Egypt's AlMasria begins Belgrade wide-body ops.


AlMasria Universal Airlines has upgraded its summer flights between the Egyptian resort city of Hurghada to Belgrade from narrow to wide-body operations. The carrier will now primarily utilise an Airbus A330-200 jet for its services to the Serbian capital during the high season. AlMasria maintains two weekly flights to Belgrade, with operations to run until the end of the summer season in late October. In addition to AlMasria, both Air Cairo and Air Serbia fly between the two cities. Hurghada is a year round destination from Belgrade, with Air Cairo maintaining services both during the summer and winter. Nikola Tesla Airport anticipates record leisure / charter traffic this summer. "This year will be a historic one when it comes to charter flights. Greece, Spain, Turkey and Italy are the most popular, although Egypt and Tunisia are also set to return to the market. Fourteen Greek airports alone will be linked with Belgrade, as well as five in Italy, four in Turkey, four in Spain and two in Tunisia. Capacity on flights to Egypt will be doubled with three airlines maintaining flights to the resort town of Hurghada", Belgrade Airport's General Manager, Saša Vlaisavljević, said.


  1. Anonymous10:55

    Wait ... so all flights will be operated by the A332?! :O

    What's the configuration of these aircraft?

    1. Anonymous13:14

      Not really possible to find details

    2. Anonymous16:48

      Configuration C24 Y228
      First flight: 22/03/2005
      Plane is 13.3 years old, firs user is Eva Air, than Vim Airlines and from 2018. AlMasria.

    3. Anonymous19:42

      Any pics of interior?

    4. Anonymous19:58

      On Jun22nd UJ9946 BEG-HRG there were 266 pax on board.

    5. Anonymous21:01

      So they must have reconfigured it. Makes sense, they don't need a business class.

  2. Anonymous10:56

    Good thing about BEG and Serbia is that it's a source of outbound tourism so in the future we will see more and more airlines add flights.

  3. Anonymous11:02

    Go BEG, GO!

  4. Anonymous11:28

    560.000 passengers without a doubt this June!!

    1. Anonymous11:33

      Another crazy charter day today:

      04.50 Zakynthos B733
      05.20 Heraklion B733
      05.20 Antalya A319
      12.00 Skiathos B733
      12.00 Antalya A319
      12.15 Lamezia Terme B733
      16.10 Samos B733
      18.05 Chania B733
      21.00 Reus A319

    2. Anonymous11:38

      Tomorrow is even crazier:

      03.10 Heraklion Aegean A320
      05.00 Hurgada Al Masria A332
      05.20 Rhodes Aviolet B733
      05.20 Alghero Aviolet B733
      06.30 Hurgada Air Cairo A320
      11.10 Tunis Tunis Air A320
      11.10 Monastir Tunis Air A320
      11.25 Antalya Aviolet B733
      12.00 Preveza Aviolet B733
      12.00 Athens Aviolet B733
      18.00 Antalya Aviolet B733
      18.00 Hurgada Aviolet A319

    3. Anonymous11:46

      Not only that but a real night arrival wave:

      Basel Mulhouse 00:25 Airbus A320
      Heraklion 02:15 Airbus A320
      Moscow Domodedovo 02:30 Airbus A321
      Reus Airport 03:00 Airbus A319
      Hurghada 03:40 Airbus A330-200

    4. Anonymous12:03

      So basically now in summer BEG is busy the whole time? I can't imagine the mess in July and August which are even busier periods :O

    5. Anonymous13:11

      It is not really a mess. Airport is quite spacious after renovations to handle all this traffic and has more than enough employees.

    6. Anonymous13:20

      BEG needs more coffee shops. I hope Starbucks will open a shop at the gate area. It would be a cool addition.

    7. Anonymous13:22

      Starbucks announced around 10 days ago that they are opening in 10 locations in Belgrade and that they are considering the airport as one of them.

    8. Anonymous13:25

      Very nice to see that. Some airlines unexpected upgrade their capacity. Al Masria A320 to A332, Iran Air A320 to A300/A310(no every flight)

    9. Anonymous13:26

      You can also add Mahan Air with A313.

      Ten locations?! Isn't that a bit too much? I am sure three will be in the malls.

    10. Anonymous15:20

      @anon 11:38
      I remember pre-crisis 2008 summer season. There used to be numerous flights to 4 Turkish coast and up to 11 weekly flights to Tunisia. Plus regular charters for several Greek islands and Spain.

    11. Anonymous21:31

      Actually, since this is a record breaking year, I think we outdid the time before the crisis.

    12. Anonymous18:45

      GDP finally returned to pre-crisis level with some 600.000 people less so it should result in better sale of charter packages.

  5. Anonymous13:35

    Yes, ten locations. 1. Airport 2. Knez Mihailova 3. Delta City 4.Usce shopping center 5.Stadium shopping center 6.Big Fashion shopping center 7. Zemun 8.BW Galerija shopping center 9. Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 10.Banovo Brdo

    1. Anonymous13:46

      These are your guesses or are these confirmed locations?

      I bet they are considering the old Ruski Car location.

    2. Anonymous15:17

      Their coffees are too expensive for local market but few central locations might work.

    3. Anonymous21:12

      Calling that coffee is like to name Big Mac a stake.

    4. Anonymous21:15

      Yes but it's a brand that's popular for selfies.

    5. Anonymous21:49

      quick search reveals neighbours have no starbucks. as with aviation, it explains the jealous comments.

    6. Starbucks is overpriced and oversugared """coffee""...

      I would much rather support local small coffee houses.

    7. Anonymous07:41

      Americano is not overpriced or oversugared.

      Well, if they open at the airport you could still buy from Кафетерија which has a cart there... which is pretty cute actually.

  6. Anonymous16:19

    Ovo je super. AlMasria je prva kompanija koja koristi wide body za letnje čartere. Zanimljivo je i da smo zimi povezani sa Hurgadom sa 4 leta sedmično. Što tu Air Serbia ne uleti sa A330 tokom zime jer ima dosta slobodnog vremena. Ali sada je već kasno jer se planira druga long haul od ove zime.

    1. Anonymous18:53

      Jat je svojevremeno slao DC10 i u Hurgadu, pre 15tak godina. Danasnjoj JU jednostavno nedostaje brzopotezno planiranje. Nadajmo se da ce se stvari promeniti kada im se menadzment vrati u Beograd.

    2. Anonymous21:19

      Bezbednostna situacija u Egiptu je izpod ocekujecih standarda i ne takva da bi aviokompanije drle tamo, a od Egipatskih aviokompanije nebi leteo ni sa Egiptairom a jos manje sa nekim Altralala firmom.

    3. Anonymous21:27

      Dobro, ti ne moras. Hvala Isusu pa ima onih koji nemaju takve predrasude.

    4. Anonymous21:36

      AnonymousJune 25, 2018 at 9:19 PM
      Au ala imaš predrasude. Onda nemoj leteti ni sa Air France jer im je na A380 eksplodirao motor, nemoj ni sa Emiratesom jer im se pre zapalio avion, nemoj ni sa Southwestom jel im pucaju prozori, nemoj ni sa Croatia Airlines jer im ne radi prednji trap, nemoj ni sa Air Serbia jer im je napuklo staklo pre dve godine na letu iz Brisela.

    5. Anonymous18:47

      "nemoj ni sa Air Serbia jer im je napuklo staklo pre dve godine na letu iz Brisela"
      Kada se ovo desilo???

  7. Anonymous16:41

    Belgrade is thriving.

    1. Anonymous21:20

      U biti cijela Europa ako nisi jos primetio ...

    2. Anonymous21:26


    3. Anonymous21:26


    4. Anonymous21:30

      Jealousy squad has arrived. Welcome friends.

    5. Anonymous02:10

      Ahahaha, koja ljubomora...

  8. Anonymous08:01

    Al Masria had to be boarded by buses from A4a. Only goes to show that there is already a clear lack of airbridges at BEG. It's time for an expansion.

    Also, RedWings, welcome to BEG. Flights were launched with the A321 this morning.

    1. Anonymous08:20

      IranAir also sent its A313 today. Seems like airlines can't send planes large enough to BEG.

      EgyptAir should look at BEG as well.

    2. Anonymous18:49

      "Seems like airlines can't send planes large enough to BEG."
      They would send B747 and A380 but there are just no suitable gates :)


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