Skopje Airport maintains strong growth


Skopje Airport handled 175.891 passengers in April, representing an increase of 18.4% on the same month last year. During the January - April period, Macedonia's busiest airport welcomed 608.511 travellers through its doors, up 21.3%. It managed to add over 100.000 passengers on last year. Skopje Airport anticipates handling over two million travellers in 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN145.591 18.8
FEB130.077 23.6
MAR156.952 25.4
APR175.891 18.4


  1. Anonymous10:35

    WOW 100k+ just in four mounths

    1. Anonymous12:23

      they only need 40k to reach 2mio

    2. 500 thousand in 4 month

    3. Anonymous01:50

      Omce they pass 2.5 milion turkish airline will seriously consider get direct flight skopje new york from may till october

    4. Anonymous01:51

      April 150 wow
      What abour when 200k imigrant coming back in macedonia
      June july agust september will be minimim 200k

    5. some of the passengers are Albanian which contributes to the airport growth because it is cheap o fly there

  2. Anonymous10:40

    So SKP had more passengers in April than DBV and SPU?

    1. Anonymous12:03

      Why does this surprise you for the month of April?

    2. Anonymous12:13

      Because DBV grew by 5% while SPU by 0%. Seems like SKP's lead will be extended into the summer months.

    3. Anonymous14:18

      SKP will also reach 700.000 passengers in July :)

    4. Anonymous14:22

      I doubt 700.000 is realistic. That would be more than SPU, the busiest airport in ex-YU during the summer months.

    5. Anonymous14:52

      Split, most likely will have around 3.1 million pax this year.
      Dubrovnik around 2.75 million.

      in June, Split will most likely handle 500 000 pax in May, could be 300k,

      Split airport projections: in 000

      Jan: 33
      Feb: 31
      March: 34
      April: 53
      May: 300
      June: 470
      July: 720
      August: 650
      Sept: 480
      Oct: 230
      Nov: 40
      Dec: 39

      total: 3080

      The tourist season now starts in May, and goes in to late October, this reflects in number of arrivals. Idea is to extend the season in to early April, and have nice Xmas period with large number of arrivals.

      Split is a holiday airport, and it is unlikely this will change for some time. November - late March numbers won't exceed 50 000 pax for foreseeable future, I expect December might brake 50k barrier by 2021/2.

      Skopje is year round airport, served by number of carriers offering year round service. Massive difference here ;)

      @AnonymousMay 28, 2018 at 2:18 PM
      Perhaps in 2040.

      There are limits how much traffic WizzAir can generate, there are only 2.1 million inhabitants in Macedonia, mostly of little means.

      I doubt Skopje will grow at fast rate beyond 2020, airport might reach 2.6 million in 2020

    6. Anonymous14:57

      Wonderful predictions about SPU but don't forget that it stagnated while ZAG & DBV boomed in April. People are going more and more for holidays to Egypt and Turkey, Dubrovnik is a brand so they are not that affected.

    7. Anonymous15:03

      SPU stagnating? Ok go back to school and learn mathematics. It´s growth so far has been more than 11% this year.

    8. Anonymous15:22

      @AnonymousMay 28, 2018 at 2:57 PM

      I am not sure, 11% growth can be considered a stagnation. As I've said before, Split is a Holiday Airport, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula too.
      No idea what Rijeka is, lol.

      Split will have decent growth in June, July, August and September as number of new routes are being launched from June onward, 11 new routes, that is at least 10% growth secured.

      The rest of the year is bit more problematic. November - April it is Split Airport is almost dead, same goes with all holiday airports throughout the Mediterranean.

      Dubrovnik is trying to go Venice, however, Venice has demand due to the fact it is a regional capital of Veneto Region, main commercial center of Northeast/Po Valley Italy and 2nd banking center of Italy behind Milan.

      Dubrovnik is just small coastal city of 40000, county capitol of a region that has less than 150 000 people. It is a tiny fraction of what Venice is.

      Dubrovnik is a nice place, but not in the same league with Venice or Barcelona, for that it would need to re-invent itself, not just being a movie set destination but also
      have commerce, trade and industry that drive the growth.

      In globalized world, I fear small cities are left behind.
      Dubrovnik is lucky, they're filming Star Wars, Game of Thrones series there and in winter months too.

    9. Anonymous15:26

      ZAG and DBV growing, SPU stagnated, thats facts. Other airports in southeast Europe growing too.

    10. Anonymous15:27

      Yes but don't forget that SPU had 11% growth in months when all together it barely had 120.000 passengers. It was supposed to start growing fast in April like DBV did but it failed. This is what is worrisome. Same for ZAD who numbers crashed in April.

    11. Anonymous15:37

      @AnonymousMay 28, 2018 at 3:27 PM

      So you're basing whole year on one month...

    12. Anonymous15:40

      Pretty much because the first three months are unimportant at SPU as there are no tourists. April is the first month when they start to arrive as was the case with DBV.

      That's where SPU failed to attract any additional/new customers.

    13. Anonymous15:44

      as there are no tourists OR if as there are no Flight?? Just imagine WIZZ at SPU :D

    14. Anonymous15:47

      Yes but SPU, DBV and ZAG will never have FR or W6. The thing is there is simply no room for them at the airports. SPU could not handle that growth. Its amazing how those airports grow maily with legacies alone...

    15. Anonymous16:00

      Hm what do you mean there is no room for them at ZAG? The terminal is empty like 40% of day.

      Also Thompson, Thomas Cook, easyJet, Norwegian... are hardly legacies.

  3. Anonymous10:51

    So SKP is basically 13k pax in front of PRN.
    Great results!

    1. Anonymous11:51

      But 1'841 less in April, so PRN is going to catch up in the Gastarbeiter-high-season

  4. Anonymous11:22

    Great progress. Not sure how much more SKP can develop in terms of numbers with the current line of routes. We have LOT coming in few days but after that no other new routes are planned.

    1. Anonymous11:45

      Now it's time to bring a bit competition in the game with more LCC. Some routes coud be served by two or more carrier (maybe just twice a week, but never mind)

    2. Anonymous12:00

      Anonymous 11:22 AM

      in few days Wizz air will be replace 2 А320 with 2 A321, next mounths TUI airlines Germany start with x1 weekly flight Duseldorf - Skopje....

    3. Anonymous01:55

      They have ro startt Skopje frankfurt
      To connect with New York

  5. Anonymous11:54

    What about the public call for new routes?
    Is there any movement or as usual with this new government it takes an era for every single move?
    By the way, it's not only LOT, W6 is increasing capcity masively with A321.

  6. Anonymous12:31

    In my opinion SKP is ready for long haul flights

    1. Anonymous12:57

      For sure!! This numbers are great and btw i think twice a week to NYC or Toronto could actually work. SKP has a big catchment area

    2. Anonymous01:53

      No canada theyre 150 imigrant from macedonia to eastern usa in bew york area new yersey connecticut 90.percent albanian inigrants
      New york goes before Canada
      Canada dont even have 50k imigrant from Macedonia lol

  7. What about Ohrid?

  8. Anonymous12:58

    Ohrid has 7804p in April

  9. Anonymous15:08

    People always say how SPU will be eventually number 2 but I think long term SPU stands a good chance as well.


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