10. DBV - 94.038

    14. Anonymous22:56

      lol i luv how u included ohd+skp to gain more points. not fair not fair

    15. Anonymous06:55

      Hahah yes, it's quite sad and pathetic. He just did it to remove INI and TIV from the list.

    16. seems that the last two anonymous had 0 in math and logic back in school and they still keep that level

  2. Anonymous15:02

    TZL ahead of SPU? That really shows how seasonal traffic at the favourite soon no.2 in the region is.

    1. Anonymous15:04

      Yes but I am also surprised DBV is so low.

    2. Anonymous20:15

      Hajd o 20 marki da ce SPU na kraju godine imat bar 4 puta vise putnika od Tuzle

    3. Anonymous23:31

      Već na kraju petog mjeseca SPU će imati više od cjelogodišnjeg prometa Tuzle.
      Do kraja godine puta nekoliko...

    4. Anonymous07:16

      Bolan, Tuzla ce rast tokom zime sto puta brze od spu. Daj vrijemena da se dokaze.

    5. Well kids comparing those airports with so much different types of markets and travvelers is like comparing apples and pears

  3. Anonymous15:06

    Do you guys think OSI will pass 100.000?

    1. what are the stats for now and plans for 2018?

    2. Anonymous22:54

      I don't think it wil

  4. Anonymous19:58

    Bravo INI!!! So proud of you. Can't wait for the W6 A321 in winter!! The figures will be crazy crazy in December.

    Might be in Top 10:


  5. Anonymous02:45

    Of course, like after Monday goes Tuesday. But it's still no.9 in the 1st quarter if we count LJU and SKP and it will be neck by neck with ZAG at the end of the year - such impressive oscillation.

    1. Anonymous07:15

      Is that SPU you are talking about?


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