ANA to deploy Dreamliner to Ljubljana


Japan's largest carrier, All Nippon Airways (ANA), will utilise its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft on its summer charter flights to Ljubljana. The first service is scheduled for June 23 with a flight from Fukuoka to Ljubljana, followed by services from Ljubljana to Sapporo on July 8, Tokyo Narita to Ljubljana on August 4 and September 29, as well as a flight from Ljubljana to Nagoya on September 30. In addition, ANA's counterpart, Japan Airlines (JAL), will run one charter service from Osaka to Ljubljana on August 1. The flights are expected to carry some 1.250 passengers. ANA's Dreamliners vary in capacity and can seat between 169 and 395 passengers. The airline previously utilised its Boeing 777 on flights to Ljubljana. ANA has expressed interest in upgrading its annual charter operations to the Slovenian capital by introducing scheduled flights.


  1. Anonymous11:19

    Wasn't ANA supposed to announce ZAG flights?

    1. Anonymous12:29

      It will be announced soon for ZAG (year round), don't worry. LJU and DBV will keep their charter flights.

    2. Anonymous12:33

      I am not worrying, just asking. It's an aviation portal, chill.

    3. Yeah, these are only charters, not even seasonal, ANA is just changing the type of plane to Dreamliner.
      I have checked however and Japanese arrivals to Croatia are in fact in rapid decline. The exact opposite of Koreans and the Chinese. I'm not so sure ANA will go for the year round flights to Zagreb.

    4. Where did you check that?

    5. Anonymous13:40

      In an interview last week Zagreb Airport CEO only hinted Montreal for 2019 and said nothing about Japan but that they are in talks with a Chinese carrier.

    6. Anonymous13:40

      Strange. Why are they in rapid decline?

    7. January to May 2018 Japanese tourists numbers are increasing, by 27% in arrivals and 20% in overnight stays.

    8. Anonymous13:49

      Maybe they are growing but the rate is decreasing. Petar's info is usually very reliable.

    9. So if the percentage is not higher and higher each year, the number of tourists is in rapid decline? And who is Petar?

    10. Anonymous13:58

      And who is Frishki?

      Like I said, Petar's comments in the past have been rather credible. Maybe he was referring to June numbers. We will have to wait for him to reply. No need to be aggressive and rude with comments such as 'And who is Petar.'

    11. I'm asking who is Petar since Michael left the comment. Curb the attitude.

      Love it how the 5 months are ignored, but basing the doom and gloom projections on phantom numbers from June that just started.

    12. Anonymous14:03

      The guy is a Croat so what doom and gloom are you talking about?! Pull your act together and stop spreading hate.

    13. Huh? Who's spreading hate?

    14. Anonymous14:14

      You are by accusing him of spreading doom and gloom about your precious Croatia.

    15. "I am accusing him"? "My Croatia?" LOL

      Dude, I just posted official statistics and he's reply is "this dude is credible". He can be credible, but official numbers are even more.

    16. Anonymous14:43

      We need to wait for his clarification on what he meant exactly.

    17. Anonymous16:00

      @MichaelJune 11, 2018 at 12:47 PM

      Actully, there was one or two years of decline, 2015 and 2016, when number of Japanise visitors fell from 177 000 down to 126 000, however this year numbers should be around 175-185 000.

      last year 145 000 Japanese visitors in Croatia, more than any other ex-YU republic by far.

      Number of Japanese visitors in 2018 should be over 200 000.

      Chinese visitor numbers are going through the roof, 37% growth so far this year, 220 000 Chinese visitors expected to visit Croatia this year.

      Zagreb airport is in talks with ANA and Hianan Airlines for flights to Zagreb commencing next year in May or September. We'll find out in the autumn when agreement is in place.

      HTZ hopes to bring around 400 000 Chinese visitors in 2020 and they have opened their office in Shanghai.

      Plan is to open HTZ office in Tokyo and Seoul before 2020.

      HTZ is betting on visitors from Asia/Australia, North America, as growth from European markets is sluggish, normally between 3-5% per year and Asian visitors arrive throughout the year, not just in summer months.

      Croatia had so far this year seen 19% increase in visitor arrival and 24% increase in stays.

      If this reflect for entire year, number of visitors vising Croatia this year could exceed 22 million. However,likely number of visitor to Croatia this year should be around 20.3 million or around 10% increase on last year.

      However, even at 10% yoy rate, in 2020 Croatia could be hosting 25 million visitors, 23 million foreign. Italy has around 60 million foreign visitors, France 87 million FV, Spain 67 million FV, Greece 26 million FV, Austria 25 million. Germany 32 million FV, UK 37 million FV.

    18. Anonymous16:25

      Just to add, number of German visitors this year, up by 56%, if this reflect on entire year we could be looking at 4,3 million German visitors to Croatia.

      Croatia is one of the most popular destination for German tourists, we're ranked top 8 destinations for German visitors.

      1. Spain - 12.5 million
      2. Netherlands - 11.4 million
      3. Austria - 10.5 million
      4. France - 8.7 million
      5. Switzerland - 7.1 million
      6. Italy - 5.7 million
      7. Greece - 3.7 million
      8. Croatia - 2.75 million

      Would be nice to have 4 million German visitors this year, for German stay long and spend fair bit of money, last year 2.75 million German visitors visited Croatia and generated nearly 21 million nights.

      This year, for the first time Croatia might be visited by more than 1 million UK visitors.

      Surprisingly, number of Italian visitors hasn't changed much since 2000, around 1.1 million Italian visitors, for some reason Italians like Croats don't go on foreign holidays much, they prefer to stay in Italy.

      Don't blame them.

    19. I checked on the UNWTO site where the data goes only up until 2016. and the number of Japanese tourists had declined from 177,000 in 2014. To 120,000 in 2016.
      But you're right, the numbers began to recover last year when the number of Japanese tourists grew again to 142,000.

  2. Anonymous11:43

    Wooow congrats LJU from Belgrade!

  3. Anonymous12:08

    And DBV?

    1. Anonymous12:27

      DBV should happen as well, it's next on the list!

  4. Anonymous14:47

    Slovenes must be travelling like crazy :D

    1. Anonymous15:33

      4% growth rate, what do you expect?

    2. Anonymous01:09

      These charters are for Japanese tourists visiting Slovenia.

  5. Anonymous14:56

    Nice, so the info is that ANA is basically reducing capacity from the prefiously used 777-300 to a B787-8?

    1. Anonymous16:28

      Not really, since last year there were only two charters and this year there are five.

    2. Anonymous16:33

      Wow that's more than double.

  6. Anonymous15:52

    Both type of A/C will be present this year in LJU. ANA only increase the number of flights.


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