Air Canada Rouge touches down in Zagreb

Air Canada has resumed flights to Zagreb through its Rouge leisure subsidiary this morning after 27 years. The airline will offer a total 20.586 seats each way between Toronto and Zagreb during the June 2 to October 7 period, over which it will maintain the seasonal service. The carrier has highlighted it will offer more flights to Croatia than any other airline in North America. The Star Alliance member will also offer a range of connections to Croatian travellers across the United States and Canada and says it will evaluate the potential of extending operations to Zagreb based on its performance over the coming summer. "We are pursuing our international expansion further solidifying Air Canada’s position as a leading global carrier. With this new service, Air Canada becomes the only North American airline offering the most weekly seats and frequencies from Canada to Croatia", the airline told EX-YU Aviation News. It added, "Our leisure carrier Air Canada Rouge will be operating this route between June and October, and we are always assessing every route’s performance to ensure our schedule meets demand".

Speaking to tour operators in Toronto ahead of the launch this week, Air Canada's Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Carolyn Hadrović, said, “This direct air service promotes tourism, commerce and investment, but equally important, it connects friends and family in Canada and abroad". The new route strikes a personal chord with Ms Hadrović, who has family in Croatia. “My father immigrated to Canada sixty years ago and I still have many relatives who reside in Croatia today", she told agents, pointing out that Zagreb was a city that Air Canada first began serving in 1989. In a statement, the Canadian - Croatian Chamber of Commerce said, "An e-mail a few years ago, a number of discussions, a string of correspondence and lots of persistence ever since ... et voilà - Air Canada recognised the potential of a direct route between Toronto and Zagreb".

Croatia Airlines has a wide-ranging codeshare agreement with Air Canada in place. The Canadian carrier is maintaining services to Zagreb with its 282-seat Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, boasting 24 seats in Premium Rouge (business) and the remaining 258 seats in economy class. It will compete directly against Air Transat on the route. This year marks the first time the Croatian capital will have more than one airline operating to Toronto since the early 1990s, when both Air Canada and JAT Yugoslav Airlines ran flights between the two cities. Both Air Transat and Air Canada Rouge will have a flight each operating on the same day to Zagreb, each Tuesday. Air Canada Rouge is the latest long haul carrier to begin serving the Croatian capital, with Korean Air to follow with scheduled flights from September 1 and more to come in the foreseeable future.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Congratulations Zagreb!

    1. Anonymous18:10

      We have Canada covered, S. Korea.

      Japan and China next :@)

    2. Anonymous19:26

      Tokyo is next, year round, ANA to announce the route!

    3. Anonymous21:39

      Few more positive news out of Zagreb.

      Swiss air is going year round with 3 weekly flights out of Zurich, they should announce the news soon.

      I was worried when Korean Air announced Zagreb - Zurich as their winter schedule, but from what I understand, they won't be taking passengers from Zagreb to Zurich, as they didn't get permission from the Swiss authorities, now we know why the Swiss didn't give permission...

      More importantly though, and due to dramatic increase in number of wide body aircraft that land @Zagreb airport, the terminal will expand ahead of schedule, phase 2 and 2b will be completed ahead of schedule this winter 2018/2019 if weather permits.

      2 additional wide-body aircraft passenger boarding bridges will be added as part of phase 2a and 2b design.

      The work on expansion should commence in October to minimize disruption to ongoing traffic and should be completed by late April 2019.

      Terminal will get total of two additional gates with 4 additional passenger boarding bridges, capable hosting two B777 wide body aircraft or four single isle A320 type aircraft.

      The original plan was to add these features when terminal exceeds 5 million pax, but was brought ahead due to dramatic increase in number of carriers that land at Zagreb and future prospects. In 2020, up to 10 daily wide body aircraft landings are expected, and having only one gate to deal with B777 or A330, isn't adequate. Hope is 3 should be sufficient until Zagreb airport exceeds 10 million pax, sometimes in late 2020s.

    4. Anonymous21:49

      As part of terminal expansion, parking apron or aircraft stand/platform will expand by 20 000sqm, to allow for four Q400 parking positions, the 100x200m playroom will be built next to the existing platform, not sure which part though. Work on this and extending the current terminal should commence in October and be completed by late April next year.

      When all the work is completed, terminal will be capable of hosting 12 single isle aircraft or combination of 7 A320 type and 3 A330 type and four Q400 at remote stand at the same time, increasing the capacity significantly.

    5. Anonymous09:28

      I'm sure Air Canada mainline will replace it in 2019 or 2020!

  2. Anonymous09:05

    What was the load?

  3. Anonymous09:08

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous09:11

    I heard that LO destroyed OS on connections to North America from ZAG. Anyone know if that's true?

    There is a lot of extra demand these last few years, competition is always good.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      That is BS. The market has grown a lot and LO took a part of it.
      What strengthened LO primarily was the growth of Poland's economy, its tourism and the fact that is a country of 40 million.

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Never understood this argument 'a country of 40 million.'
      Do you think anyone from Wroclaw, Poznan... goes to WAW to fly? Why don't you look at a map and see where Warsaw is located.

    3. Anonymous09:44

      People will fly with the best direct flight or connection no matter how big the country is. However, 40 millions market does make a difference.

    4. Anonymous09:49

      It does not make a difference in a country that's decentralized and who capital is located at the very east while all economy is west.

    5. Anonymous09:58

      LOL, people are flying from ex-Yu to IST and then to northern and Eastern Europe just to save 5€ in the cost of ticket and people hope that Poles wont fly to their own country's capital to take a flight?

    6. Dejan10:02

      LOT is flying passengers to North America and Asia that come from the whole of the Balkans and the rest of Eastern Europe.
      But somehow a Polish passenger from Wroclaw or Krakow won't go to Warsaw to take those flights. That is the "wisdom" of certain members of this blog...


    7. Anonymous10:03

      Exactly especially when other cities have great air-links. Just look at Wroclaw or Krakow.

    8. Anonymous10:07

      Dejan, why would they fly back to WAW when they have multiple daily flights to MUC, FRA and VIE?

    9. Dejan10:22

      @Anonymous 10:07 AM
      For the exact same reason that people in the Balkans despite the multiple daily connections to MUC, FRA, VIE, ZRH, AMS etc fly to WAW to take a flight to North America!!!
      The same reason that makes them travel east to IST zoo and fly from there to North America!

    10. Anonymous10:32

      In stead of using all those exclamation marks look at how much backtracking is needed to go to Croatia via WAW.

      People only fly via IST because of dumping fares, something LO doesn't really do.

    11. Dejan10:50

      Actually the backtracking to WAW from ZAG in order to travel to North America is smaller than the backtracking to IST!
      And it is a lot smaller from Wroclaw or Krakow.
      And because LO has good service, schedule and prices so many people from the Balkans started using them to go to North America.
      This is part of the reason for LOT's massive expansion in our region. It is not just O$D.

    12. Anonymous10:54

      LO doesn't really have good service. They barely have anything in Europe and on long-haul their product is mediocre at best. Much worse than OS, LH or KL.

    13. Anonymous11:00

      LO long-haul product worse than OS long-haul product? Truly spoken like someone who's never stepped on either.

    14. Their product on the 787 is very good!
      Within Europe almost nobody offers a good product anymore. It is just a race to the bottom.
      But that is what passengers want, to find the absolute lowest price.

    15. Anonymous11:07

      Happy taxpayer +1

    16. Anonymous11:18

      Aegean, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, KLM... all offer a decent product. I guess people feel that it's worth paying a bit more. LO carries those who are too poor to afford a normal ticket price.

    17. Anonymous11:24

      How do you know? Any numbers to prove your extremely snobbish attitude?

    18. Anonymous11:35

      If people had more money they would fly on KL or LH and not on those other airlines like BT, LO, JU...

    19. Anonymous12:36

      "Never understood argument country of 40 milion" And do you understand this : UK, France, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain - countries in Europe with biggest population - British, Air France, Aeroflot, THY, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Iberia - biggest airlines in Europe. Maybe you understand now.

    20. Anonymous12:49

      And where does Polish GDP rank compared to those countries?

      Also, look at this:

      AF: CDG
      IB: MAD
      BA: LHR
      TK: IST
      LH: MUC/FRA

      LO: WAW

      Do you understand now?

    21. Anonymous15:30

      Maybe I am stupid but I don't understand your point. Turkish or Russian GDP 's are lower than Polish. Yet, both Turks and Russians use IST or SVO for transfer onto long-haul, just as Germans use FRS/MUC or French CDG. And taking into account number of the Poles in the US, I' m pretty sure their percentage in WAW is bigger than percentage of, for example Spanish flying via MAD, also on your list. So sorry, but I don't find your arguments convincing enough.

    22. Petar15:32

      @Anonymous 12:49 PM
      Your post fails apically!

    23. Anonymous15:32


    24. Anonymous18:07

      I don't have a date for how many passengers flew to US with LOT, but number of US and Canadian visitors to Croatia is somewhat huge,

      145000 Canadian Visitors
      476 000 US Visitors

      Visited Croatia in 2017, generating nearly 2 million nights.

      I think even with double daily service to Warsaw, we barely tap in to the pie. at best
      LOT could service 30 000 Croatian and North American visitors vising Croatia and vice versa, last year over 620 000 North american visitors to Croatia, this excludes number of Croatian visitors to North America which could have been as high as 30 000.

      I find it odd that we have agrument here over LOT taking massive chunk of the market and squeezing Air Canada or Airtransat out of the market, don't you see how silly that is when looking at sheer market size and rapidly expand i might add.

      This year, 175 000 Canadian visitors are expected to visit Croatia and 575 000 US Visitors. Some 32000 Croatians will travel to US and Canada.

      We could agree there's plenty of room for expansion.

      What fascinates me most is the wording used in the article, depending on performance this summer, Air Canada might extend service year round.

      I hope by 2020, we get year round service with Air Canada, and as long as they offer competitive pricing structure and connections to US, it'll be very successful service, no doubt.

    25. Anonymous18:51

      I know 4 Americans who went to the Croatian coast but they all started their journey in Italy. Those visits do not equal passengers on flights to ZAG.

    26. Anonymous19:36

      AnonymousJune 3, 2018 at 6:51 PM

      That is indeed true, however, the market is growing really fast and having direct link expands options.

      This year Croatia expects 20 million tourists, 20 million !!!

      For a small country of 4.3 million that is a lot of visitors, by or in 2025, at least 32 million visitors, and large number of these are non-European.

      At present rate of growth, between 1.2 million and 1.5 million US visitors to Croatia and 500-550 000 Canadian visitors in 2025.

      Huge %g of these would no doubt use direct flights out of Toronto, Montreal and NYC when these become available.

    27. Anonymous23:15

      LO is destroying OS in all countries where they both fly, especially in CEE. LO is swift mover with much lower cost base, new fleet and relatively low people costs. OS is just opposite. And within LH Group OS is not given freedom to decide what they do. It is managed from FRA HQ.

    28. Anonymous00:30

      So true. The whole LH Group can be described like a royal family of HM Queen mother Lufti with HRH Prince Swiss, annoying but beloved EW and despised poor stepchildren OS and SN.

    29. Anonymous08:55

      I have flown both LO and OS. By what means does LO offer "better service" than OS? In my opinion and experience soooo untrue. I find the cabin crew on LO generally quite rude and not very caring for passengers, rather to chat amongst themselves and check their hair and make up all the time. Annoying. Just because LO has a newer wide body fleet doesn't mean that they are better. OS wide bodies are all new inside, you would think those birds are 5 years old or younger judging by the interior of the cabin. Also very nice in OS is the Do&Co live cooking by the chef on board if you manage to get a business class ticket.

      Also OS 763ER have only 211 seats whereas AC-Rouge have 282 seats and also LO had on same airplane a lot more seats compared to OS. That is a massive difference of some 30% for example compared to AC.

  5. Anonymous09:15

    Looking forward to seeing the next long haul destination.

    1. Anonymous09:24


    2. Anonymous10:10

      My money is on Singapore Air from SIN.

    3. Anonymous10:12

      Logical would be to see either Japan or US addition. But I would expect 2 or 3 weekly Japan service as next one.

    4. Anonymous18:28

      Japan is next, ANA; Tokyo - Zagreb.
      Hianan Airlines - Beijing - Zagreb after that.

      Singapore Airlines, not sure about that one, might happen, but not before these two show up, as talks with these carriers are all but complete and we are just waiting for the annulment.

      Would love to see Singapore start flying, but it might take few years for them to show up,

      Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are good market, of around 250 million, last year over 100 000 visitors from that region.

      Malaysia - 55000
      Singapore - 30 000
      Indonesia - 8000
      Thailand - 28000

      No data for Vietnam, and other south Asian countries, but in 2020, from the above 4 markets we can expect:

      Malaysia - 105000
      Singapore - 55 000
      Indonesia - 40000
      Thailand - 58000

      over 200 000 visitors, this might tempt Singapore airlines to start the service to Zagreb. Malaysia once flew to Zagreb and they did well, however financial crisis and bad state of the airlines made the route unsustainable as Malaysia airlines withdrew from number of European routes.

      Delta Airlines or even American Airlines might be tempted to start operations to Zagreb.

      In 2017, Croatia was visited by:

      145 000 Canadian Visitors
      476 000 US Visitors

      In 2018 this number is projected to reach

      175 000 Canadian Visitors
      575 000 US Visitors

      in 2019;

      210 000 Canadian Visitors
      700 000 US Visitors

      So potential direct New York/JFK/LGA/EWR or even Philadelphia or Chicago could be connected to Zagreb directly on a seasonal basis sometimes in 2020 when.

      250 000 Canadian Visitors
      800 000 US Visitors

      are expected to visit Croatia, third of them will stay in Zagreb for at least 1 night or longer.

    5. Anonymous23:50

      There are no international flights from LGA...

  6. JU520 BEGLAX09:16

    Good Morning and welcome back Air Canada, it has been a while since u touched down last time in Zagreb.
    Wish you good business and full flights

  7. Anonymous09:32

    Anyone know why almost all OU flights yesterday had large delays?
    Is SJJ cancelled today because of lack of aircraft?

    1. Anonymous09:44

      Weather is getting bad in Europe. I was on OU342 and 2 min after announcing landing, captain informed us we are heading back to Zagreb. First round trip for me ZAG to ZAG :D

    2. Anonymous09:53

      Ouch. How long did you wait in Zagreb? Did they take you back to the terminal or did you wait in the plane? How was the load?

    3. Anonymous11:59

      Also Norwegian abort land in SJJ last night due to bad weather and directed to SPU instead

    4. Anonymous12:06

      Truth it was supposed to be Oslo-Sarajevo flight. And it flew empty from Split back to Oslo instead

  8. Anonymous09:43

    Welcome back AC!

  9. Anonymous09:44

    I'm still surprised Croatia Airlines hasn't made a codeshare agreement on this particular flight.

    1. Anonymous19:11

      Really? What is the point then? How people will continue to the cost, with separate tickets?

    2. Anonymous10:19

      No codeshare doesn't mean they aren't interlining.

  10. Anonymous09:46

    Good news, hope they switch to main Air Canada product soon.

  11. Anonymous09:46

    Let's see who wins Transat or Rouge.

    1. Anonymous09:48

      It is not about winning. There is place for both carriers, but AirCanada has a better position.

    2. Anonymous09:51

      The real winner is ZAG.

    3. Anonymous09:54

      The real winner are the emigrants in Canada who can now fly back to their homeland for less money.

    4. Actually, direct routes are quite often more expensive than the ones with the connection.

    5. Anonymous10:47

      Yes but this one is an exception because ZAG is one of the few cities in the region to have two airlines from Toronto :)

      Prices will be low!

    6. That still doesn't mean the prices for direct flights will be the lowest.

    7. Anonymous10:59

      That is true but I am sure they will be affordable for people to chose them over a hassle to connect at one of the chaotic hubs.

    8. Anonymous11:12

      i found for September round flight (13.-20.9) for 550€, i think that's quite good for direct flight of almost 10h.
      funny thing is that i couldn't make search on official rouge site because you can't enter it from "my" country. so i made it in official air canada site...

    9. Anonymous11:16

      WOW! Talking about dumping fares?

      Does it include luggage as well?

    10. Anonymous11:43

      it does, 1st baggage free, 2nd 70€

    11. Anonymous12:32

      550 is an average price for a flight from europe to north america... it has even stayed the same for few years now, and when theres promotions fares can even be lower.
      and that been said, for the same money id rather fly with a legacy carrier, than with their budget versions

    12. Anonymous12:34

      I only saw 550 to super competitive cities like JFK where almost no one makes a lot of money. Also he was looking for September when demand starts to slip and which is also three months away.

    13. Anonymous14:00

      I am travelling on jul 16 yyz-muc-dbv (with Lufthansa) and returning aug 1 zag-txl-yyz (with Eurowimgs and Air Canada Rouge). I booked it in March through one of thr travel sites. For two people, I paid a total (taxes included), 2600 cad. That was the lowest fair at the time.

    14. Anonymous15:45

      Forgot to mentiom that the Air Canada Rouge flight is code share with Lufthansa.

    15. Anonymous15:50

      How much was the option via ZAG? Shame you didn't go with that option.

    16. Anonymous17:14

      The option via Zagreb was would end up being 600 dollars more. There were two other reasons why I didn't go via Zagreb. The layover in Zagreb was roughly 7hrs. I know I could have visited Zagreb, but I will be in Zagreb for five days before we leave.
      Secondly, I keep reading that CTN may be going on strike and they have many cancellations. Didn`t want to take the chance on extra delays. I know it can happen with anyone. I look at it this way, the money I saved on airfare, is being better spent while visiting Croatia. ie better hotels, more tours. This is my first time back in 35 years and I am bringing my daughter with me . I am Canadian born and am looking forward to this trip.

    17. Anonymous18:49

      Makes sense, OU keeps on cancelling more and more flights these days.

      Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    18. Anonymous19:13

      @anon 5:14
      Have a great holiday!

  12. Anonymous09:58

    How many weekly? They could really extend their service with a tag on to BEG and SKP

    1. Anonymous10:05

      That ship has long passed. Both BEG and SKP have phenomenal connections via other hubs. I mean how could Rouge's archaic B763 compete with TK in SKP? What advantage would they have? Their service is crappy, horrible legroom, mediocre IFE ...

    2. Anonymous10:11

      Neither Air Canada nor Rouge have any tag ons on their European flights. Maybe it has to do with crew rest requirements?
      Or maybe it is not efficient from a cost/business prospective.

    3. Anonymous10:13

      My money is being on them not being as competitive for reasons mentioned above.

    4. Anonymous12:28

      anon 10:05, theres also LOT with its Dreamliner and OS with its B767
      but, nevertheless, congrats to ZAG!

    5. Anonymous14:17

      they could double their frequency with those add-ons

    6. Anonymous19:16

      Belgrade will probably get seasonal flights with Rouge as well. Or year round if JU goes into new brave adventure :)

    7. Anonymous01:49

      If Serbios get visa free, yes. If no, no way José.

  13. Anonymous10:09

    What about the return flight? How many passengers?

  14. Anonymous10:19

    Their B763 is quite old. Average age is 21.1 years! Ouch. I guess these planes are cheap so it makes sense.

    1. Petar10:54

      Yes but the price of oil doubling in just one year doesn't help at all airline with old fleets.

    2. Anonymous15:25

      You expected a nice shiny AC 787?

    3. Anonymous16:31

      And what do you think when will AC start phasing out 767s and introducing nice shiny 787s to Rouge? In 25 years, 30, or maybe little earlier?

    4. Anonymous22:13

      Older 767 planes are flown to more secondary, seasonal routes which is quite a normal procedure.

    5. Anonymous22:21

      @AnonymousJune 3, 2018 at 3:25 PM

      If numbers are good, AC with shiny new B787 will be in Zagreb in no time, I expect 2020.

    6. Anonymous00:17

      I really doubt it. AC should treat us all equal and send AC planes, not ageing 767s as if we were 3rd world....

    7. Anonymous04:33

      OMG, AC sends 767, and Rouge flies to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Berlin, Nice, Venice, Athens. Are those the 3rd World too, or it's just jealosy AC is flying to ZAG ?

    8. Anonymous08:05

      Smaller UK towns and poorer than London, LIS and ATG are also poorer. Why not send 787 to ZAG?

    9. Anonymous17:11

      @AnonymousJune 4, 2018 at 8:05 AM
      @AnonymousJune 4, 2018 at 12:17 AM

      ACR has no B787s, has only 767s and A330s or soon will have A330s when they're transferred from AC mainline to Rouge.

      AC has an order for 50 B787s, and 25 B777s already in service.

      As soon as numbers for Zagreb are good, i expect lf on the route of around 85% in first year and 90% in 2019, AC mainline will step and in and start year round service to Zagreb.

      I think this could happen in 2020, and AC will utilize B7878 on the route with 255 seats. Best capacity for the route.

      I am very happy that AC Rouge is flying to Zagreb with 767, AC soon will have 30 of these aircraft as last 5 are transferred to ACR from Air Canada.

      B767 300ER is a good aircraft, in service with many carriers, even Austrian Airlines uses one on its long haul destinations. Nothing to be ashamed of B767 300ER.

      Yes they're bit old, so what, it is Air Canada for Christ sake, not Mogadishu express !!!

      Be thankful a carrier from North America sees demand to send one of their aircraft to Zagreb on a regular basis.

  15. Anonymous10:26

    Maple Leaf in Zagreb, Croatia.
    Only in Zagreb among Ex-Yu territories.

    1. Anonymous10:35

      That's pretty much saying that the Irish harp is only based in ZAD. Both airlines are similar in terms of quality and product.

    2. Anonymous10:53

      Anon 10:35 - what's you problem ?
      You have to live with fact that ZAG has Maple Leaf, not the other airports in Ex-Yu. You should congrats for that.

    3. Anonymous10:57

      I think a transatlantic flight to Toronto is far more important than a flight with FR to STN.

    4. Do you have to turn it into an ugly pissing contest? Only Zagreb has Air Canada at the moment, but that can change in no time and then you might feel pretty silly for posting this.

    5. Anonymous11:14

      What's the beef. Both Air Canada Rouge and Ryanair and lowcost carriers.

    6. Anonymous11:20

      i agree with frishki, there is really no sense of doing this kind of propaganda, it is complex thing... btw i am croat, from south and proud on Zag, but also on the other side don't feel jealous if Beg or any other airport gets major long or short haul flights. we are all enthusiasts, and we should stay on that level

    7. Anonymous11:40

      Totally agree with frishki, stop this stupid nonsense and grow up. BEG could get those flight soon. And then? But sometimes I think that some of those comments are trolls that are based on both side of the border.

    8. Anonymous12:24

      I am anon 10:26 who wrote original post.
      I still don't get why you all upset.
      As a Croat, I am proud that ZAG has Maple Leaf. When BEG or any other Ex-u airport gets Maple Leaf I will be among first who will congrats on that.
      Am I make myself clear?

    9. Anonymous12:29

      You made yourself clear from the first post. It was stupid back then and it is still stupid.
      It's especially stupid when you take into consideration their product is much inferior to Transat.

    10. I am Croat as well and I find your original post as unnecessary provocation and a show off.

    11. Anonymous14:16

      wouldnt be surprised if he is from the (ex-yu) diaspora in N. America.

      hillarious statement anyway

    12. Anonymous14:37

      Double standards all the time - something that is allowed when you glorified BEG is not allowed when it comes to ZAG.
      Maybe it is time to rename eX-Yu to SRB-Aviation. Would you be then happy ?

    13. Are you done?
      Take your rent somewhere else.

    14. Anonymous15:40

      Bravo Hrvatska!

    15. Anonymous07:40

      Anon June 3 12:29
      Could you please enlight me how you become a product expert?
      What's your qualifications to grade products that AC Rouge product is "much inferior to Transit"?
      Your post is so stupid, hope you find it stupid as well.

    16. That was obviously supposed to be "rant". Damn dumbphone...

  16. Anonymous10:29

    Regarding the load, i heard there were more than 250 pax on arrival and slightly over 210 on departure.

  17. Anonymous11:16

    First flight, an hour delay (for now) from Zagreb to Toronto...Great...

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Fuel leaks, this B763 will probably stay in Zagreb today...bad luck!

    2. Anonymous11:28

      Its not a big deal. Relax people....boat ride takes a lot longer even without the delay! Lol

    3. Anonymous11:36

      I guess they'll need to bring a mechanic from VIE?

      The plane is not that old, 17 years.

    4. Anonymous16:40

      For all those so very much worried about one hour delay, fuel leak, mechanics in Vienna, posibility of boat sail to Canada, and all these because of the ancient, unreliable, uncomfy, worn out Air Canada Rouge 767, just one question : Do you think their phasing-out and replacement with new shiny Dreamliners will start this or the next year?

    5. Anonymous18:47

      Avion je poletio normalno za Toronto, prestanite širiti dezinformacije i lagati.

    6. Anonymous18:47

      Nije normalno poletio, bilo je dva sata kasnjenja.

    7. Anonymous07:46

      Za sve hejtere loša vijesti - AC1969 je uredno sletio u Toronto, sa 1.18h zakašnjenja.
      Koja količina zavisti može proizvesti tolike teorije - curenje goriva, mehaničari iz VIE, ...

  18. Anonymous12:38

    Ha, so why not send your nicer, newer Air Canada aircraft but rather an aeging 20 year old aircraft from your LCC division instead?
    Eastern Europe is treated second class as usual.
    But anyways, congrats ZAG.

    1. First, Rouge is leisure /holiday division of Air Canada, not LCC. Second, you can check Rouge destinations in Europe, there are more in " western" than "eastern" part , plus ex-yu was never real "eastern Europe", it was closer to the West. And last but by no means least, somehow I don't see Emirates or Korean Air sending or planning "second class" equipment on their HR flights. Cheers!

    2. Anonymous15:24

      Nobody mentioned EK or KE, I was referring to AC.
      Why is the standard AC sent to AMS, CPH, GVA, LHR, MXP, CDG, ZRH and Air Canada Rouge to OTP, BUD, ZAG, PRG?

      Ex-Yu is definitely Easten Europe, my friend. If you think the Balkans are in western Europe, then I suggest you open an atlas.

    3. Keep Calm and visit Dalmatia15:48

      Anonymous at 3:24 PM

      Rouge flies to ATH, TXL, EDI, GLA, LIS, GTW, MAN, MRS, NCE, VCE. It also flies to NGO and KIX in Japan!
      Talk about "second class" destinations...
      :D :D :D and SMFH!

    4. Anonymous15:48

      Well Jin Air is planning to fly to ex-YU so we have to see if they end up replacing KE. It all boils down to whether there is enough premium demand from ICN to ZAG.

    5. Ok, my friend, let's clear up some things : politically speaking, Yugoslavia was NEVER part of the "Eastern Europe" , cold war term for the countries "behind the Iron curtain". Geographically, ex-yu is partly in the Central Europe, partly Southern Europe. I don't need to take the atlas because mentality and habbits cannot be read from the Atlas, and ex-yu people have absolutely nothing in common with mentality and habbits of easteuropeans. Not to mention that the name of the country was not ISTO(K) SLAVIJA. It was JUGO=SOUTH SLAVIJA. That much about the country. Now AC: As I said :Rouge is AC leisure division. AMS, LHR, ZRH, MXP and others you listed, are primarily business destinations, served by AC mainline, BUD, PRG, ZAG are more tourist destinations, like plenty others in WE you haven't listed, served by Rouge. And last but by no means least, EK and KE are there to show that your claims that we are "as usual" treated as "second class" are not correct. Cheers

    6. Anonymous16:13

      Jin Air will fly to ZAG, together with Korean Air, similarly as both Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat fly.

    7. Anonymous18:47

      Hm Transat and Rouge are competitors, Jin and KE are owned by the same company.

    8. Anonymous19:03

      I am very skeptical of Jin Air, no idea if that airline has real plans beyond Asia.

      Reminds me of that Ukrainian airline CEO, you can't show off your cards 2-3 years ahead, not the way to do a business.

      These commercial announcements are made at most 9 months ahead. I doubt Jin air is serious and plans to launch any new flights/routes beyond Asia.

    9. Anonymous21:30

      Viability and expiration date of similar routes is questionabl. I understand you...

    10. Anonymous22:04

      Only central eu country is Slovenia... everybody else is balkan

    11. What is this? Daily geography?

    12. Anonymous22:10

      Rijeka guy thinks the whole Yugoslavia is central Europe. That's absolutely fine. Wet dreams are still free of charge.

    13. Anonymous23:11

      Politically Eastern and Western Europe refers to ex-communist and free countries. Geographically Vienna is more east than Zagreb and Greece obviously isn't Western Europe.

    14. Anonymous00:14

      Oh, come on guys. Nothing wrong of being called Eastern Europe.

  19. I love the good old fire trucks from the 80's :)

    1. Anonymous19:22

      Fortunately, planes will be from (late) 90's :)

    2. Anonymous20:22

      It is hopeless.
      We just can not make you happy.

    3. Anonymous21:55

      I am sure if ACR flew to his city, he'd be over the moon, no matter how old the aircraft.

  20. Anonymous22:03

    Which ZAG non-seasonal route is most successful?

    1. Anonymous22:15

      I can tell you least successful with OU are St Petersburg and Bucharest.

      Most successful for OU is Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Dublin.

      Prague and Milan are doing really well.

      Of legacy carriers carriers, Zurich and Swiss is doing exceptionally well, and Vueling an lcc is doing smashing job with Barcelona.

      Vueling actually plans to go year round with Barcelona flights either this year or next, we'll see soon enough. The LF on Barcelona flights are around 90-95%.

    2. Danijel23:06

      And Lisabon? No data?

    3. Anonymous00:01

      @DanijelJune 3, 2018 at 11:06 PM

      Is doing ok, not spectacular, average lf is around 77% on the route.

      Stockholm is 87%
      Oslo around 85%
      Helsinki 84%
      Dublin 81%
      Zurich 80%
      Bucharest 69%
      St Petersburg 65%

      Problem with St Petersburg is, planes are full to Zagreb, from Zagreb to St Petersburg, plane is half empty.

    4. Anonymous00:10

      Interesting facts! Why is OTP so low?
      DUB has interestingly became a Croat new gasto destination...lets see what happens..

    5. Anonymous00:43

      If DUB has became a gasto destination we might see Ryanair soon and then bye-bye OU512.

    6. Anonymous01:13

      I don't think so. OU will still benefit heavily from ZAG-DUB route.
      No wonder how no UK destinations are launched from ZAG especially to BHX, MAN, LPL, EDI...crazy!

    7. Anonymous08:42

      LF for above cities is likely to improve, lf was based only on two months of operation, not even two months.

      Vueling should be starting their year round service to Zagreb this year, announcement pending, however Vueling is also looking at adding Valencia to roster. Zagreb and Croatia are experiencing massive influx of
      Spanish visitors in first 5 months of this year number is up by 25%.

      SAS should announce flights to Zagreb this year, year round service linking Stockholm and Zagreb, starting October 1st, announcements should be made soon, Vueling too.

      Zagreb airport management is also talking to EasyJet and TAP, there's a great chance both carriers will start flying to Zagreb in 2019.

      Air France is also set to announce increase towards Zagreb for 2019, they're doing really well in Zagreb, lf on the route is above 80%.

      This year is the cornerstone for Zagreb Airport, so many good stuff will be announced and loads of new routes and carriers. Zagreb could well do over 3.45 million pax this year.

      Things are moving in the right direction. However, until number of LCCs base at least one plane in Zagreb, don't expect 20%+ growth rates, much of Zagreb's growth is based on legacy carriers and increase load factor, with each passing year carriers are sending larger aircraft to Zagreb.

    8. @last anon Yeah, I was skeptical about the 3,5 million pax this year, still am, I estimate for ZAG was 3,42 -3,45 million. But now I do see that 3,5 mill is possible.
      Btw...the results are still not available, but if I'm not mistaken, this May should also be very good at ZAG. I believe the airport either reached,or surpassed 300,000 pax. for the first time this early. Could even be at the level of last year's June.

    9. Anonymous16:57

      Yes, Zagreb did just over 300k, which is good, I projected 9% growth for May, however it is better with 12%.

      Load Factor is what gives good result, the loss of Monarch and OU reduction @Heatrow did its bit to dampen this number, which would have been around 320 000.

      300k is still spectacular considering Zagreb is still relying on almost exclusively on legacy carriers. The tourism in the city is experiencing rapid expansion, and 1.5 million visitors this year seem all but certain.

      The good thing is, the strong base is being prepared for future growth, number of new carriers are arriving and Zagreb is becoming popular with all sorts of visitors.

      It is relatively cheap city, compared to Vienna or Milan, yet it has decent offer, sadly we have Mayor who has done absolutely nothing for the city, not a single thing since he came to power.

      I can't understand how people can vote for that corrupt idiot.

      We need new mayor who has a vision and ambitions to make the city what it could be.


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