Korean Air to launch Zagreb flights in September

Korean Air will commence scheduled year-round flights between Seoul and Zagreb from September 1. In a statement, Zagreb Airport said, "We are proud to announce that from September 2018, Croatia and the Far East will be closer than ever. Korean Air, the largest air carrier from South Korea will connect Seoul and Zagreb three times a week year-round". It added, "Korean Air will be the third new carrier this year in Zagreb, following Aegean Airlines and Air Canada Rouge, to contribute to the growth of passenger traffic". As reported earlier this month, Korean Air was recently granted permits by regulators to launch up to five weekly operations to Zagreb.

Flights between the South Korean and Croatian capitals will operate three times per week, with the 218-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft, featuring six seats in first class, 24 in business and 188 seats in economy class. During the 2018/19 winter season, which begins on October 28, the airline will maintain a three weekly triangle service with the routing Seoul - Zagreb - Zurich - Seoul, although the carrier is unlikely to sell tickets on the intra-European sector due to stringent Swiss air traffic rights. The winter operation will be operated by the 269-seat Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with the capacity to seat six passengers in first class, eighteen in business and 245 passengers in economy. It should be noted that Korean Air has the same seats in both first and business class on its A330s and B787s with the point of difference being the on board service. Further flight details can be found here.

Korean Air first and business class cabin

This May and June, Korean Air is maintaining charter flights between Seoul and Zagreb with its A330 aircraft, as has been the case for the past few years. In 2017, 444.132 Korean holidaymakers visited Croatia, representing an increase of 20.2% on the year before. Korean Air operates flights to a range of European destinations including Amsterdam, Prague, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona, London and Zurich. The head of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, recently said, "This year we expect for the number of arrivals from South Korea to continue growing. We are increasing our promotional activities on this market since Korean tourists primarily travel outside the peak summer months, helping us extend the tourist season".

Korean Air economy class cabin

Korean Air's arrival is the latest scoop for Zagreb Airport after the French operator last year secured year-round flights from Dubai by Emirates and seasonal services from Toronto operated by Air Canada Rouge, which will launch this Saturday. Zagreb Airport's General Manager, Jacques Feron, said earlier this year that his team is working towards developing Croatia's busiest airport into a regional hub by attracting new carriers and cooperating closely with Croatia Airlines. Mr Feron noted that such a process would take time but added that the country's growing tourism industry would assist in achieving this goal. "I believe I would not exaggerate in saying that Zagreb Airport's future looks promising. Of course, we are benefiting from the continuous economic and tourism sector development in Zagreb. It is important to bear in mind that an airport like Zagreb cannot develop independently into a hub. We cannot simply decide on it alone. This process has to take place in close cooperation with other airlines, which results in transforming an airport into a hub. It is clear that this cannot happen overnight, but we are heading in the right direction. We are planning new destinations, and our future development is linked to Croatia Airlines' growth, which remains our most important partner and has the largest share in overall traffic.".


  1. Anonymous09:03

    YES!! YES!! YEEEEES!!!


    This will be a total success no doubt!!

    Welcome Korean to beautiful Croatia!

    1. Anonymous09:06

      A tko to mi?
      Radis tamo?
      Aktivno sudjelujes u ovakovim projektima?

    2. Anonymous09:15

      I am an enthusiast and I am happy about my airport ZAG! No hate please

    3. Anonymous09:35

      Jako djetinjasto.

    4. Anonymous11:54

      This is so great news! We expect new arrivals from economically potent markets bringing pax who will spend money in Croatia. Happy days!

    5. Anonymous13:28

      @9:35AM slažem se

    6. Anonymous20:14

      Bravo, ZAG! Good luck with the new route! Still waiting for ANA to announce Tokyo, hopefully soon!

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Congrats Croatia. It will be nice seeing a regular flight being catered and prepared for a 12 hour journey non stop in Zagreb :)

    1. Anonymous10:59


    2. Anonymous19:24

      Seeing a Korean Air Dreamliner in ZAG will be great! Good luck!

  3. Anonymous09:04

    This is how you run an airport. ;)

    1. Anonymous09:13

      and more good new to come ;)

    2. This is how the entire country should be run. The government should not have their fingers in anything (with a few exceptions but not many).

      Hopefully the country will learn something here.

    3. Anonymous09:27

      Bravo ZAG! Keeping constant growth above 10% without a single ULCC shows the true potential of an airport.

    4. Anonymous09:29

      Which means that with ULCC at ZAG we could without problem reach 5 million, maybe even more.

    5. Alen Šćuric Purger10:30

      Yes. 5 million in 2 years with just one base LCC and several routes by other LCC.

    6. Anonymous10:42

      @Q400 9:18: But Croatian government had "their fingers" in it, it was their publically announced policy (attracting long-hauls). I don't say it is a bad thing, I just don't understand your reply?

    7. Anonymous10:55

      They had their "Voices" in- epressing the wish for it to happen- the rest- the actual work was done by the airport- a private enterprise.

    8. Anonymous11:01

      @ Anon 10:55
      "The Ministry has launched a four million euro project entitled "Positioning Croatia as a airline destination", with plans to double its budget next year. "The project aims to attract carriers from far away markets", Mr Cappelli said."
      4 million voices? :)

    9. Anonymous11:34

      Yeah, but that's assistance. Whether okay or not may be another question. But as Q400 stated, Enterprises should not be RUN by the government. Assistance is another thing.

    10. Anonymous12:25

      it's a budget money for subsidies.

  4. Anonymous09:05

    Was there an article about Japan getting a permission to fly to ZAG?

    1. Anonymous09:07

      There was an article about Japan recently

  5. Anonymous09:09

    Admin, Korean will operate with A332, not A333.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger09:11

      I also get information from Zagreb airport yesterday that they will fly the route with A330-200

    2. A333 might not have the legs

  6. Anonymous09:10


  7. Anonymous09:12

    Svaka cast, ovo je ozbiljan proekat. Nadam se da nece ugroziti EK u toku zime, u toku leta siguran sam da nece.

  8. Anonymous09:12

    Triangle route? :(
    So, same scenario as BEG-PEK flights.
    Many will travel to ZRH and few to ZAG.
    Anyway, not bad news.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      nope, it's not the same. During the summer there is direct flight and during the winter there is stop in ZRH just on the way back from ZAG to ICN. Also, they already planning to fly direct ICN-ZAG-ICN during the winter 2019. :)

    2. Anonymous09:20

      I think Asiana will feel stupid now and they will have to launch flights as well. :)

    3. and its Zagreb first stop from Seoul.

      How many flights does Korean have to Zurich in the winter months? I assume its daily?

    4. Anonymous09:23

      It used to be operated via Vienna since its launch. Strangly enough demand from Korea is stronger to Croatia than to Switzerland.

    5. Anonymous09:24

      So far in the system it's three weekly with the B772 which shows that ZAG is as important for them. Maybe even more because it will be first stop.

    6. Anonymous09:49

      BEG-PEK is not a triangle

    7. Anonymous09:59

      Hoce li se moc kupit karta ZAG-ZRH?

    8. Anonymous10:02

      Ne posto ce ic u jednom smjeru.

    9. Anonymous10:38

      How is that the same?

      BEG via PRG all year
      ZAG vie ZRH during winter but in summer nonstop (7 months of the year)

      BEG 2pw 1stop
      ZAG 3pw 7 months nonstop + 5 months one stop

      So, capacity per year (outbound and inbound) is:

      BEG-PEK 24.900
      ZAG-ICN 63.600

    10. Anonymous10:53

      Anon 10.38

      Do you feel better now?

    11. Anonymous11:28

      I is not about feeling better but to answere nonsense how this is "the same"

    12. Anonymous12:28

      Yes yes you are right, it's absolutely not the same. How can anything in ZAG be the same or worse than anything in BEG.

    13. Anonymous15:29

      Of course it can (for instance BEG flights to DUS, TXL, SVO, TGD, TIV, FCO, JFK, SOF, ATH...) but in this case it is not. And original comment is nonsense which should be demand.

    14. Anonymous20:03

      Anon 9:24
      Is B772 in system for ZAG or for ZRH direct? I am confused.

    15. Anonymous21:28

      The good thing about BEG is, that it no doubt has much, much more connections to Europe and of course New York J.F Kennedy Airport. Also, the presence of W6 + U2 is quite pleasant.
      If ZAG had a bit of both, it would be the perfect, regional airport.

    16. Anonymous00:05

      FRA 5x day
      MUC 4x
      VIE 4x
      ZRH 2-3x
      BRU 2-3x
      CDG 2x
      AMS 2x
      MAD 2x
      WAW 2x
      IST 2x
      DOH 2x
      LHR 1-2x
      CPH 1-2x
      FCO 1-2x
      BEG 1-2x
      BCN 1x
      ATH 1x
      PRG 1x
      CGN 1x
      STR 1x
      SVO 1x
      DXB 1x
      YYZ 1x

      DBV 5x
      SPU 4-5x
      PUY 2x
      ZAD 2x
      SJJ 2x
      SKP 1-2x
      OSI 1x


      I would not call this bad connection.

  9. Anonymous09:14

    I hope they will code share with OU to other ex-yu cities. I flew with them once syd-icn-syd back in 2005 on their b744 , it was great experience. Anyway congrats to zag airport for bringing more long houls destinations.

  10. Anonymous09:17

    With Korean Airlines and soon ANA Zagreb will move from category of other ex-YU airports and will compete with VIE and BUD in terms of classy airlines on offer.

    Soon QR will start sending A330 to ZAG as well and as it was reported Singapore is also looking at flying here.

    ZAG has become a true classy airport and it shows you can have booming numbers without cheap airlines like Wizz Air.

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Stop trying to be a trouble maker!

      Its not funny and you are just showing that you are either 10 years old or have the mentality of a 10 year old!

    2. Anonymous09:23

      What does "move from category of other exyu airports" mean?

    3. Anonymous09:23

      What an uneducated post, you really make us from ZAG look like bunch of psychos. What VIE/BUD, what are you talking about? We dont have the pax number, the frequencies, the connectivity....we are waaaaay below those airports.
      It is nice to get another carrier here, KE is good airline, but dont get over yourself too much, you are really a bit delusional...

    4. Anonymous09:28

      Why are you attacking me for being happy about this news? Look at the number of elegant airlines flying to ZAG and then compare it to Budapest. We are not that far behind. We are entering the league of those big airport that are strong and well connected with global hubs.

      ZAG is really shining and that makes mehappy because now we are better than 'them'

    5. Anonymous09:35

      being happy is one thing, being mean (without any base whatsoever) is something completely different. Your post is not so much being happy about ZAG but more about some (uneducated and incorrect) rubbing it to others. That's why you are now being rightfully attacked. Even by your own ZAG guys.

    6. Anonymous09:37

      Better than who?You are just trying to make some people angry for no reason.Its great that Korean started flights but please dont start usual BEG/ZAG fight. Both airports are great, no reason to provoke.

    7. Anonymous09:43

      Please, please let's never compare ZAG to BUD.
      You suddenly forgot the 3 US destinations, flights to Morocco, Algiers, China, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Canada and of course not to mention W6 coverage of so many European capitals...
      I don't know what an "elegant" airline means. We are no longer in the 60s...the elegant era is dead. Today, it's all about backpackers, gasto and cheaper, leisure destinations.

    8. Anonymous09:44

      First of all, ZAG can't compete with VIE and BUD. Difference is too big especilly with VIE (big hub with strong national airline)

    9. Anonymous09:47

      I did not say ZAG is there but we are going in that direction. This year growth should be around 15% and next year too with many more flights added.

      This year 3.5 and next year at least 4 million. Not bad and all without cheap LCC as BUD for example.

    10. Anonymous10:04

      Mhmmmmm....and BUD/VIE are not growing.... Not by 15%, but their base is much bigger so in absolute numbers ZAG will be waaaay lower for years to come. Since you are really make these comparisons...surprised you are not already looking at MUC, FRA, AMS....

    11. Can everyone please ignore the original post and move on? It's just another local fanboy/sendvičar.

    12. Anonymous10:35

      @AnonymousMay 30, 2018 at 9:28 AM

      Plz don't,

      Zagreb has long journey ahead before it can be compared to Budapest, and with Vienna we're nowhere near in the same leauge. Vienna Airport handles 25 million pax, or 8 times more than Zagreb.

      Vienna is linked with all continents, especially with North America, Asia and far East.

      Zagreb has a potential to become a major regional airport, but it has a long road ahead to become a major airport.

      Arrival of Emirates, Air Canada R, Korean air and next year of ANA and Hainan Airlines will create a nice strong collection of airlines, but we need to get loads of new carriers and double the traffic to even start to call Zagreb major regional Airport.

      Venice Airport which is considered major regional airport is linked with all continents and acts as 2nd regional hub in northern Italy.

      Singapore airlines isn't agreed, yes CAA is talking to Singapore Aviation Authority, and Croatian Government has been talking to Singapore Government in ratifying air agreement, but it'll take time before we get conclusive agreement.

    13. Anonymous10:42

      @An. 9.17 & 9.28
      I am the one who very often criticise and respond to people who behave like JU and BEG are way better than others especially croatian counterparts, which is simply not true. The facts are that we all from ex-yu are more or less in the same shit and that we would have all done much much better if we didn't have the war which turned us like 3 decades back. And we had the war precisely because of the people on all "sides" who thought they were better than "others", better then "them". So please stop spoiling this great day for croatian civil aviation with your stupid comments. Cheers!

    14. Anonymous11:41

      AnonymousMay 30, 2018 at 9:17 AM is a troll. Period. In order to provoke. Can't believe anybody fell for that. And even if he was't, his comment is such an nonsense that it's not worth responding to.

    15. Anonymous12:03

      Troll or no troll he is right in one thing. This line brings pax who will be more economically potent which is good for Croatian economy.

    16. Anonymous12:11

      AnonymousMay 30, 2018 at 11:41 AM is a troll. He is accusing somebody in trolling, who used the corrent way of debatting => conclusion => he is a troll

    17. Doubt we will see Singapore airlines anytime soon. They have Croatia pretty well covered via Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

      Scoot on the other hand..., possibility.

    18. Anonymous12:44

      Dude, nope. It's not a correct way of debating when your conclusion is utter science fiction and you refer to "them" (obviously talking about Serbs) of whom you claim to be better (referring to as "we" - and I'm a Croat and I do not consider the two of us as "we" as far as this discussion is concerned)... and intentionally belittling BEG and the rest of ex yu airports. So your goal is to spread hatriot or at least to start a stupid ZAG BEG discussion. And that my friend is called trolling.

    19. Anonymous12:55

      Like BEG is the only ex-Yu airport on the planet. Besides, he can compare anyway he likes.

    20. Anonymous13:42

      Any comparaison with VIE or BUD is absurd and irrelevant. Those airports (alike to Warsaw and Belgrade) receive a big part of organic O&D and business passengers on their long-haul flights. These are not the same as they're basically year-round charters.

  11. Anonymous09:24

    01SEP-22SEP 996€! o_O

    1. Anonymous09:28

      Good price for high season and a direct flight :) Seems demand is there ;)

    2. Anonymous09:33

      Most seats are sold to tour operators at a lower price than that.

      Would be interesting to see how ((other)) airlines react to this and yes, I am referring to LH, TK, QR and EK.

    3. Anonymous09:38

      you mean react to 996€? :D Well let me think...

    4. Anonymous11:08

      just checked on emirates, offering in sempteber for 750€, with layover around 4-5hours in dubai.

    5. Anonymous11:44

      996eu is not too much for many Koreans. They value time and Korean Air service more. Koreans love Turkish airline too. There is market for everyone.

    6. Anonymous11:48

      Korea air has higher prices if you start your travel in Korea but if you are coming from USA or Australia is cheaper.

  12. Wow, congrats. Good news for ZAG.

  13. Anonymous09:41

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  14. Anonymous09:41

    Good news also for Australia-Asia market, as there will be many possibilities for transfer.

    1. Anonymous09:42

      But ICN isn't really on the way, is it? EK and QR will still dominate this market.

    2. Anonymous09:44

      Have you checked connections from Australia to ZAG o KE? Not connecting from Australia and much longer transfer to SYD vs QR/EK. Considering frequencies and ZRH stop, this will really be Korea sales 99%.

    3. Anonymous09:59

      Oh I have flown from Australia to Croatia using Korean Air and doing stopovers in ICN and FRA ... now I can skip FRA next year ;)

    4. Anonymous10:02

      well, you can spend a night in ICN to make a connection if u want...I dont think that kind of product will really hurt EK and QR here for Australia.

    5. Anonymous10:02

      Maybe could be good transfer options for east China, Japan, Taiwan.

    6. Anonymous10:07

      Am looking in Amadeus regarding connectivity and ex ZAG is more or less okay (but not ideal), while to ZAG really low or no connectivity options from Asia/Australia. Anyway, with 3 weekly service and such connections this will anyway be primarily point to point targeted flight. Lets see over time what happens. But as is now, it is point to point targeted as far as schedule goes.

    7. Anonymous10:11

      I always stop in Asia on Australia-Europe or Europe-Australia flights. Unless travel is urgent I avoid the arduous 20+ hour long haul flights and break up my travel. Lots of travellers from Australia do.

    8. Anonymous10:15

      Could be. But since vast majority opts for simpler and faster transfer options EK/QR will continue with full domination there, but choice is of course always good!

    9. Anonymous11:02


      Croatia was visited by visitors from following nations in 2017 and projected (2018):

      Australia: 210 000 (250 000)
      New Zealand: 37 000 (57000)
      India: 56 000 (90 000)
      Malaysia: 47 000 (65 000)
      Thailand: 29 000 (45 000)
      Singapore: 28 000 (32 000)
      Indonesia: 9 000 (20 000)
      Hong Kong: 32 000 (40 000)
      China: 160 000 (225 000)
      Taiwan: 126 000 (150 000)
      Japan: 145 000 (175 000)
      S. Korea: 444 000 (500 000)
      Arab gulf countries: 18 000 (25 000)
      Turkey: 35 000 (40 000)

      Traffic generated by following airlines at Zagreb airport.

      Turkish Airlines: 132 000
      Qatar Airways: 135 000
      Emirates: 106 000

      Demand 2017 (2018): 1 376 000 (1 714 000)
      Supply of air seats 2017 (2018): 373 000 (~450 000)

      The supply will never meet demand, and demand is growing @annual rate of around 20%. Supply rate grows @5% yoy.

      We can safely say there's plenty of business for many more carriers.

    10. Anonymous11:25

      Note that very significant number of these visitors come to Croatia by land as well - it is not automatically to be counted as full potential for air transport. If that was the case, KE would for instance immediately start with daily service. That being said, it is good to see demand growing, but also to note that it is not all airline related.

    11. Anonymous11:40

      But there was a reason in the past they came by land to Croatia- BECAUSE there where no flights. Look how it changed with EK.

    12. Anonymous12:06

      Of course that more of them will come by air with increased capacity, pretty logical thing. What I am saying is that not ALL of them will, as many come on cruises, tours involving couple of countries etc. So the number of foreign arrivals in Asia does not equal airline demand.

    13. Anonymous12:08

      @AnonymousMay 30, 2018 at 11:25 AM

      I am just pointing out the total market i.e potential market.

      With total of 84000 seats available on Korean Air flights in 2019, and most likely market growing to 600 000 Korean Visitors in 2019, it'll only spur Korean air to increase frequency, which again won't cover even quarter of the demand.

      Projections for 2020, of 700 000 S. Korean visitors to Croatia, flying B787 with 269 seats five times per week, equates to 140 000 seats, or 20% of the market in 2020.

      I imagine, million Korean visitors to Croatia by 2025, you get the idea...

      I imagine when ANA and Hainan Airlines start flying next year, most likely three times weekly they'll also experience growth in demand as new destination becomes more accessible.

      And yes, you're totally right, Most Asian visitors visit Croatia as part of their Tour of Austria,Switzerland, France, UK, Spain Germany, Czech R, Slovenia and Italy.

      And this won't change any time soon, however having options of arriving and leaving Zagreb with Korean air, will play significantly for Korean visitors in future. Same for Japanese visitors when ANA starts flying and Hainan Airlines for the Chinese.

      I am mentioning these two airlines as they're certain to start flights next year.

    14. Anonymous12:11

      Uskoro ce biti Svi Koreanci su vec bili dvaput na Ilici daj nesto drugo.

    15. Anonymous12:12

      Yes, it is very likely to see demand going up, lets see how much and how will that reflect on additional frequencies etc...time will tell, lets be optimistic it works out for all new airlines as well as generate additional growth for the ones already here! everyone!

  15. Anonymous09:43

    Wow well done Zagreb. Good catch!

  16. Anonymous09:45

    Is Korean going to codeshare with OU to enable connections for example from ZAG to DBV or SPU?

    1. Anonymous09:54

      I doubt it because Croatia Airlines codeshares with Asiana.

    2. Anonymous10:01

      No codeshare but an interline agreement has been in place for a long time now. So no problem to sell the coastal cities as well.

    3. Anonymous10:14

      Online there are no tickets from Dubrovnik to Korea via ZAG, is it too early?

    4. Anonymous15:55

      From September tickets from DBV to ICN are available over other EU airports but not Zagreb. If this nonstop ZAG-ICN is expected to make ZAG into a hub as Jacques Feron said, transfers must be made from coastal cities in ZAG, not VIE or other airports. Right now it doesn't look this route will help ZAG build a hub, as hub is based on transfers, not just O&D.

    5. Anonymous16:02

      Flight has been loaded in GDS today, give it a couple of days, fare filing is no automatic and done in one second. Also, as KE never flew to ZAG before as regular carrier (not charter), maybe they don't have ready SPA on domestic OU sectors. I am sure in upcoming period that will be offered for sales, but it is hard to expect for everything to be ready within one day. And yes, that filing has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with MZLZ, only with KE and OU.

    6. Anonymous19:26

      Will connections for ZAG-ICN be available to other airports in the region: SJJ, SKP or OTP?

    7. Anonymous21:32

      Yes ... by bus.

    8. Anonymous14:46

      @AnonymousMay 30, 2018 at 7:26 PM

      Yes, through Croatian airlines network. OU is negotiating code-share agreement with Korean air as we speak.

      By September the agreement will be in place and yes, you could use OU to Fly out of Skopje, Split, Sarajevo, or Bucharest and transfer in Zagreb to Korean Air.

      Same deal will be available for any carrier that flies to Zagreb on a long haul destination. When ANA and Hainan Airlines start flying out of Zagreb next year, you'll be able to book your flights with Croatian airlines...

  17. Do you guys think Jin Air will still start next year too or since they are both from the same company than no more Jin??

    1. Anonymous10:26

      I think no more Jin. I think Korean changed their initial plans. But who knows. With so many tourists maybe Jin will do seasonal flights a couple of times per week.

    2. Anonymous10:52

      I think quite opposite. I believe we will see here the same scenario as with Canada and Transat/Rouge. With 500000 Koreans per year in Croatia and growth predictions I'm almost sure Jin will start next year as well to cater for those Koreans flying more on budget.

    3. Anonymous11:09

      @Q400May 30, 2018 at 10:25 AM

      Jin air is part of Korean Air Group, I think Korean Air will see how they perform in 2018/2019, before allowing Jin Air coming to Zagreb.

      Also, I never took Jin air announcement seriously.

    4. Anonymous14:24

      I suspect we won't see both Korean Air and Jin Air. They are part of the same chaebol (Korean Conglomerate) with Korean Air the full service airline and Jin Air the LCC airline. Think of it as like Emirates and Fly Dubai.

  18. Anonymous10:46

    Here are plans for next two years for Zagreb:

    - ANA to Japan (code-share on Croatia)
    - United to Newark (code-share on Croatia)
    - Air Transat to Montreal instead of Toronto
    - Air China to Beijing (code-share on Croatia)
    - Air India to New Delhi (code-share on Croatia)
    - Egyptair to Cairo (code-share on Croatia)

    1. Anonymous12:05

      Happy days! I would drop Egyptair, there might be other companies better suited to ZAG.

    2. Anonymous13:12

      ACA year round.

    3. Anonymous15:34

      Egypt air for outbound tourists from Zagreb to Egipt and connection to all Africa. In same time it is Star Alliance member.

    4. Anonymous15:47

      There are very few outbound tourists from Zagreb to Egypt. So it is a waste of resources.

    5. Anonymous20:34

      There are PLENTY of outbound tourists from not only Zagreb but whole Croatia to Egypt, especially in winter. Till now majority of the used to fly on Adria charters from Ljubljana organized by croatian tour operators. There have been around 4 charters weekly, more in winter and less in summer, they are always packed, and passengers are about half half from Slovenia and Croatia. And definitely, if Egyptair comes to ZAG, it will take over part of this passengers. Maybe even OU gives a chance to CAI flights - after all they do fly regularly to Tel Aviv and charters to Marakesh

    6. Anonymous20:49

      I doubt there are so many outbound pax from Croatia. We're poor people and very few can spend money on vacations in hotels and resorts. Most people struggle to live till end of the month!

    7. Anonymous20:50

      If there was demand there would be flights from Egypt. There are none so there isn't enough demand.

    8. Anonymous21:24

      And that is why there are flights to Toronto, Montreal, Dubai, Seoul, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Lisbon....

    9. Anonymous21:56

      I write down exact number of weekly flights, departure airport, tour operators, and than again someone who pretends to be from Croatia, based on "I doubt" again repeats the lie, in order the lie more times repeated to become true, that "we" are so poor and cannot travel anywhere. Bravo majstore you made my day !!!

    10. Anonymous03:29

      in 2017, Zagreb handled 373000 pax by 3 airliners from ME, Turkish 132000, Qatar - 135000 and Emirates 106 000.

      That is the total traffic generated by 3 ME airlines. Hope that clears the situation, no confusion. Think we can rest this case and move on.

  19. Anonymous10:57

    Congratulations, Croatia!
    Well done!!!
    Greetings from Sofia

  20. Congratulations Zagreb!! Well done.
    It was known due to insider info, as is in the case of ANA, but it is way better to read the official announcement.
    I flew once with Korean to Australia and I know it is anecdotal evidence, but I remember it as being an amazing airline!

  21. Anonymous11:32

    It was very nice seeing Malaysia Airlines with their B777 @ZAG those days. Hope we get many more Asian airlines @ZAg or even DBV one day.

  22. Great news!!!!! Good luck region!!!

  23. Tickets prices for Zagreb - Seoul return 20.10 - 03.11
    Qatar 915 EUR
    Emirates 846 EUR
    Korean 1012 EUR
    Turkish 763 EUR

    1. Anonymous12:25

      Strange that EK is the cheapest one stop option as their costs are the greatest.

      With those fares TK seems to be making the most from transfer flights.

    2. But at the end only Korean fly directly and sometimes you have to have to wait for hours in Istanbul .

    3. Anonymous12:54

      Well, prices vary depending also on loads etc...not fixed. But in general, out of TK/EK/QR TK is basically positioned as the cheapest option (entry regualr fares).

    4. Anonymous15:22

      Wow prices are really much higher exZag than exBeg, for the same dates as above Turkish from BEG is 636EUR...

    5. @anonymus 3:22 that was quick search maybe you can find lower !

    6. Anonymous20:39

      It is called market economy - offer and demand. Bigger demand from ZAG - bigger prices. Less demand from BEG - lower prices. Very simple.

    7. Anonymous20:49

      You forgot to factor in competition as well. Belgrade has more frequencies to the Gulf while LH Group has to be far more aggressive here than in Zagreb. Add to all this all the frequencies to Moscow and Rome and you get a clear picture.

      There is a reason why TK wanted to send a widebody two times per day and QR to go 11 weekly.

    8. Anonymous22:02

      TK sends its 330 to ZAG - it was there few days ago without final four, QR has double more flights to ZAG, Israelis fly to every village in Croatia, and if you exclude Iran which is P2P, Croatia has both more frequences and seats on offer to the ME

    9. Anonymous09:07

      Lies. Lies.
      I just checked on FR24 and the A333 was sent only once, on the evening flight, on May 13th. Rest of the time it was a mix of A321 and A321 in the morning and mostly A320 in the evening.

      Croatia more seats to the ME? And why should we exclude Iran? Because it fits your theory? Also so what if Iran is p2p? Israel to Croatia isn't?


      AUH 12x
      TLV 12x
      DXB 7x
      DOH 7x
      IKA 7x
      BEY 7x
      SYZ 1x

      Grand total: 53


      DXB 7x
      DOH 14x
      TLV 6x

      Grand total: 27

      Yes, if we exclude Iran ZAG is really ahead. And by the way, for your information, TK requested to fly the A333 on all flights until the end of summer, they just got the permission for the final four.

      Your post shows how bitter and malicious you are.

    10. There is no need for all that....the more choice we have better for all of us !

  24. Anonymous13:25

    It's quite unusual for an airline to have the same hard product for first and business on long haul, differentiating only in service.

    Korean Air has Apex Suites in first/business on the 787-9 and A330s, the photo above is the A380 open first class configuration.

  25. Anonymous14:19

    Ex-Yu - Korean A330-200 has 188 seats in economy or 218 seats in total.

  26. Anonymous14:37

    Happy to see the B789 @ZAG regularly during winter. I am pretty sure flight from ZAG to ZRH will also be bookable, as the same was allowed from VIE-ZRH while they flew it some time ago.

  27. Anonymous17:29

    I thought there would be more comments.

  28. Anonymous19:01

    The good news keep coming for ZAG. And the best news of them all is that BNX is getting LCCs so at least there will be no pressure at ZAG to get one. Who wants to fly with LCC should go to BNX and problem solved.

    1. Anonymous19:21

      Everyone wants to fly for less. Passengers need a low cost choice at ZAG. OU is not sustainable and Ryan or Wizz would offer more destinations from ZAG for less money.

    2. Anonymous19:58

      No they don't need LCC at ZAG. They can go to BNX, it's just behind the corner. You will spend a little bit more on road transport but you will gain on plane tickets cost. ZAG will continue to focus on legacies and everyone has a choice. Happy days!

    3. Excuse you? What is Zagreb airport, some upscale legacy hub? Zagreb, like every other airport needs an LCC and they will come with time.

    4. Anonymous20:41

      ZAG is for legacies, if you want LCCs go to smaller regional airports. Luckily ZAG has French concessionary now and will work to get legacies since those are paying more and offer better service. I'm certain they will not bother with LCCs unless those are willing to pay the same price as other airlines which will hardly be the case.

    5. Dude, who ever made a statement that ZAG is only for legacies? Projecting wishful thinking for some bizarre reason? LCC will come, you don't have to worry about that.

    6. Anonymous20:43

      So you think VIE failed or that they made a mistake when they slashed their charges in order to attract Vueling, easyJet, Wizz Air...

    7. Anonymous20:46

      VIE and ZAG have different goals and history. I'm not projecting anything. I'm telling you that concessionary takes care of their profit. Perhaps some LCCs will come if ever they are willing to pay the full service price. I'm sure very few of them will do so given the size and saturation of the market. Especially when they have BNX just behind the corner.

    8. They take care of profit and they can make it even with LCC carriers. Also, they can attract only as many passengers with legacy carriers.

    9. Anonymous20:51

      As long as people are willing to pay not to go to BNX they will fly with legacies. There is no point in cutting your own profit margins by letting LCCs among legacies and subsidizing low cost of tickets.

    10. Not that many people are willing to travel extra to fly with LCC. Me, for instance. And I'm sure they know when they can let LCCs in and under which terms.

    11. Anonymous20:56

      Wizz Air is paying the full price in BEG and ATH so why not in ZAG?

    12. Anonymous21:08

      My point exactly. If they will be paying the full price they will be there. However, not many LCCs work that way. I believe Wizz is financially strong company and can work that way.

    13. Anonymous21:35

      So why do you think Wizz is staying away from ZAG then if they can pay?

    14. Anonymous21:48

      MZLZ taking care of the profit is not a good reason ULCC should stay away from ZAG. Capable airport managers make large percentage of profit from sources like parking, duty free and restaurants, not just passenger tax alone. ULCC can bring hundreds of thousands of new passengers and ZAG will make a lot of money even if they give ULCC a good discount in the first 3 years.

    15. Anonymous21:49

      Perhaps they don't find ZAG interesting to their strategy. Or they don't want to pay the price. Or perhaps French concessionary has other plans.

    16. Anonymous21:52

      All what you mentioned is possible with legacies as well. For West Europeans the cost of air travel within EU is peanuts. For Croatians it doesn't matter if you have legacies or ULCC they will not travel in any greater number due to the society being poor.

    17. Anonymous22:00

      Viena didn't slash prices for LCCs that much, they still pay about 70% of what others pay, also Viena's strategy is to become a rival regional hub to Munich airport.

      Zagreb plans to attract number of new carriers, including LCCs, Zagreb medium term plan is to attract another 25 carriers to Zagreb for total of around 50 carriers, offering direct flights to Asia, North America and Africa.

      The strategy is to bring in ANA, Hainan Airlines, TAP, Air Baltic and SAS next year. Hope for Swiss and Brussels air go year round and perhaps even Alitalia, TAP and EasyJet might be enticed to come in as well.

      However by 2020, Management is hoping New York flights do happen, if Delta, only airline that can do these flights due to practicality can be enticed to add Zagreb to its network, that will be a massive success.

      Sadly, only United, Delta, American and Alaska air are considered legacy carriers that could fly to Europe, with only Delta having EU based hubs in Paris, Frankfurt and London.

      Wizz Air might return, but not before all the major EU legacy carriers still absent from Zagreb are flying out of Zagreb.

      Finnair, Air Baltic, SAS, Aer Lings, Tarom, TAP and Alitalia.

      I hope to see EasyJet, WizzAir, FlyBe, WOW, Vueling, Transavia France, Norwegian Shuttle and perhaps even Voltea in Zagreb by 2025.

    18. Nemjee22:26

      'Sadly, only United, Delta, American and Alaska air are considered legacy carriers that could fly to Europe, with only ...'

      Did you confuse Alaska with another US carrier?

    19. Anonymous22:47

      For Croatians it doesn't matter if you have legacies or ULCC they will not travel in any greater number due to the society being poor.

      Speak for yourself. Everyone would rather fly with Ryan for 30eur than with LH for 200eur. Not only Croatians, West Europeans too. Ryan is number 2 airline in Europe because West Europeans can save more money with them. Not everyone in Zagreb would go with classy airlines when they could save with Ryan or Wizz, if they only had a choice.

    20. I would like to Volotea to open a base in ZAG, even Transavia too. They failed in MUC bcos of many competitors but y not to try ZAG

    21. ....would like to SEE Volotea to open...

    22. Anonymous23:26

      @?NemjeeMay 30, 2018 at 10:26 PM

      Alaska Airlines is a 4th legacy carrier in US, all others are low cost or ultra lows cost airlines and they don't fly beyond region. US/Americas/Pacific basin.

      Only United, Delta and American fly to Europe and only these 3 can establish flights to Zagreb. Delta and American have number of destinations in the region, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Milan, Munich, Rome and Zurich are served by both carriers.

      United serves only major markets Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Amsterdam.

    23. Anonymous00:15

      And with what plane would Alaska fly to Europe (or to Zagreb). With A319, A320, A321, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 or 737MAX9? They don't have wide body.

    24. Anonymous03:24

      @AnonymousMay 31, 2018 at 12:15 AM

      this is why i said only United, Delta and American can fly to Europe. keep up man.

    25. Anonymous09:45

      "Sadly, only United, Delta, American and Alaska air are considered legacy carriers that could fly to Europe"

      Alaska can not!

  29. Anonymous20:45

    I wonder what impact KE will have on QR. They were quite affected by EK. It's been almost a year since they sent the A321. Before EK ZAG was supposed toto get a widebody.

    1. They didn't have that impact that they've lost the passengers. The passenger number is, as you know, on the rise, so it was distributed among them. Also, A321 didn't fly since they went double daily last summer, not because EK stepped in.

    2. Anonymous20:55

      Plans were for QR to go daily with a widebody and daily with a narrowbody. Nothing was mentioned of it once EK arrived.

      Btw the A321 was in the system during S17 but was dropped at one point.

    3. They've corrected their initial plans because of EK. That doesn't mean they are loosing passengers.

    4. Anonymous21:01

      I didn't say they lost passengers, I said they were affected by EK. Numbers could be stagnating or not growing as fast as before. After all, April had 5% growth without EK flights last year. It means airlines didn't really see that much growth.

    5. Anonymous21:05

      Koga briga!
      Izbor uvijek postoji.

    6. Perfectly normal thing. There are like 4 carriers all of a sudden connecting Iran and Belgrade and is anyone worried about cutting into each others share? No, because there is obviously a huge demand.
      The number of passengers coming from that part of the world is constantly on the rise and they probably affect each other to s certain degree, but their numbers are probably not declining.
      I'd rather have multiple carriers fighting for the passengers and share than one dictating the prices.

    7. Anonymous21:18

      The only thing is that before these flights there were zero, yes, zero Iranian tourists in Serbia.
      These four airlines basically created this demand out of nowhere.

      On the other hand, the number of Asian tourists in ZAG was already large so the real question is whether demand followed the offer.

      Like I said, maybe their numbers did not fall but at least in April they did not boom. The airport added 13.700 passengers in April, how many of them flew on EK?

      You see my point? I am just making an observation based on info publicly available.

    8. We can go back and forth till the doomsday, the fact is they are flying to Zagreb for a reason.

      Also, one a bit slower month doesn't paint the whole picture.

    9. Anonymous21:34

      Of course we are going round in circles because you keep on insisting that I implied their numbers are falling. I did not but I am just saying that EK was responsible for a considerable part of the growth.

      Added pax per month:

      1. January- 22.488
      2. February - 15.979
      3. March - 31.109
      4. April - 13.685

      Someone wrote here that EK had a LF of 65% in winter meaning they carried around 9.500 passengers. You see where I am going?

    10. Oh, don't blame it on me. Logic says that the rising number of passengers is being redistributed between QR and EK and if QR will think that they aren't making enough money on the route they will reduce it. If.

    11. Anonymous21:45

      That's why I said they are no longer planning a widebody. We said pretty much the same thing.

    12. Did we really come to the same conclusion, but with the different approach?

      Widebody would be an overkill. By far.

    13. Nemjee22:23

      Those numbers are quite interesting. Was March that strong only because of Easter or what there something else?

    14. Anonymous09:49

      Yes it was. And same reason why April this year was not so strong.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Anonymous00:00

    It's unforgivable that OU has almost no flights outside of Europe given the expansion of ZAG's network over the years. They had a huge window of opportunity before EK, QR, RV, KE came. For a lot of destinations in the middle east they wouldn't even need a widebody. If I'm not mistaken an A321neo could do JFK-ZAG. Congrats to ZAG, just a shame to see OU sitting on a plateau.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger00:17

      A321neo can't but A321LR can.

    2. Anonymous01:45

      Same thing happening in BEG, almost.

    3. Anonymous03:21

      Indeed it is sad OU stagnated for so many years, years when OU could have been made in to a decent sized company by the state.

      OU will now need to look for partner to expand. Hopefully they find someone who can help out OU achieve its goals.

      A321 NEO LR can indeed be used to connect Zagreb with NYC and it can be ordered for €64 million, brand new. A321 NEO has official range of around 4110 NM with pax of 206, or 7600km, this leaves the aircraft with 45min reserve, so total range is around 4750NM or 8800km, with lower pax, greater range can be achieved, 176 pax, of which 16 are in business premium, has a range of around 4250nm or 7850km.


    4. Anonymous08:31

      Zasto letovi od 6+ sati u jednom smijeru kapaciteta ispod 200 putnika?

    5. Anonymous09:49

      Kojeg bi rezona imalo uzeti A321neo i onda ga smanjinit na 176 ili manje patnika, ako možeš nabaviti A321LR sa preko 200 putnika i otvoriti par linija prema SAD-u.

    6. Anonymous14:23

      @AnonymousMay 31, 2018 at 9:49 AM

      Better comfort for passengers, premium business class, instead of charging €1200 per business Class seat, you can charge €1750 in each direction.

      Also premium economy seats are also more expensive. 176 seats is actually idea for such flights.

      @AnonymousMay 31, 2018 at 8:31 AM

      Longer range, more comfort, better seats and better service which you can charge more.


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