TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Belgrade - Vienna


Submitted by Veljko Marinković

Flight: Belgrade-Vienna
Aircraft: ATR 72-212A (500) , YU-ALV
Age: 12 years

Two weeks ago I flew on Air Serbia flight from Belgrade to Vienna, and back. I flew this route last year as well, but this was my first flight in economy white fare, and I can say that the price was very similar with that of last year. Both flights were performed by an ATR 72-212A (500) registration YU-ALV, and I can say that this ATR is the most comfortable of all ATR’s in Air Serbia's fleet.

There were about 60 passengers on the flight to Vienna, just a few from transfer flights. The flight was a little bit delayed in departure, but we landed on time in Vienna. The problem was that two passengers were late, they were not from a transfer flight, and we had to wait for them in the bus for more than 10 minutes. Then, since the bus does not go below the C gates, but onto the platform behind the planes, we had to wait another five minute while one Airbus was being pushed back. Since Air Serbia has introduced priority boarding, I was thinking what is the point to pay priority and then stand in the bus for 15 minutes.

Like I said before, the flight was very pleasant. I generally like YU-ALV, there is enough room for legs between seats and the seats are very comfortable. Most of the passengers were in economy white class, and those who were in higher class (I do not know which one is that) got a bottle of water and peanuts (on return flight Plazma). Crew had a list of them and where they were seating. For those who wanted to buy something from Elevate Deli & Bar, it was possible to pay only in euros and Serbian dinars, and then get a fiscal bill. It was interesting, on both flights, that it was not possible to buy any sandwiches or something to eat, just snacks, sweets and drinks.

On the return flight to Belgrade there were just 19 passengers and one no-show, and it seems that no one is traveling on Saturday evening, because both Vienna and Belgrade airport were empty. I have never been to such empty airports, but I can say that is nice, because you pass all controls, boarding, disembarking … very, very, fast. Later I saw that JU does not have night flights on Saturday to any destination, so that was probably the reason for empty aircraft and airport. What is new and what I did not see when I visited Belgrade Airport last time, was that the new self check in kiosk were installed in front Air Serbia desks, but still not in function.

Since that Vienna Airport has an observation deck, I visited it before my flight to Belgrade. After 5 pm entrance admission is 3 euros. So far I have visited Schiphol Amsterdam and Prague Airport's visitor terrace (free entrance), and what sets Vienna Airport apart is that the terrace overlooks runway 29/11, so you can see very clear touchdowns and take offs. The terrace is large, and very visitor friendly place with free wi-fi, place to rest, and there are informative boards about Vienna Airport with very interesting facts. Also, you can see gates and movements at terminal 3, which is used dominantly by Austrian Airlines and partners, both wide body and narrow body aircraft, as well as movements atterminal 1, which is used by Air Serbia.

Panoramic view from one part of the visitor terrace at Vienna Airport

Stairs to the visitor terrace – nice touch (there is an elevator)

On the way to the visitor terrace – several hundred of airliner models, not for sale

The day was sunny and warm and could not be better for spotting and visiting. I think I found my dream job – controller officer on the visitor terrace.

Informative boards at the visitor terrace – very interesting facts



  1. Anonymous11:00

    Priority what?

  2. Anonymous11:40

    Priority boarding. Sorry typo:)

    1. Anonymous12:01

      Imao ti prioritet ili ne, dok ja svoje pivo ne zavrsim.....poletjet neces.
      Zato, bolje ustedi koji euro i meni se pridruzi ��

  3. Nemjee12:19

    Nice trip report. Personally I love flying on the Atr and it's always such a cool experience when they are parked on the remote stands as you get a chance to observe the planes around you.

    It's a shame JU's onboard product has sunk to such low levels. Let's hope this changes in the future.

    1. Anonymous13:04

      Donn't see anything wrong. This is a common practice amongst many European carriers such as BA, BT, OK.
      Malév used to offer peanuts or soletti + drink before they went bust.
      Few carriers left offering free catering>> RO, FB, A3, TK, YM, AF

    2. Nemjee13:28

      Well, personally I see something wrong with it. JU is not a real LCC airline, they can't be and never will be.

      As for BA, they lost their compass when it comes to their onboard product, especially upfront. They are far from being an ideal example.

      Airlines such as JU should at least offer drinks for free.

      By the way, before going bankrupt, Malev offered a hot meal on all flights over two hours. On shorter, regional flights, they used to offer orange juice and something sweet like a caramel waffle.

    3. Anonymous13:57

      Just because you are cutting costs doesn't mean it's something bad. Yes, they once used to offer more generous catering but the client is no longer loyal. They would sometimes pay even 10€ less if needed.
      BT is an excellent airline. Punctual, nice planes, etc but apply BoB. Nobody complained.
      I personally think that JU's philosophy changed and is heading towards the right direction. They are adjusting to the market needs and super competition in Europe.

  4. Anonymous13:10

    Nice report indeed, thank you for sharing with us.
    I think 2019 will be the year of VIE.
    W6 will base 3 aeroplanes, the rebirth of Laudamotion, VY most likely to base more aircraft.
    This is only bad news for BEG and its role as a regional hub.

    1. Nemjee13:25

      Wizz Air will be basing five Airbuses in Vienna.
      Furthermore, all the airlines you mentioned are specializing in point to point travelling so they won't affect Belgrade that much.

      That said, Austrian Airlines and BTS are the ones who stand to lose the most.

  5. Anonymous16:57

    Great report, nice video

  6. nice read. thanks veljko!

  7. Anonymous11:13

    Nice report.
    "I think I found my dream job – controller officer on the visitor terrace." :)))


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